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Look Out, Kelly -- Kathie Lee Is Comin' for Ya!

3/11/2008 4:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kathie Lee GiffordThe rumors are true -- sources tell TMZ that Kathie Lee Gifford is definitely going to be the new co-host of the 10:00 AM hour at "Today."

Gifford previously hosted "Live With Regis and Kathie Lee" for 15 years, but left in the year 2000. "Today" is on a ratings surge lately -- February sweeps was its second-best since 2004.

A rep for "Today" tells us, "We think Kathie Lee is a tremendous talent, but we have nothing to announce."

If you could see her now!


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just wondering    

KLG will be a HUGE hit with the target demographic!!!!!!!!....afterall, their Moms were watching her on tv when trying to get them to change channels to Blues Clues for their enjoyment.

2395 days ago

lied about daniel's results?    

are these people in mississippi freaking out?
give me a break will ya.
and they claim he has the younger vote? i dont think so.
he sure dont have mine.

obama rallies is only a place to hang out.
Most still dont really vote for him. He wins because Blacks tips the scales for him.
If the blacks voted for clinton in half the numbers as they did for Obama, then hussein would be dead in the water.

2395 days ago


She gave me herpes.

2395 days ago

lied about daniel's results?    

whats the deal with the Ferraro statement.
i'm watching a news show, and just counted obama being referred to as the black man running more than 12 times in less than three minutes. so why is obama making a fuss about something that is true?

2395 days ago


I know the stewardess that her husband was banging. She is a total hottie!

Get her for the show. I can't stand listening to KLG whine!

2395 days ago


Great !!

Another so-called Christian that actually met her husband - Frank - while he was married.

Can you say - adultery?

2395 days ago

todd lissner anti adult anti wholesomeness activist-----(    

shes very republican abused her kids and iz a tard period holier than thou idiot she should stay away!!!

2395 days ago


OMG. Yet another reason to give up watching Today. I cannot fathom why they hired Jenna for the weekends, and can't stomach watching her either. WTF are they doing?

2395 days ago


Never could tolerate Kathy Lee...then Regis replaced her with a younger, miniature version of Kathy Lee (same annoying personality traits). I used to love watching Regis years ago till Kathy Lee just burnt me out! Never watched Kelly Rippa after a few times of trying. If Kathy Lee appears on the Today Show.....that will be the END of it! By the way, I agree with several posters.....cannot STAND Rachel Ray. She is one nerve-wracking person. Too energetic for my taste!!!!

2395 days ago


Kathy Lee is a good person! I think shes genuine and caring, so what if she talked about her kids any mother would its a natural reaction! when I'm around people I talk about my kids too. And her and Regis had a great connection. Now Kelly Ripa on the other hand I cannot stand. She corrects Regis Daily she thinks its funny when he messes up any word, she acts like a know it all and she tries to act like Kathy Lee did but she doesn't even compare. I wish Regis would fire Kelly, he made her famous and she treats him like s*** on that show. She tries to act funny and i don't think anyone likes her. I laugh when the contest callers don't say hi Kelly and she gets mad you can see it and tell in her tone. Shes a attention wanting no talent person and doesnt deserve what she has. Thats all

2394 days ago


I thought this old windbag left morning tv because it caused too much stress & put too much attention on her kids/family? What an obnoxious, hypocrytical, untalented, attention-seeking loser...

2394 days ago


Please tell her to go away.......she brags about her wonderful life, her wonderful husband screwed around on her,
and she is the most conceited person ever to sit in a talk show seat......please tell her to go away and have some more botox injected.......PLEASE GO AWAY

2394 days ago


Kathie Lee has been missed. I have always enjoyed her. 4th hour of today is fluff anyway. You may think she is a liberal person, who really care, she in the past never talked as if she were. I know she and Frank were friends of the Ford's.. I don't need to know who likes what politician they support. I just don't like any party to run down another.

2394 days ago


Dear Heaven-domeone please make this broad stay away. There goes the network and the show. And I, for one, will no longer watch. Shw was horrid and annoying before and still is.

2394 days ago
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