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Kate Hudson Gun Scare -- Stupid Filmmakers!

3/11/2008 4:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the gun scare at Kate Hudson's house was not directed at Kate -- for some reason, the guys who were arrested thought it was a good idea to wave and point gun on the top of an NYC building.

Sources say the three men who were arrested had a "prop gun" and a "little script" with them at the time they were arrested. They are film making students who were working on a project and had no idea Kate Hudson lived in the building.

The last we checked they were still in custody. We're thinkin' they could be charged with felony stupid.


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God, the ignorance of some of you astounds me. "GS" is right; if you use a toy gun to rob anyone, it's still ARMED ROBBERY. And I'm not "instantly assuming" they're guilty. But they damned sure need to be arrested and taken off the streets and charged with brandishing a weapon and hire lawyers and spend money they haven't yet earned so WE can spend money on Prosecutors and Public Defenders and whomever else is needed to protect their rights.

The ignorance just astounds me.

2425 days ago


It IS amazing how some people dont see how this could have been a terrible tragedy and the appropriate actions were taken to protect the lives of all those that live in that area. HAD they shot a million people to bits....everyone that's surprised they got arrested would have been crying that the cops didnt do enough!!!!!!

2425 days ago


She sucks! One of the worst actors out there. To bad the gun wasn't real so we could all be put out of our misery! She's only acting cause she's a heeb.

2425 days ago

Stacie Rose    

Oh come on now. These kids were just working in the name of entertainment! Kate can respect that! It's not like they could have done harm to her with a toy gun.

2425 days ago


I don't care what anyone says. It's stupid to wave a gun around in public, fake or not.

Maybe they shouldn't be punished because it was a misunderstanding, but I can see why people were alarmed. Who the hell WOULDN'T be alarmed? If someone waved a gun around in my neighborhood, I'd have mine pointed at them and the cops on the phone in a second.

2425 days ago


My gosh, can't a story be told without bringing black and white into it???? Shut the f up already. You don't hear all the crap when a black cop shoots white ppl, why because white ppl have more class then to scream racism all the time. In a town close to me a black cop just shot and killed a white WOMAN, guess what no racist comments were made.. Its ppl like you that get racism started by opening your racist mouth! O.J. was black and killed 2 white ppl, whites did not act like animals and go riot and tear up their town. Why? It's called civilization, and not being racist!!!!!!!! No blacks said, he killed them b-cuz they were white, but if he was white and killed 2 black ppl, again "lets go riot , catch our town on fire and steal!!! You get not trusted for your actions. Teach how to be a good citizen, a productive person in society, not make it black and white all the friggin time. WHITE AND FED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2425 days ago


has ANYONE ELSE noticed that Kate Hudson has had the tip of her nose fixed?? Haven't you noticed she looks just a little different lately?

2424 days ago


The NYPD and the public cannot assume that the
gun is fake. With everything that is going on in the world
today, especially with the recent college shootings, we
cannot be too careful, and these idiots should have known
better...and so they are arrested...throw away the key.
"KUDOS to the NYPD."

2424 days ago
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