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"Big Brother" Keeps Churning Out the Idiots

3/9/2008 5:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Another "BIg Brother" contestant has gone and shot off his mouth -- and this time we're in N-word territory.

Matt was spouting off last night about another contestant on Showtime's "Big Brother After Dark," when he unleashed this gem: "You don't know how bad I want to be like, mother--, f**king try and cross me, nigga."

Last month, Adam referred to people with autism as "retards." Where do they find these people?


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sadly the media thinks this negative stuff boosts ratings..........

they're right. No one's voting for this crap to be taken off the air

SO glad I never got into watching "reality" tv.

2397 days ago

Rodney McDonald    

I am black. I have been keeping up with the show this season, live feeds, youtube, and all. I must admit that I am personally not offended by his comment because of the constant use of the word in today's society. I have heard Matt use it a few times and I think Alex even used it during Josh's first little attack on Amanda. Don't completely condemn someone for what many are doing and saying in our society now adays without including the rest of the population. If he was making the comment in response to Josh, I am right there with him, his personatily puts negetive titles on him.

2397 days ago


I dont really think it's a big deal...

2397 days ago


Umm, people? There doesn't have to be a black person in the house to be the referenced 'n-word'. The 'n-word' doesn't not refer to black people, if it did, there would be no negative connotation associated with it. The 'n-word' is used to refer to a lazy, slovenly, no account, lower-than-human, who happens to black. There's a huge difference. Siimiarly the 'c-word' is used to refer to a bitchy, mean, horrible person, who happens to be female or a gay male.

2397 days ago


whatever ppl...get a grip you all sound like a bunch of losers too...the word he used is used by several ppl or are we going to racist and say that white ppl can't say it when ppl have been trying to protect it and say that it means brother ppl sound like a bunch of hypocrits..this is my first time on here and i'll never been on again just because reading this bs makes me feel like a jerry springer candidate....r u bored much? oh and reality tv is real and daytime shows suck because there fake ...go ahead and deny that the real world is that crucial if you want to your the one delusional

2397 days ago


oh yeah as for the retarded comment...why is it okay for comedians and ppl laugh but you ridicule adam for it? also my brother is physically and mentally handicapped and it is the governments proper name for him and he would rather be called retarded then special or unique or any other phrase that seperates him.he even laughs at the jokes and he was not offended by adam's remarks so get a f'in grip on reality and shut up about so called correct society when there isn't such a thing because you may not make remarks like they did but you do talk bs about ppl and that makes you just as guilty

2397 days ago


one last guys say that matt is disgusting in his behavior towards guys are sick...i'd rather be used than abused and josh crosses that line and parker got kicked out not just because of jen but because he couldn't keep his mouth shut and confronted everyone in anger....maybe you you should pay attention a little more to details...matt doesn't like natalie so what he had a one night stand and told everybody and said that he doesn't like her...he has said all of that to her she is the one not listening...but josh likes to use inappropriate words and disrespect women with fear and uses their personal life like his is so much prettier and uses the fact that he has more money than them..oh and matt using sharon,she used him too and he did what he said he would do

2397 days ago


I have disliked this guy since day one! Nothing this moron says surprises me anymore.

2397 days ago


Matt was not the one who made the retard comment. It was Adam

2397 days ago


The TV networks have no integrity. TMZ has no integrity. Americans in general have no integrity anymore. This is a vicious cycle that has put the US in the bottom of the barrel when it comes to our national image. Is it no surprise that most of the world hates us?

2397 days ago


I stop watching Big Brother a long time ago. TOO many WHITES on the show.

2397 days ago


Regardless of the intention, he should NOT have used the "n" word. Whites and Latinos should not be using it at all. Blacks shouldn't be throwing around the "c" word either. How hard is that??

People who argue that since some black people use the word anyone should be able to. That's bull. It's a very offensive word with a lot of negative history, and when it comes from someone who isn't black it is especially offensive because of its negative racial connotation. Making fun of your own race, your own self, is one thing, but using language that demeans another race is entirely different. I can't believe some of you idiot commenters here can't see that.

2397 days ago


He was talking about a white guy when he said this. James is not black.

2397 days ago


This guys has opened his mouth a little too much - don't you think CBS. It's time. Boot him.

2396 days ago


He said it with an "a" at the end, and not the "er". But either way... give Me a Freakin Break. If You don't want the word out there anymore, then Stop using it, yourselves. If You can't handle something as simple as that, the just STFU. :P

PS: I think it's pretty safe to say that the fear factor of non-blacks using this word are almost out the window. You just can't keep up a double-standard for 3 decades, and expect that people are just going to keep playing along with it. So if You keep bitchin about it, it's gonna get to the point were non-blacks are just going to come right out and say it to your face.. with the "er" on the end, and without giving a sh¡t if you're offended by it or not. Don't want to hear it?.. than stop saying it.

2396 days ago
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