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Janet Feels Too Nasty for "SNL"

3/11/2008 4:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Janet Jackson won't be live from New York this Saturday night -- she's got the flu!

Sources tell TMZ that Ms. Jackson has dropped out of performing on "Saturday Night Live" this week. No word who her replacement will be.

Us first reported Janet checked into Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A. last night for shortness of breath and the flu.

Story developing ...


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Awww, sorry JJ is down... but real talk... her better days are behind her musically. Why don't these old heads realize and accept that??? Go get married, have some kids... there must be some other hobby, interest or outreach that they can get into to occupy themselves. But it has to be nothing but VANITY.
She got away with lipsyncing as well as musical enhancement as all these "so called talents"....
That's too bad!

2383 days ago

tippy katz    

She still carries herself maturely???
Yeah, she carries herself so maturely in that S & M headcage with the bl*w j*b hole.

2383 days ago


YUP! Bitch can't sing LIVE. Cute, but can't really sing a slow song w/out musical enhancement.Even then, she CANNOT sing. She dances to throw the brothas off. It usually works. She is a nice person, but she CANNOT really sing. Sounds like my 5 year old. And she is also cute, but CAN"T sing. Mariah is nutty, but she CAN sing. Aguilera CAN sing. So CAN Stefani. And, of course, Aretha and Tina Turner, of the Older Girls.


2383 days ago


TO I HATE NEGATIVE AZZ---- : Ya don't have to be in showbiz to know if somebody can sing or not -git jiggy wit it, she CANT sing ! SHe uses special music effects, lotsa dancin', overdoes the sex appeal thang, and still has that off-key, baby voice that must be enhanced. She is gettin' OLDA (40's), plastic surgery, etc., but she STILL CAINT SING LIVE ! My life is cool, and happy, but she CAINT SING. Git ovah it, man ! (Germaine ) We are the ones that DON't buy her music, DUDE. Ain't saying she is not a good person.

2383 days ago

tippy katz    

Right On Ophelia Brown
I HATE NEGATIVE AZZHOLEZ, didn't your momma ever tell you it's negative to HATE anyone?
I don't hate janet. I hope she gets well soon. SHE still CAN'T SING.

2383 days ago


bdp135: Whatsa matter, Germaine Dupree ain't got work ? She can't sing that good, and acts like a freakin' Ho , in her music, since she got older. I got little girls, man. Forget her. Gross.

2383 days ago


Whaddyasay : A woman over 40, (any age, really) who starves herself is really asking for a health problem. If she should happen to get a serious disease (cancer, heart, leukemia, kidney, liver prob, etc), and anyone can, her body will not be able to recover. I don't buy the raw food deal. She is a Notorious YOYO dieter. As it is, she probably has pain from all the strenuous workouts and dancing. Everyone that age does. No kidding. She is a good entertainer, not my type of singer, though. (Aretha,4 Tops, Temptations, Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys.)

2383 days ago

Russell Hill    

So big deal Jackson is not going to show, she would just lip sink the song anyway. There should be a law against lip sinking, Brittney.

2383 days ago


Oooooooohhhhh I hope they get Britney Spears.

2383 days ago


AWWWW MAN.... I was soooooooo looking forward to SNL.... (wink, wink nudge nudge)! Janet became popular how???:

#1 Having famous brothers- which lead to her roll on Good Times, Different Strokes
#2 Her name also got her the tightest duo in the 80's backing her up (Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis)
#3 Dance moves... alas Paula Abdul who she couldn't even give props to for that....

It's not what you know ... it's what your name is and who you know... Girlfriend is not an actress (had roles handed to her because of her name) She is not a singer... (she lip syncs and given much aid in enhancing her voice.

She is a JACKSON.... plain and simple! However, she is a doll face who likes to eat and has the $$$ to look good.
It's okay damned... if she can generate record sells, cool. Just gotta stick with the facts.

HER TIME HAS LONG PASSED... soon she'll be like Natalie Cole...out of the game, on the sideline talkin' about the other players.... L.I.G.J (Let it go Janet... you have nothing to prove.... it's already been proven. Move on.... as Beyonce, Ciara, Rhianna and all the other P.Y.T's will have to someday.... it really is OKAY!

Get well girl... keep it 100!

2383 days ago


It's been over a month since I got the flu and bronchitis and I'm still not well. It's been very common in the northeast this year and has affected all age groups. Hope Janet has a speedy recovery.

2383 days ago


you dumb a** white people thought britney spears could sing or even elvis for that matter so what could one expect

2383 days ago


I hope Ms Jackson gets well soon, I also agree that she can't sing.

2383 days ago

tippy katz    


2383 days ago


Janet who?If she had a mask like twinkle toes this would havw never happened..........

2383 days ago
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