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Angelina -- Baby on Board

3/12/2008 3:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maddox joined Angelina and her conspicuously swelling belly for a joy ride yesterday -- as the den mother took the wheel of a small prop plane at a private airport in Austin, Texas.

Flying an airplane? Perfectly safe for someone who's very not pregnant.


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no 13 should be ashamed. kids are luckey to have a mom like angie.they will grow up very proud of her. its time to leave angie and brad alone and let them raise thier children with the love and devotion they have shown. i care about this family as if they were mine and i would be proud if they were

2382 days ago

Cathy Henderson    

Angeina is one of the most beautiful persons I have seen, she gives it her all. She has done alot for alot of people. Preg. or not preg., who cares, its her life shouldnt be your concern. Brad an Angelina are truely one of the most beautiful couples inside an out. Love you both...

2382 days ago


is her flying in any plane really that important. She has more of a chance getting in a car accident than her plane going down.And i do recall she flew when she was preggers with Shiloh. ANd who cares she knows her limits and wont do anything to harm any of her kids.

2374 days ago


Really tierd of hearing about Maddox

2362 days ago



2384 days ago


TMZ, are you obsessed with Angelina Jolie, or just pregnant women in general?

2384 days ago


Again, where is Shiloh? Really tierd of hearing about Maddox!

2384 days ago


WHAT T.F. When is this thing gonna stay home and tend to all her adopted ventures? These kids are missing out on alot can't buy them a life filled with a strong foundation of family with love.

2384 days ago


Why won't you post my comment? Can dish it out but can't take it?

2384 days ago

just wondering    

..she is a licensed pilot taking her son for a nice flight, what is so wrong with that???, Maddox is safer in that gem of a aircraft than driving down the freeway in a SUV driven by bodyguards! I'm sure they had a awesome flight!!!...what a lucky boy to have one on one time with his mom this way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2384 days ago


Hey idiots, what does being pregnant have to do with the safety of flying a plane! Are you saying that if you are not pregnant ,then flying is safe but if you are pregnant, then the danger level rises? What about if two people are on the plane and one is pregnant and the other is not, what then? I guess the side that the pregnant lady is on is dangerous, but the side the other lady is on is considerablely less dangerous. You guys are idiots!!! When you are trying to be cute with your stories, think about what you write first. This is why people call you morons and idiots, you are trying to stir up trouble, but in fact, you are only showing how stupid you are. A greatman once said " Almost all of us learn to write in the 2nd grade, but most of us go on to bigger and better things!" Your writers are not witty, they are morons!

2384 days ago

mmmmmm hmmmmm    

i dont understand why you have such a problem with her not saying the words "im pregnant". look at her bellly. doesnt that say it all. fphuquein morons, tmz is. and yes it is okay to piolt a plane when you are pregnant. you guys get dumber and dumber every minute.

2384 days ago

Funny Answers    

Get the heck off her back!!! You are too much. Now Jennifer fans will be calling her names, and how she stold Brad. Yet these same people like Julia Roberts who while making a movie fell in lust with a married man whoes wife was p.g.,. She went for it anyway. He left his wife, she lost the baby and married Miss Money bags, and she is okay. Please. Not too many people in Hollywood have morals, they take what they want and change partners more than old men change underware. And yes, that include sailor mouth, chain smoking Jennifer. Just enjpy what they do on film. Their private life is not mine or your business. Those three got on with their lives, so should the haters. This woman loves children too much to put a child in danger. But your people block p.g. women, follow, chase, stick camera up their ying yangs and rake in the money. Get a new fall guy, leave Angelina, Brad, Jennifer alone.

2384 days ago


What a ridiculously irresponsible post. Being pregnant is not some kind of mental or physical disability. Who is writing this crap? A bunch of misogynistic idiots? She is a licensed pilot and there is nothing unsafe about flying. It is far safer than "joy riding" in a car. Get at least SOME of your facts straight before denouncing someone for engaging in a perfectly acceptable (and fun) activity with their son.

2384 days ago


Whitest Kids U Know to Headline NBC Today Show Redheads on the Plaza Event

New York, New York -- March 13, 2008 (PR-Inside) -- The Whitest Kids U’ Know, American’s fastest growing white, televised, all-male comedic sketch group from New York, is pleased to announce that it will join forces with NBC’s The Today Show on March 17 to participate in NBC’s annual Redheads on the Plaza event.

"On St. Patrick’s Day TODAY will celebrate the beauty of redheads and we’ve been invited to join in the fun!" exults head WKUK writer Trevor Moore, a natural born redhead from Virginia and one of five natural redheads in the award-winning sketch comedy group now appearing weakly on the Independent Film Channel, an affiliate of Rainbow Media. "All our fellow redheads are invited to join us at the TODAY Show Plaza at Rockefeller Center in New York City, Monday, March 17 to be a part of the celebration!"

TODAY executive producer Jim Bell says he was "stunned" when he was first informed that the Whitest Kids U Know -- the nation’s hottest new comedy group, which launched its second season of all-new, wacky sketches February 10 on the Independent Film Channel -- was composed of five natural redheads from across the country.

"When Noah told me about this -- that’s Noah Oppenheimer, is who I am referring to, the supervising producer here at TODAY- we said to ourselves, ’We’ve got to get these kids to headline our March 17 Redheads on the Plaza event. Its perfect because all five of them are redheads. And that will be great because TODAY is renowned for providing its audience with a window on the world and we are unparalleled in our ratings dominance in the morning news arena, serving as America’s overwhelming favorite for 11 consecutive years."

Oppenheimer admits he was excited as well: "These resilient pests are making headlines in towns and cities across the country. Have they invaded your home? How are you coping? What have you done to combat these creepy, crawly creatures?" explained Oppenheimer. "No wait, that’s the promo script for our upcoming segment on bedbugs. Nevermind. Scratch all that. But glad to have these guys nevertheless."

According to Moore, Whitest Kids U Know’s off-color sensibilities and music video sketches are less like bedbugs and more like "The Kids in the Hall" and "Monty Python"…"with slightly more potty humor," he says.

On IFC, The Whitest Kids’ fresh, balls-out take on politics, gender relations and pop-culture appeares uncensored, uncut and commercial-free.

2384 days ago
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