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Clooney -- I'm Gay, Gay, Not Gay, Gay, Gay!

3/9/2008 9:23 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

George Clooney sat down for an interview with Esquire magazine and didn't waste anytime clearing up the rumors that hound him (via People). Despite what you may read on the web, the perpetual bachelor insists he is still only a double gay and hasn't reached triple gay status.

Curious George continued to joke and spoke out about his feud with Fabio, conceding that the face of "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" could probably beat him up. Clooney is practicing the self-defense technique of avoidance to prevent any potential embarrassment that could result from getting a Goldilock smackdown.

Miley is So Lonely

Miley Cyrus may look and sound like she's barely legal, but when she's not acting, she's doing what every other teenager is doing these days: posting videos on YouTube.

Over 1 million teen girls (and probably some creepy guys) have viewed "The Miley and Mandy Show" online. The latest episode features a heartbroken Miley who is separated from her other half Mandy, acted out to Akon's "Lonely." The online show may be sweet and innocent now, but does anything good ever come from a teenage girl in Hollywood and a camera?

Party Favors: Posh Wants to 86 L.A.? ... Lisa Marie Presley is Suing Mad

They haven't lived in Hollywood for even a year, but could Posh Spice already be planning to leave the City of Angels and return to her home across the pond? Victoria says after David's contract is up with the L.A. Galaxy, the family will move back to London to focus on their charitable work and so Posh can work on her fashion line. ...The only daughter of the King says she is suing the Daily Mail for publishing a story about her weight gain and forcing her to publicly reveal that she's preggers (via Showbizspy).


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Forget it Gay Blades ! Clooney will marry the Pretty Waitress, She has a Genuineness about her-the polar opposite of Paris and most of Hollywood. He is a good man, everyone, he is messing with your heads.

2365 days ago


The Beckham piece is really a non-story. Victoria has said multiple times even BEFORE they moved to LA that her and David consider their house outside of London "home" and will move back when David retires. Thats why they haven't sold Beckingham Palace, unlike their joint in Madrid which they are trying to sell. Stop making it sound like she doesn't like LA, she has said she does multiple times.

George Clooney's response to all this gay nonsense is priceless (although ironically, something I would expect out of some drag queens, ha!)

2365 days ago

just me    

This discussion about Lisa Marie which is inspiring some folks here (very young folk I'm sure) to say awful things about Elvis just have no clue how dear Elvis was to almost an entire generation of baby boomers, the generation which is very likely their parents or maybe even grandparents of those here who are so very young and so very disrespectful of the memory of Elvis which is still very much alive in the hearts of that generation.

And I have little doubt that those saying such terrible things about Elvis are too stupid to know that the music Elvis made was something sacred to those who dated and then married during the Elvis era because of the romance his music inspired. They are too dumb to know that it was that romance which gave them birth.

To illustrate how precious Elvis was to 'my' generation, production on the second shift I was working at Allsteel in Aurora Illinois was suspended for more than an hour because so many female workers broke down in tears and became so emotionally upset that they could not continue their work when the death of Elvis was announced on the plant PA system. And then when the PA system was switched to a radio station that was playing all Elvis music as a tribute to him, within minutes Elvis singing "I'll remember you" echoed thru the factory and the uncontrollable weeping that caused could only be compared to the wailing grief heard at a funeral service. And news reports the following day reported that it was like that at factories all over America and that the news of his death on the radio brought rush hour traffic to an almost dead stop in cities from the east coast to the midwest because so many female drivers could not control their weeping.

You don't have to express reverence for Elvis, but you don't have to be so irreverent in your remarks either.

2365 days ago


George Clooney - Completely f**kable but who wants to really listen to him afterwards.... Yawn Yawn Yawn.
Miley Cyryus - Go Hannah Montana Enjoy your teen years!
Lisa Marie Presley - Get over yourself. Your no one special ( Your dad was --- You not so much)
The Beckhams - Don't let the door hit you in the azz when you leave. Just make sure you pay up your taxes to our government on all of your ill gotten gains. David Beckham your a Fraud. Keep your Bony wife to yourself shes just pissy looking all the time - We have plenty of Poshtitutes of our own over hear.

2365 days ago


I don't see what women see in George Clooney. I think he is ok looking, but i also think he is way too stuck on himself.

