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Don't Say Her Name Three Times!

3/12/2008 2:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" wannabe Amanda Overmyer performing last night -- and Michael Keaton in the 1988 film, "Beetlejuice."
Amanda Overmyer and Beetlejuice
One of them has demons to exorcise.

We're just sayin'!


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Leave Amanda alone. She's awesome. She's the only true female PERFORMER. Carly might have her beat in the voice dept. but Amanda is an awesome singer and performer.

2380 days ago


BEETLEJUICE BEETLEJUICE BEETLEJUICE............OOPS i mean AMANDA AMANDA AMANDA!!!!!!! Lol she can rock though : /

2380 days ago


Another good song choice for her Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart" It's a slower song that still rocks.

2380 days ago


I almost pissed my pants. LMAO. That was too funny,

2380 days ago


she got a great voice but she's a horrible dresser. She looks ridiculous and I think its going to effect her career.

2380 days ago

big balls    

how would you like to have open heart surgery and wake up and see
this bitch installing a cathater in ya......scary huh

2380 days ago


Loved 'Beetlejuice'! So funny, who thought to compare Amanda's pants to that?

Also, Alec Baldwin was HOT in that movie! How come he doesn't lose the extra weight?

2380 days ago


Technically, this gal cannot sing! She sounds like a throaty frog ALL THE TIME! No matter what
song she sings...THEY ALL SOUND THE SAME!

If she makes it, will people not be bored hearing her in, after song, after song?

Someone else up there nailed it....maybe in a biker bar singing, she
will have a long lasting future in it.

At least Janis Joplin songs did sound different from one another,
and Janis was also much more personable to others.

2380 days ago


Don't worry BigBalls...she is not that kind of a nurse. She is young, and must
be fresh out of school (guessing by her age), and went straight to work it sounds, selling and monitoring
durable medical equipment, to patients at home, as she mentioned last night.

I don't think she would have made it very far in real hospital nursing, if she tried...just
my guess. Otherwise, out of school she would have went to the hospitals for at least
some a year or two for good experience?? I don't know, just my guess.

2380 days ago


You guys crack me up. Everytime I look at this I laugh!! thanks...

2380 days ago

The Pagan Temple    

Was there supposed to be some kind of point to this post? I started to call it an example of drive-by journalism, but I seem to have missed the journalism part.

2380 days ago

Susan B    

I think Amanda has the 2nd best female on Idol this year! (just my opinion) I wish her well.

2380 days ago


You people have the balls to call someone a "wanna be"??? All of the people who work this TMZ crap are "wanna bees" and you are truly hated by the people you try to tear down. Your 15 minutes are almost up! Harvey do you have any secrets?? Does Elliot Spitzer make you pause? I can't wait until Old Harvey has his pants pulled down for all of America to corn haul!!!

2380 days ago


I am so tired of listening to people gang up on this girl. I don't think Simon quite gets her either, Randy does though, she's a blues/rock singer. The growling, scatin' thing is typical of some of the greatest blues singers ever! Hell, even Elvis did it! Her clothes? They don't really bug me because I love her voice and her performance. Having grown up around musicians, I can tell you that this girl would be able to hold her own on stage with some of the blues legends I've seen. The problem is that many of the voters are teens, and like it or not most of the time they will be the deciding vote. Who's cute, how they dress, what type of music is being represented (pop mostly), these are the kinds of things they consider. I very seriously doubt there are large percentages of teens that know anything about the blues. Will there be a B.B. King week? He'd get her! It's a shame really, blues has always been a less popular category that even the grammys barely mention, except in passing.

It's hard to sing the blues, but if it was easy it wouldn't be the blues...Stay strong Amanda, and all you kids out a Bessie Smith cd already, you too Simon.

2380 days ago


Everything she does sounds the same...she's a bar chick...the only reason she made it this far is that she's so different from the usual AI mold of contestants...she won't win, way in hell is this chick gonna win. It's either archuleta or smithson...they will be the top two...most likely.

2380 days ago
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