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Heather Doc -- Why He Feared Suicide

3/13/2008 2:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources say Heather Locklear was so upset Saturday, her doctor feared she might do herself in.
Locklear 911 audio -- click to listen
TMZ first reported that the doctor called 911 Saturday night, saying, "I have a patient and I have a feeling she's suicidal." Sources say the doctor was afraid Heather might OD on depression medication. When paramedics arrived Heather was ok so they left within 10 minutes.

Heather's reps told us it was all a bunch of nothing, but clearly they did not bank on the 911 tape getting released. Yesterday, the Ventura County Fire Department released the tape with the "suicide" comment. We're told Heather's people were furious and contacted County lawyers, claiming the info was protected and threatening legal action.

The real question -- what had Heather so upset to alarm her doc? We did some digging and found nothing was going on between her and ex-hubby Richie Sambora. There have been rumblings there might be some tension between Heather and boyfriend Jack Wagner, but we can't confirm it.

Miley's Achy Break From Daddy

Miley Cyrus is wisely distancing herself from the song that made her dad Billy Ray a one-hit wonder.
Miley Cyrus: Click to watch
While she's at it, staying away from his 90's-era mullet may be a good call too.

Nick Bollea's Horrific Crash Photos Released

The police have just released the full set of photos taken from the August 26 car crash involving driver Nick Bollea and close friend John Graziano. The photos are shocking -- and the idea that anyone survived is mind-boggling.
Nick Bollea's Car crash -- click to launch
Nick Bollea's pre-trial is set for April 14, where he's charged with a third-degree felony for reckless driving causing serious bodily injury. The maximum sentence is five years in state prison. Graziano's condition is still critical.

Ginger and Mary Ann -- Shipwrecked

Answer the eternal question: Who's hotter? Ginger or Mary Ann?

... 74-year-old Ginger (Tina Louise) or 69-year-old Mary Ann (Dawn Wells)?

Pap to Ben: Can I Interest You in a Two-Bedroom?

One D.C. photog tried to smooth-talk Ben Affleck into moving to the nation's capital -- it didn't work.
Ben Affleck: Click to watch
Affleck said the two D.C. paps were two too many. He currently lives in L.A. with Jen Garner ... and hundreds of friendly neighborhood paparazzi.

There's Nothing Like Paris

It ain't easy being Paris Hilton. The girl has one of the biggest to-do lists in town!
Paris Hilton -- click to launch
In between partying, jail time and changing boyfriends, Paris still managed to find the time on Wednesday to drive, shop, buy coffee, be photographed and shop. Did we mention shop?


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TMZ keep it coming

2418 days ago


Thanks for the informational Clips

2418 days ago


Not sure why you called Billy Ray Cyrus a one hit wonder, because he had a string of hits in the 90's. Yes he'll always be known for that one song, but there others.

2418 days ago


little miss miley would still be sitting her little prissy butt in ashland ky if it wasn't for her daddys one hit wonder as you put it. yes billy rays first hit was a silly song with a catchie title that people remembered then and now. if billy ray had not made it with that foolish little song, miss miley would be a no body with a little talent, and no where to perform.,
billy ray was a bar fly making a fast buck making women melt, he is a bit of a slut, but he knew how to use what the good lord gave him, and it got miss miley to the right door and got her foot in the world of stars, now lets see if she is really talented or just a flash in the pan. onething is for sure, billy ray doesn't for get his roots, he remembers where he came from, not suree miley has that respect.
billy ray hurt a lot of people and he used a lot of people, stepped on peoples hearts and promises, but he got there didn't he,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,leave em alone,,,,,,

2418 days ago

Super Human Asteroid    

God I hate Miley Cyrus. I wish this little scourge would disappear of the face of the earth. She looks like a little imp.

2418 days ago


Miley and her dad, Billy Ray, have a great christian relationship. Please don't try to make it out to be otherwise.

2418 days ago


I was appalled at the way Miley Cyrus treated her Dad on the Jay Leno show a few weeks ago. I think even Jay was a bit surprised, himself. She sure comes off as a spoiled brat. And, yes, I agree with the comment above - not only should she not forget her roots, but she also shouldn't mock them or call tell the world how uncool or unattractive "they are" (i.e. Dad).

2418 days ago


o em gee i hate mily cyrus... she is a horrile snger and actress

2418 days ago


Leave Billy Ray & Miley alone. Billy was a country singer who became an actor his own right. Miley is moving up the same channels & IS talented. She happens to come from daddy's loins, but she is talented on her own. Her parents have raised her in a home to be very humble and yet independant. She doesn't need to sing daddy's hit to show who she is or to make her a star. She is one of today's hottest (if not THE hottest) teen stars these days. Why do we feel it is our business to be in the face of every celebrity out there? Why can't we as a nation stop and realize these celebrities are the same as you and me; they just have a different job. That doesn't give us the right to scrutinize every time they blow their nose. Get over it. Get on with your lives; let them get on with theirs. We can watch them on their TV shows, movies, concerts, etc. Anything else is not our business!

2418 days ago


Billy Ray was a country singer before an actor. He moved his own way up as is his daughter. Miley is HOT with the teens & not because she is Billy Ray's daughter. Stop harrassing celebrities. They should have as much privacy as you and me. This papparazzi around every corner is rediculous. Billy Ray and his wife have raised a beautiful young women; from interviews I can tell it is as much inner as outer. Their family is tight, and that is so much more than whos dress are you wearing. Let's just watch our fav celebs on TV, movies and concerts & let them have their own lives outside of that.

2418 days ago



2418 days ago


I can't believe how jealous people are when someone gets popular. Miley hasn't forgotten her roots and where she came from and doubt she ever will. Just because she can act and sing some people are just plain jealous they can't and have to say negative things on sites like this because she makes alot of money and plenty more of it to come. She is a young and up coming star. I'm so sick of having Paris and Brit stuffed into my face. They are the ones that need to disappear from the face of the earth. Brit is a has been and who cares where the untalented Paris has been anymore. I don't believe anyone ever cared in the first place. She has alot of money and that's it. Her face doesn't deserve to even be out there. Let her go out and spend her money and keep her off my tv screen. As for Miley....keep up the good work you talented little perfect person.

2418 days ago

Ashley Goodman    

FIRST OF ALL miley iss such a talkent!! please dont start drama by saying she hates her dad thats a load of bs... && cant u see she loves both her parentttss??? leagve her alone....its obvious that yoou guys are soooo frigeeeenn jealous of thiss beautifull girl..she is so popular...i mean u guys are saying you hate her....fine then why is she soo popularrr???????umm yeeaa get a lifee & leave her alone b/c she is better than yoou fat loserss=]

2418 days ago


wow!!! when did tina louise hit the wall?????

2418 days ago

pat huffman    

i have two daughters that loved and followed miley career, but already they are turned off by her and the attitude she is showing now. she is not the same as the girl on tv show, she is turning into a smart mouth brat very quickly, and it doesn't take long for people to turn on people when they show their true colors. so all those little girls who loved her are seeing the real miley. she does not show any christian values or respect for her dad or anyone else. how long before she is doing the same things as brittany and lohan,, she can fall as quickly as she rose up from no where, going to be a hard fall with her thinking she is so far above the rest of the world, my daughter took her miley cd and used it like a frisbee, and her posters and pictures are in the trash can, how quickly fans can change as they see the real miley. she is not a very nice person, and no way is showing any christain values or respect for her father or her "roots" what a disapointment she has become since the jay leno show,

2418 days ago
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