2365 days ago

just me    

Goodness! I think Lisa might have a mean streak like her dad if you cross her. One sure way to get on the mean side of Elvis was to lie about him. Her dad would set a lie straight in a New York minute:

2365 days ago


#78 crazytolivethere08
I completly agree with you. I am hispanic, but I was born in this country and I don't speak spanish. I live in California and it is frustrating. I have has people come up to me and start speaking spanish and when I tell them I don't speak it they cuss me out in English!!! They say it's because they feel more comfortable speaking in their own language. Well so do we! And this is our country! It's getting more and more difficult to find a good job that doesn't say bilingual (spanish), it never says any other language! Oh well, hopefully something will give. Espcially now when they are talking about cutting teachers because the state is cutting some budgets! It's frustrating, get rid of all the illegals and give our kids the right education!!! The California taxpayers are tired of paying for these illegal immigrants!

And about Posh and Becks, they can go back to their own country if it makes them happy. I don't care either way. But at least they speak English!

2365 days ago


W H E R E are the Cruz's. I thought there were BEST friends. My theory is that David and Posh t are NOT scientologist. You see Tom Only wants to hang out and support you if you are. They were wining and dining them for a while now there gone. They hanging out with Will and Jada beoase they tryng the scientology thing. The have seemed pretty lonely lately. Not much going on for them, all the hype when the moved here, now what, very boring indeed!

2365 days ago


I could care less if Clooney is gay or not. I am not impressed by him in the least. As for Lisa Marie's lawsuit, grow up. How ridiculous can you get? The one blog was a little over the top concerning "Dad's pictures of Elvis". You go ahead and enjoy them. But please, don't expect us to all get on our knees and say "Amen". I am a baby boomer and was never a fan of Elvis. His movies were horrible and I really did not enjoy his singing. For those of you who did and still do, more power to you. But I did and still do have a problem with the fact that he was in his 20's and seeing a 14 year old. Sorry but that is child molestation BIG TIME. Why did Pricilla finally divorce him? She out grew him. He remained the lame brain he was....hanging out with his "Mafia" idiots and doing lame things. He never grew up. I do agree that Lisa has always looked miserable. Elvis and Pricilla were both horrible parents to her. Elvis tried to buy her love like everyone else he tried to buy. Lisa as a singer is just terrible. Sorry, I do not say it to be cruel but from what I have heard, she should give it up and just concentrate on being a mother. Pricilla, she is a plastic surgery nightmare. Finaaly Posh, go away. Oh and to Texas Soccer Mom, gee how convienient that you could use your husbands business account to see a soccer player! Does his company know that? By the way, I have been a fan of much greater sports stars than "Mr. Posh" but never spent $3000 to go see one of them. Get over yourself.

2365 days ago


I just don't get it. Why waste taxpayers $$ by suing for a stupid weight gain story?! I mean, c'mon LMP, hormonal at all? You're my age, aren't we at the age where we don't give a F-&*^ what other people think?! Grow up and be happy you even got pregnant at 40!!'ve been fat for a while, so what? I thank God everyday I got pregnant at 36 so easy...get over it.

2364 days ago


I'll believe everyone when they say that Geaorge is a great guy. Charming, kind, generous, ok, I believe you. But, when you come right down to it, he's just another middle aged guy with a girlfriend who looks like his daughter and probably has nothing in common with him. He's just another rich, middle aged guy. Like all the others.

2364 days ago


Well the point is - if you in Hollywood long enough and become a star and you are a man - you either have to marry every bimbo out there, or date every last one of them and become a total slut for them - you won't be considered gay. But try and lead a life by your self, you can forget it - you are labeled gay and that is stupid. Look at Matthew McCoaughey - he jsut wanted to run around the beach with the other boys in his trunks and nothing else. They started that gay rumor and now all of sudden his girlfriend is having a baby.

Samething happened to Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. They were best friends - hung out all of the time. You wouldn't see one with seeing the other. Then the rumors started. All of sudden in the last 3 years or so - they are both married to women and have babies.

It's the Hollywood of the 20's and 30's all over again. Check it out and you will see what I am talking about.

2364 days ago


Weirdos Tom and Katie (Not Kate) Cruise have driven the Beckhams away...would you want them around you?
Bet Tom made a pass at David..

2364 days ago


Lisa Marie - oh please! You didnt want people to think you are fat because youre weight has been up and down and mostly up and you obviously have an issue with it. No one is forced to come out and say they are pregnant because of "stick s and stones" the media throws out. Please she could have ignored it. How ridiculous she is suing. Im sure you got your feeling hurt Lisa but get over it. Angelina hasnt come out that she is pregnant and the media is hounding her. Guess some people just dont have the baggage others do.

2363 days ago
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