Heather Doc -- Why He Feared Suicide

3/13/2008 2:08 PM PDT

Heather Doc -- Why He Feared Suicide

Sources say Heather Locklear was so upset Saturday, her doctor feared she might do herself in.

TMZ first reported that the doctor called 911 Saturday night, saying, "I have a patient and I have a feeling she's suicidal." Sources say the doctor was afraid Heather might OD on depression medication. When paramedics arrived Heather was ok so they left within 10 minutes.

Heather's reps told us it was all a bunch of nothing, but clearly they did not bank on the 911 tape getting released. Yesterday, the Ventura County Fire Department released the tape with the "suicide" comment. We're told Heather's people were furious and contacted County lawyers, claiming the info was protected and threatening legal action.

The real question -- what had Heather so upset to alarm her doc? We did some digging and found nothing was going on between her and ex-hubby Richie Sambora. There have been rumblings there might be some tension between Heather and boyfriend Jack Wagner, but we can't confirm it.

Miley's Achy Break From Daddy

Miley Cyrus is wisely distancing herself from the song that made her dad Billy Ray a one-hit wonder.

While she's at it, staying away from his 90's-era mullet may be a good call too.

Nick Bollea's Horrific Crash Photos Released

The police have just released the full set of photos taken from the August 26 car crash involving driver Nick Bollea and close friend John Graziano. The photos are shocking -- and the idea that anyone survived is mind-boggling.

Nick Bollea's pre-trial is set for April 14, where he's charged with a third-degree felony for reckless driving causing serious bodily injury. The maximum sentence is five years in state prison. Graziano's condition is still critical.

Ginger and Mary Ann -- Shipwrecked

Answer the eternal question: Who's hotter? Ginger or Mary Ann?

... 74-year-old Ginger (Tina Louise) or 69-year-old Mary Ann (Dawn Wells)?

Pap to Ben: Can I Interest You in a Two-Bedroom?

One D.C. photog tried to smooth-talk Ben Affleck into moving to the nation's capital -- it didn't work.

Affleck said the two D.C. paps were two too many. He currently lives in L.A. with Jen Garner ... and hundreds of friendly neighborhood paparazzi.

There's Nothing Like Paris

It ain't easy being Paris Hilton. The girl has one of the biggest to-do lists in town!

In between partying, jail time and changing boyfriends, Paris still managed to find the time on Wednesday to drive, shop, buy coffee, be photographed and shop. Did we mention shop?