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Anna Nicole to E!: You Screwed Me

3/10/2008 3:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The new E! show "Pop Fiction" sounds like a complete rip off of another pitch -- "Celebrities Strike Back." Oh, by the way -- it was pitched by Anna Nicole Smith more than three years ago and there could be a lawsuit.
Read the treatment
"Pop Fiction," produced by Ashton Kutcher's Katalyst Television, debuted last night. It seems identical to a treatment obtained by TMZ that Anna Nicole registered with the Writers Guild in 2004. Now get this -- in 2004, Anna Nicole and Howard K. Stern met with Jeff Shore and Jay James, both programming execs for E!. They pitched the show and sent Shore the treatment.

We're also told Anna Nicole and Howard K. met with then E! Prez Ted Harbert in 2004 and also raised the show.

Ashton's show sounds like a carbon of Anna's treatment -- "...what happens if Anna Nicole Smith and other celebrities turn the tables and capitalize off of the overzealous media? What if the next big supposed scandal is not a scandal at all? What if everything is staged, but the media (and the public) don't know it?" It continues, Anna Nicole and other celebrity guests take aim at the media and push all the limits."

That's Ashton Kutcher's show and we're told Howard K. has already threatened suit. What is really pissing him off is that he and Anna had multiple meetings with E!. Two months ago, Stern spoke with E! again on behalf of the estate and the network seemed intrigued by making Larry Birkhead the celeb to do the first prank and then host the show. Ultimately Jay James said it just wouldn't work. Oh really?

UPDATE: A rep for E! tells us, "'Pop Fiction' is a program independently created and developed by Ashton Kutcher's company, Katalyst. 'Pop Fiction' is not based on any idea or concept that may have been pitched to E! by any other party."


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Howard needs to get a job & quit trying to live off other people.....Sue, sue sue is all he knows how to say.

2362 days ago

Just Another Hater    

Ashton Kutcher can't come up with an original idea of his own. Punk'd is basically just Candid Camera. This idea is stolen from Anna Nicole, who wasn't exactly known as a brilliant mind. His idea to marry that skanky, surgically enhanced slut Demi Moore? Bruce Willis came up with that one.

2362 days ago


Um. TMZ, you do realize that Anna Nicole Smith is dead, right? And last time I checked, dead people don't talk.

2362 days ago

SJ & the geek.....STUPID! a alot of his movies & now this stupid show!!! ashton should be sued, i remember anna with this show & howard or larry or dannielynn has the right to do it!!

ashton will do anything to be around alot of girls & funny how "P.HILTON" is the FIRST! jeezzzzzz he made her out to be a saint.

YOU celeb's are in the business suck it up & get use to the pap's they are only doing what YOU want!!! if it wasn't for the fan's you wouldn't have the money!!

2362 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

42. 37. This pretty much shows Anna was not a druged up women. She had many good ideas for TV shows. She also had many good and loving friends. She only had 3 in her life that is making money still off of her and they are Shelly , Tompson, Hattens. If she was so druged up then how did she work on Movies, Molding, Commericals, Charity advents. Funny that the only peeople that say she was wasted 24/7 are these 3 low lifes. So I hope E has to pay her estaste and it goes to Dannielynn. Good for Howard watching out for Anna. If she came up with the idea then they should pay her for it.

Posted at 2:53PM on Mar 10th 2008 by WAY TO GO

What are you talking about? Anna was stoned most of the time. By the way who taught you how to spell. Drugged has 2 g's estate not estaste.

Annas TV show sucked. That had to be the stupidest show I have ever watched, which was on one occasion and didn't finish watching it.

I am sorry that Anna died so young, but really she had no talent at all.

Posted at 3:07PM on Mar 10th 2008 by GET REAL
You know what, Anna had more talent than you EVER will aspire to: she was a successful pinup model and she KNEW what it was all about. She was MORE SUCCESSFUL than the thousands of other nude women in Playboy who never made it past a page or two.

Were you with Anna 24/7 to know what she really did in her personal life? Did you know her? I thought not, only from what you read from The Globe I'm sure.

So in that, your statement SUCKS. SUCKS. SUCKS.

RIP Vickie Lynn

2362 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

Dear Foolio : Grow up sternie

2362 days ago


Anna Nicole Smith was an addicted golddigger who used old man Marshall to get his money & look what happened to her, Howard & Larry used her to get her money. Her greed & drugs cost her & her son their lives.

Watch out Howard & Larry because your destiny awaits you! You get out of life what you put into it & so far all you bums did was take. Two young people dead within a six-month period & Howard was present both times. I'd hate to be in the shoes of either Howard or Larry because I don't think life will treat either of you kindly.

2362 days ago


people , we realize anna is dead,but it looks like the show is her's so as is , our anna lives on :)

2362 days ago


By the way #47, the previous poster also has modeling spelled wrong. She or he has molding. I take it they mean m o d e l i n g. Go figure!

2362 days ago

Javier G.    

The story says Anna registered the idea with the Writers Guild but since she is dead, is that valid anymore? I don't think they have a case with Ashton unless it is stealing her idea of acting dumb.

2362 days ago


BIG BOYS????? HAHAHAH ASHTON?????????? that kid is just a baby......married to his grandmother

2362 days ago

mmmmmm hmmmmm    

harvey, i think they are punking you again. haha punking the punk. all part of the game. will it ever end??

2362 days ago


Like most of Anna friends the ture ones know she was not a drugged up 24/7 like O'Quinn and Virgie want you all to think. Talk about being PUNKED. I hope Howard sues the crap out of them. Anna had the idea and her estate should be paid. As for some of you that think Howard should get a job, he has one protecting Anna from all the money grabbers. He will make sure Dannielynn will recieve the money that should have gone to Anna. And not let people tak advanage of Anna in death. So, you all go and bash Howard BUT he is the only one that is making sure Dannielynn will have a good life.

2362 days ago


Howard controlled Anna in life & thinks he can control everything about her in death. I'd hate to know my life depended on what money I made living off the image of another person. Howard & Larry are worthless bums & a show that they were even remotely involved in would be a complete flop.

2362 days ago


Time to pay up,

Oh yes, we know who Howard is looking out for & it's certainly not Dannielynn! He is lining his own pockets with Dannielynn's money the same way he lined his pockets with Anna's money. The creep never had a job, he's a bum & you are a sucker who's too stupid to know the difference between a con artist & a decent human being.

2362 days ago
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