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Cupid Ain't What He Used to Be

3/9/2008 2:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Breathtaking. Vibrant. Electric. A few words to describe the unavoidable beacon of love that shot forth from Paris Hilton and Benji Madden at LAX in Las Vegas last night.

Ok, seriously -- it's like they haven't even met before.


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Maybe the video has nice sweet talk, but the body language and the looks on their faces tell a different story, you guys. I work in that field. Something is ROTTEN in Denmark. She has rotten luck with men, OR she is a spoiled rotten garden implement. Hoe.

2418 days ago


Here is my question : Will men of today, young or old, marry a girl that is pretty, but a known hoe with Herpes ? Will they overlook this ? Remember, she still has $$. Just not the Millions she was gonna get from Grampa. Just wonderin...

2418 days ago

Black Sheep    

Yep, it's almost over.

2418 days ago


You guys tried REALLY hard on this one... "so, we have this video of benji and paris...but what can we say about it? we can't let it go to waste.ummmmmm....yeah, this will work." Come on! Should they be groping each other in public or something? Obviously the place is loud, it's not like they can hold a conversation. They look cute and happy.

2418 days ago


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When you're on top, does he still make you put a bag over your head?????

2418 days ago



2418 days ago

madame flutter-by    

That went up faster than toilet paper on fire.

2418 days ago


Fran is hard at work I see. Debbie and Kelli haven't even been here. Settle down FRAN! Good luck. Paris and Benji,eww!!

2418 days ago


*YAWN* Paris' life is just slightly more exciting than watching grass grow.

2418 days ago

Ronald J. Adkins III    

Those two losers deserve each other. He is inked up like some carnival sideshow freak and she doesent have the talent to act her way out of a cardboard box. Speaking of cardboard box, that is where the skanky hoe is going to end up sleeping after grandpa finishes giving all of the money away to the needy. Paris has no talent, her movies went straight down the toilet. Her music cd did not sell. Whats left of her unsold perfume is on ebay selling for one dollar. Her defunked clothing and purse line isnt selling and is made in sweatshops. She thinks that she is an iconic celebrity but in fact she is trash that gives the majority of the world something to laugh at. Who in their right mind would come up with champaigne in a can and think it would be a hit. Well that is just another failed venture of Miss Hilton. LOL You are such a pathetic loser Paris. that ugly beak nose and twice as hugly hands and feet. Go away you trailer trash hoe and take your ugly ass Benji, the flavor of the week with you. You both are skanky losers that will soon hit rock bottom.

2418 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

Oh that gosh darn Ashton

2418 days ago


TMZ -- you have razor sharp perception at times. Say what you want, posters, but Paris looks a little nervous and uncomfortable. Despite the handholding, etc., something just looks off. Weird.

2418 days ago


Cupid isnt stupid...

2418 days ago

Tom Veil    

Larry King should have her back on the show to point out what a liar she is.

2418 days ago


Hey, 15...That's not something to be bragging about, baby...if anything, you might want to think about why he NEEDS that poster up there. And as for these two...seems like going for talentless, skankish *****es runs in the family. Oh well....when Benji catches her bees, he'll learn.

2418 days ago
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