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Aretha in Foreclosure? Show Some R.E.S.P.E.C.T.!

3/13/2008 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She may be the Queen of Soul, but Aretha Franklin is fighting to keep her Detroit palace.
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Aretha says a mistake by her lawyer over $445 in 2005 taxes and late fees caused her $700,000 mansion to slip into foreclosure. According to court documents, the big-boned singer owes $19,192 in back taxes.

She says she plans to pay up and reclaim the mansion by the March 31 deadline. A call to Aretha's rep was not immediately returned.


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this lady needs to lose some weight!!!! it is D I S G U S T I N G!!!

2362 days ago


Stay outta the icebox and pay yo bills,diva.

2362 days ago


You know what suprises me with these celebs that are in foreclosure?? As much money as they make, why don't they just pay cash for their home and be done with it? Pay cash while they are making big bucks in their prime. Like Micheal Jackson...he was once a multimillionare, he should have paid cash while he was making big bucks in the 80s and now his home is being foreclosed. What idiots!

2362 days ago


700k mansion lol that'll buy a doghouse in la la land

2362 days ago


People..this is Aretha Franklin. She does indeed deserve respect for all of her past accomplishments. I think this story is sad. Here is a women with immense talent and due to her age and body size she can't get a job. But all the little big boobed blonde Britney wanna be's are making millions. There is not one person here who can tell me (with a straight face) that they honestly believe that Britney or Ashlee Simpson, Jessica Simpson, yada, yada, yada,,,are better singers than Aretha Franklin.
I hope this tax bill is an oversight and not failure to pay because she doesn't have the money. Aretha Franklin is one of our few remaining living legends. She deserves respect!

2362 days ago


I respect her talent. I respect her accpmplishments. ( I am a white male over 40. ) I dont know why she is in foreclosure and it's none of my business. Yes, I agree, she is a legend. I would just not want to be the idiot that is on the receiving end of her wrath. I can guarantee you they are in the doghouse now, big time.

2362 days ago


Aretha is infamous in Detroit for not paying her bills. You name it, caterers, lawn guys she's been sued more than once---

2362 days ago

She looks great    


Love the idiots on this board who denigrate women who dare to stand up for their rights and have an opinion. A man doing the same exact thing would be revered as a leader, strong and effective.

Get over your fear of women. Women are not going to be bullied silent victims anymore.

2362 days ago


13 & 14... great comments. You can always tell the difference from a boy/girl and a man/woman.
The smaller comments about her weight etc. is juvenile... So much venom spat, but that's what evil little snakes have in them.

Aretha handle your business girlfriend- people can't give what they don't have... that includes R.E.S.P.E.C.T!
Lame Losers need a person's trials to make them feel better about themselves.

2362 days ago

Lana Caine    

"Detroit Palace"? This is an oxymoron

2362 days ago


Aretha is de shizz nizzle

2362 days ago


Can someone loan Aretha a cup of money ??!? .. Thanks

2362 days ago


Don't mess with my Aretha !!!!!

2362 days ago


Who the hell would name their child DYKEMA???????????????

2362 days ago

jim goosh    

She's is a nasty fat slob who is rude to everyone and thinks she's the best singer in the world. I worked for VHi back during the first Divas Live in 1998. During the live show when they all did "Natural Woman" with her Celine Dion outsang her and did some amazing things. I had the VCR running live to tape it. When Arethat heard it, the jealous pig made VH1 go back and edit it to lower Celine's vocals so you could barely hear celine singing with Aretha. Celine di some amazing runs that were only heard on the actual live telecast and then never again on any of VH11's subsequent 2 million airings of the show.
Aretha ids a bitch who always tries to out SCREAM everyone at the end of every song. She did it to Chaka Khan at thge grammies when the Exahale cast was singing. She does it all the time, just watch. She's an attention hog who looks like a wild boar. Her arms looked like cottage cheese at the grammies last month. She's repulsive in both the physical and the spiritual. They should put her down but she's proabbly gonna drop dead from clogged arteries soon anyway.

2362 days ago
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