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Clooney -- I'm Gay, Gay, Not Gay, Gay, Gay!

3/9/2008 9:23 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

George Clooney sat down for an interview with Esquire magazine and didn't waste anytime clearing up the rumors that hound him (via People). Despite what you may read on the web, the perpetual bachelor insists he is still only a double gay and hasn't reached triple gay status.

Curious George continued to joke and spoke out about his feud with Fabio, conceding that the face of "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" could probably beat him up. Clooney is practicing the self-defense technique of avoidance to prevent any potential embarrassment that could result from getting a Goldilock smackdown.

Miley is So Lonely

Miley Cyrus may look and sound like she's barely legal, but when she's not acting, she's doing what every other teenager is doing these days: posting videos on YouTube.

Over 1 million teen girls (and probably some creepy guys) have viewed "The Miley and Mandy Show" online. The latest episode features a heartbroken Miley who is separated from her other half Mandy, acted out to Akon's "Lonely." The online show may be sweet and innocent now, but does anything good ever come from a teenage girl in Hollywood and a camera?

Party Favors: Posh Wants to 86 L.A.? ... Lisa Marie Presley is Suing Mad

They haven't lived in Hollywood for even a year, but could Posh Spice already be planning to leave the City of Angels and return to her home across the pond? Victoria says after David's contract is up with the L.A. Galaxy, the family will move back to London to focus on their charitable work and so Posh can work on her fashion line. ...The only daughter of the King says she is suing the Daily Mail for publishing a story about her weight gain and forcing her to publicly reveal that she's preggers (via Showbizspy).


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Lenn K.    

Don't care much for his political views, but I've never thought of George Clooney as gay. Lisa Marie, if you start growing like a cow and don't say anything, of course people are going to think you're just getting fat.

2387 days ago

too sad    

posh spice is so tacky,
probably tom and katie are fed up with her and she has no real friends here at all,
let her go back to the u.k. , they dont like her much there either.
as for her clothing falls apart after one wear.
without david she is nothing .

2387 days ago


Post and Becks came to America thinking they would be the newly anointed Queen and King of LA. She is threatened by every LA Babe thinking that at any one time they will take Becks away from her. That is why they only socialize with high profile "solidly married couples". She is a control freak. She knows people dont like her and they will run back to London with their tails between their legs. Also...he is now talentless and not worth the $$ they pay him.
Cant stand her ugly hard face. He is pretty though...

2387 days ago

Lonnie Cohen    

If George Clooney is gay so be it. If he claims he is straight that is his business and no one elses. Leave the guy alone. If he wasn't in the public eye it wouldn't matter. There is nothing wrong with being gay. What does sexual orientation have to do with the person. He is a great looking, a great actor and his personal life whether gay or straight is none of our business. Unfortunately the god damn media won't leave it alone.

2387 days ago

brit supporter    

Posh, Lisa and George are exceptional. Great role models and hard workers. Glad to have them on this planet.

2387 days ago


Miley, keep yourself straight and don't waste your talent, and you are talented -- keep developing your voice. Do not turn into Britney or even Christina "enormous plastic DDDs" Aguilera! Stay dignified, girl. A lot of little girls look up to you; don't let them down by becoming another shallow, L.A.-trash Hollywood cliche.

Georgey Clooney is such a totally clueless pompous azz. He's so insecure that he dates waitresses so he can condescend to them and act like he's oh so smart about politics and other "big" topics. Oooh, George, your intellect is so HUGE! (not)

2387 days ago


Attn Lisa Marie: we eventually would have figured out that you were pregnant. First you get bigger, and after a while, you will appear with a baby! I hope your suit gets thrown out of court.

2387 days ago


Who cares if George is gay! He's not but what does his personal life have to do with that sweet smile and personality. Keep making those movies Clooney and I will watch them.

2387 days ago


Posh is not at all that attractive. I am not sure why she is so homesick. Maybe the paps don't bother that much in England with the Beckmans. It must be annoying to them to be followed everyplace they go. She is not liking it. so what--go home. Lisa Marie is not at all, a happy person. she is not social and hates being elvis daughter so I think.

2387 days ago


Lisa marie ..... Never smiles... true , maybe its her & mothers way to prevent lines and wrinkles. I would rather die laughing. These people do need to get over themselfs!!

2387 days ago


What a waste of money the Galaxy paid to David Beckham. He and his clown looking wife can just go home. Over. And out.

2387 days ago

Ms Kris    

Good!! When are you leaving with that HORRIBLE MAN’S HAIR CUT YOU HAVE HAD NOW FOR SOME TIME?

Make sure you take that with you & don’t let the door hit your butt on the way out of the country.

Spice this Man hair Cut!!!!!!!

2387 days ago

She looks great    

Clooney covers his deep insecurity with constant wisecracks, except he's not funny, just annoying, smug, and old.

2387 days ago


If little Miss Presley really thinks that she'll win such a lame case, she must be nuts...probably the hormones. How on Earth could she be so absurd as to think that she was FORCED to reveal her pregnancy because some newspaper suggested that she's fat? Good grief and puh-leez! If she really didn't want anyone to know that she's in 'the family way', why not just ignore the papers and let people think she's put on a few pounds? Is she truly THAT insecure about her body image?
What sickens me is the fact that, if this lame case even makes it to a courtroom, taxpayers' dollars will be paying a judge to waste his time on it. Grow up, Lisa Marie. It isn't as if anyone really cared if you were fat or pregnant anyway.

2387 days ago

Mary Jane    

I am fatter than that LM, so she should shut up and count her blessings. Dumb old fat cow let her narcissism dictate this latest lawsuit, so she shall lose and just be an ugly dumb cow.

2387 days ago
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