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Clooney -- I'm Gay, Gay, Not Gay, Gay, Gay!

3/9/2008 9:23 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

George Clooney sat down for an interview with Esquire magazine and didn't waste anytime clearing up the rumors that hound him (via People). Despite what you may read on the web, the perpetual bachelor insists he is still only a double gay and hasn't reached triple gay status.

Curious George continued to joke and spoke out about his feud with Fabio, conceding that the face of "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" could probably beat him up. Clooney is practicing the self-defense technique of avoidance to prevent any potential embarrassment that could result from getting a Goldilock smackdown.

Miley is So Lonely

Miley Cyrus may look and sound like she's barely legal, but when she's not acting, she's doing what every other teenager is doing these days: posting videos on YouTube.

Over 1 million teen girls (and probably some creepy guys) have viewed "The Miley and Mandy Show" online. The latest episode features a heartbroken Miley who is separated from her other half Mandy, acted out to Akon's "Lonely." The online show may be sweet and innocent now, but does anything good ever come from a teenage girl in Hollywood and a camera?

Party Favors: Posh Wants to 86 L.A.? ... Lisa Marie Presley is Suing Mad

They haven't lived in Hollywood for even a year, but could Posh Spice already be planning to leave the City of Angels and return to her home across the pond? Victoria says after David's contract is up with the L.A. Galaxy, the family will move back to London to focus on their charitable work and so Posh can work on her fashion line. ...The only daughter of the King says she is suing the Daily Mail for publishing a story about her weight gain and forcing her to publicly reveal that she's preggers (via Showbizspy).


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George Clooney is more polite to the stalkarotzies (er, ah, I mean, independent street phototographers) than most. He dresses really fine. Acts more bemused than amused with his celebrity status. What he does between the sheets is really nobody else's business except for the person who may be there with him. The sum of his parts equates to stunningly handsome.

2389 days ago

just me    

Sweet Lisa Marie sure seems to have had a struggle through her adult life. Whether she is or not, I don't know, but she seems sort of a forlorn, despondent, lost and befuddled soul. I think almost every adult photograph I have seen of her she looks so sad. I have never met Lisa Marie, never crossed her path, but I feel sort of a connection with her because my father knew her father so well while they were in the army. Dad knew both Elvis and Priscilla when he and Elvis became friends in the army while they was stationed and worked together at Ray Barracks in Friedberg, Germany. And dad has dozens and dozens of photos of Elvis and some of dad and Elvis together both on and off base, most of them taken with Elvis and friends partying and hanging out at Elvis' house off base, a few of them with Elvis' father in the photo and one with Elvis's grandma Minnie Mae in the photo, both of whom lived with Elvis when he was stationed in Germany. And dad has a dozen or so photos of Elvis and Priscilla together, a few taken at Elvis' house and the others taken when visiting Priscilla in Wiesbaden. Dad also has some really great photos that was taken in Paris when Elvis, dad, and a couple other army friends went to France on leave together. And he has some photos he took at Graceland when he visited Elvis a couple times in the 60s and some photos he took when he was a guest at Elvis and Priscilla's wedding reception at Graceland, which was actually a 2nd but very large wedding reception for friends and family who wasn't at their private and very small Las Vegas wedding ceremony and reception. None of dad's photos of Elvis have ever been published in any way and have only been seen by our family and family friends. It is so exciting and it is really a treat when dad brings out those photo albums and tells his stories about those years when him and Elvis was friends. I bet those pictures and the stories dad tells about Elvis would make Lisa Marie smile. She just seems to always look so forlorn and seems to hardly ever smile. Dad has said the same thing about her and has said that although Lisa Marie looks so very much like her father she does not have his great big beaming friendly smile that was so much of Elvis' endearing charm.

2389 days ago


I always knew Clooney was a pillow biter.

2389 days ago


Good grief, Lisa Marie is a freaking GROUCH. I knew she was pregnant a couple weeks ago from some photo I saw. DUH! What's the big deal??

2389 days ago


Don't you people recognize sarcasm when you hear it? George Clooney is not gay...he was KIDDING about a rumor that is OBVIOUSLY untrue. I mean, how many gay people would say that they are only a little gay (he said he was just two gays, not three). George has a wonderful tounge-in-cheek style that is obvious in person but probably less obvious in print.

And for the record, I think George ROCKS.

2389 days ago


Our family drove 9 hours across Texas, spent over $3,000 dollars we didn't have for hotels, meals, gas, etc. to go to a soccer match where Becks was promised to play/show up....but I would have been happy if he had been sitting on the freaking bench. So much for the hype for his American debut...

So our family has a bitter taste in our mouths about him...

Personally, I sorta like Posh...She made the drab and dull "soccer mom" image a lot more glam...and she truly loves her little kids...

2389 days ago


#35--Joanie D.--why did you write all that crap? Are we supposed to be impressed that daddy was in the army with Elvis? And you didn't have to know Elvis to realize Lisa never smiles like her father! Your story sort of nauseated me.

2389 days ago


#39--I gotta tell you, a family that spends $3,000 you say you didn't have to go through all that to see David Beckham, deserved whatever you got. Get your priorities straight.

2389 days ago

it takes a molester    

We won't be missing you Posh! Take your overly large head and huge boobs with you and don't come back. You look like all of the pictures that we imagine aliens look like just with hair, make-up and clothes. As for you definitely didn't get any part of your father's personality and talent. Be happy and enjoy your pregnancy....your suppose to have a glow about you and not sue.

2389 days ago


I must be the only one here that likes Victoria Beckham. I believe she is a real class act! I disagree with the person who says that she is probably jealous of all the Hollywood/Calif. girls. She is her own person and is worth as much as her husband! Honestly, she starts alot of fashion trends and alot of who's-who ask her advice on fashion. I believe she may be home sick and maybe their family too. Maybe she is sick of TomKat trying to push Scientology on herself and Becks! As for George Clooney, he is by far one of the most arrogant, overrated actors in Hollywood! I hope while he's sleeping around with whomever he catches, a whatever disease! Lisa-Marie Presley- Go away! Just goes to show how Nepatism works! She absolutely has no talent, but she thinks she's all that because she is Elvis's daughter-please! We could care less if she is pregnant or if she has gained weight! Make her go away! TMZ stop reporting on her-please! She is a publicity wh*re!

2389 days ago

Lonnie Cohen    

David Beckham is a god. So damn hot. What the hell did he see in Posh (She is soo scary to look at)? Great looking men got for unattractive women and unattractive in her case is an over statement. Yuck!

2389 days ago


#39--I gotta tell you, a family that spends $3,000 you say you didn't have to go through all that to see David Beckham, deserved whatever you got. Get your priorities straight.

First of all, you are correct to say that it was excessive to spend that much money but I am sure you have yourself paid a lot to go to see a celebrity whether it is at a concert venue or whatever. Since the promoters of the soccer match promoted and promised Becks to appear (we knew he was injured and it was a gamble to go..and thus the kids were prepared by me to maybe expect to be disappointed), we made the trip to be a family experience but still it was very disappointing to the thousands who showed up expecting to see a great athlete.

BTW, my husband was able to make the trip a business trip and most of the trip came out of his expense account....

I still believe Becks is a top athlete, I just wish he knew how much his presence meant to all the kids who spend hours and hours kicking a ball all for the love of the game. America doens't have all that many soccer inspirations.....

I still think Posh is glam!

2389 days ago


reading the comments , most where fair dos , but others were just nasty.posh is not like over here, but david is.however, the only reason he moved to L A is that no english football club wanted to sign him when his contract ended with madrid .david loves his wife, andwill do what she wants to they will come home as posh fancies herself as a serious FASHION MAUVEN.AND THAT IS ALL ABOUTPARIS,NOT LA..AMERICANS DONT REALLY UNDERSTAND REAL FOOTBALL ANYWAY.THE SOUTH AMERICANS ARE MASTERS AT THE GAME..IT IS GAME OF SKILL AND CONTROL, NOT FORCE AND BULK..that must be the reason that its a girli game in the us.

2389 days ago


when everyone in the industry says george is gay, it's hard to deny that.

posh can't handle LA. she's just a british b*tch who has to deal with a cheating husband every day.

2389 days ago

just me    

Suzi..... I wrote "all that crap" because I had something to say about Lisa Marie and something to say about my dad and his friendship with her dad, just as you had something to say about what I wrote when you unleashed your sour and cantankerous disposition on me. If you are moderator here then delete what I wrote if it does not conform to your cantankerous disposition. If not, then shut your mouth and save your fangs. I am sure you can find other contrarious sullen sourpusses like yourself more deserving your venom.

2389 days ago
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