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Jamie Lynn - Raisin' Baby in La., Not L.A.

3/13/2008 8:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jamie Lynn SpearsIt looks like lil' Jamie Lynn Spears is going to be raising her little man in K-wood rather than subject him to H-wood and the crazy media cauldron his aunt Brit subjected J.J. and Sean to.

A source tells MSNBC that J-Lynn is building a nursery in Kentwood, La., near the rest of the family, and that it's being designed by Petit Tresor, which also did J. Lo's nurseries. Apparently, Britney is paying for the ocean-themed room, and shelling out more than $30,000 for it (even though she's only getting $1,500 per week allowance.)

Of course, remember that Britney was going to keep Jayden in Louisiana for a while – but we all know that didn't really pan out.

Britney's Mom Meets "Met Your Mother"

So Britney Spears began shooting her guest spot on CBS' "How I Met Your Mother" yesterday in L.A., and, appropriately enough, Brit's mom came by to see her kid. reports that Lynne visited Brit's trailer (insert socioeconomic zinger here), and that Britney was costumed up in what sounds like the most demure thing she's worn in years: a blue shirt, black heels, glasses, and a "secretary-style" skirt.

As TMZ reported yesterday, Alicia Silverstone, who was supposed to play the "Mother" of the title, backed out of the role when she learned Britney was involved.

Party Favors: $4,300 for "Kristen"? A Bargain in Vegas ... China Clamps Down on Connick, Jr.

With everyone talking about how high-priced Eliot Spitzer's call girl was, Vegas Confidential talks to a former madame who says that the Gov. was driving "a Saturn" when he could've been taking a Cadillac for a spin, at least by Nevada standards. ... Chinese authorities stripped Harry Connick Jr.'s show of much of its music after they didn't want the crooner singing certain songs – and forced him to play largely alone.


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Well, Jack54 - that makes you an enabler and co-dependent. Your sister is nothing but a drain on society.

2382 days ago


aSiF.......................Yup, because I don't believe Brit has anything wrong with her than- Her ego got too big, then her pockets got too big, then she thought she was invincible. She had it all then let this happen to herself! Drug addiction and attention whore-ness are her problems. Show me the diagnosis for a mental disorder. And of course, I don't agree with a 16 year old having a baby. But all I'm saying is- if she is keeping (which is obvious)- I think all the crap Britney has done to herself will only make Jamie Lynn realize what path NOT to go down. Remember, she was a child star too. She once wanted to be the next Britney. From what I see here, is her desire to do things completely the opposite of Brit.... AND YES, THAT WOULD BE A BLESSING IN DISGUISE!

2382 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

Les, let's hear about your children. Perfect? Wonderful? Never gave you any grief whatsoever? If so, YOU are in the minority.

Also, I assume you know Jamie Lynn, the child's father and family and the Spears family personally and well enough to honestly be able to say "There is a couple out there who would be far better parents to this child than this disaster waiting to happen."

I've had my fill of stupidity for the day. Over and out.

2382 days ago


I totally agree with teacher on that one!

2382 days ago


ThankYOU jack54~~~ please STAY OUT! And really, your personal information is absolutely made up, with thekind of mind you portray....we are better with out your overblown sense of self perception. And this 16yr.old would do a new born human being a world of good by allowing a real mother and father to raise the child. Like that's gonna happen? we'll see...
good day folks, just had to get that's better now

2382 days ago

Oh Snap!    

A saturn gets better gas mileage than a caddy! Leaves more $$ to spend on the ladies.

2382 days ago


I don't think Jamie Lynn ever said she was going to raise the baby in Los Angeles. The media people saw "LA", which is the official abbreviation of Louisiana, and assumed Los Angeles.

2382 days ago


Yankee Rules - so you know Brit personally? You have access to her medical records? I still don't see much difference between the siblings behavior. Don't you think a 16 year old girl getting pregnant is "acting out". There are levels of crazy, that's for sure...........

2382 days ago



2382 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

23. Well, Jack54 - that makes you an enabler and co-dependent. Your sister is nothing but a drain on society.
Posted at 10:55AM on Mar 13th 2008 by les
Not so fast.

Yes, Les, I am an enabler and am truly happy that I am able to help my sister to the point where she can stay at home with her four children and ill husband to help them through their father’s illness and to be there for him. Also, I am lucky enough to be from a family of “co-dependents” so to speak. We know that no matter how big or how small the challenge, we can depend on each other being there. I’m assuming you think that this is a bad thing and I do feel sorry for you.
Now, as far as your statement that my “SISTER IS NOTHING BUT A DRAIN ON SOCIETY”, please explain. I did not say or imply that she is on public assistance, which she is not. You blatantly make this statement based on about 4 sentences that I wrote about her.
I truly hope you have to guts to explain your rationale for saying something like this about someone you have never had the pleasure of meeting. Got guts?

2382 days ago


Hi again aSiF...........................Funny cuz I was actually a virgin at Jamie Lynn's age and for a good few years after that! Truth is, there are lots of teens engaging in sex. Usually multiple partners and all that's associated with sex when you are young because usually the girls that are "putting out" have little self worth. Difference is, they are often getting abortions and/or popping the morning after pill like candy. Since I believe it is a woman's choice to do what she wants with her body, and don't want my point to be mistaken here.... My point is, I also commend a woman's decision to keep her baby. It doesn't mean she was "acting out." Many girls her age are sexually active. Just because they aren't famous or choose alternate methods... you do not know about them. I'm sure it wasn't planned, she wasn't acting out... it was an OOPS! That now she seems to be handling maturely.
Oh, and why don't you ask YOURSELF your silly rhetorical question! "Yankee Rules - so you know Brit personally? You have access to her medical records?"

2382 days ago


Yankee - You're right, I don't know Brit's history...I guess I just figured no one in there right mind would neglect her young children and tramp around town at all hours of the night for......whatever. I'm not sure I agree with your comments on 16 year old girls having sex and the ooopppss suggestion. I'm not proud to say I had sex around 16, but I was MATURE enough as most teenage girls are not to have an OOOPS! That would have been mature of Jamie Lynn, protecting herself from pregnancy and STDs. Again, I don't see much difference between Brit and Jamie.

2382 days ago


So much banter.............Yankee who pops the morning after pill like candy?

2382 days ago


Movin On........................ Let's see, Kristin, Amy, Tiffany, Jackie, Tasha, Stacy, Sara, Jessica, Amanda. Oh sorry, what I meant to say on that last one was just...............DUH! Will you people stop asking me rhetorical questions already?? As if I know who is popping the morning after pill! My point is that Jamie Lynn could have chosen an alternate route. One that MANY of her peers take. However, as stand-up as a Spears' could ever be... she seems to have her head on straight and doing the right thing in the after-math of her OOPS! She's staying out of the lime light, although they still seem to track her down in the middle of nowhere, LA. She's been with the guy for a few years. She's looking for a home to raise the baby. She graduated or got a GED before the baby. She's the opposite of her crazy sister. So if she keeps up that pattern of behavior, she is doing the right thing! All I said was I think Britney's POOR EXAMPLE of how to handle fame, kids, like period... is all Jamie Lynn needed to see to do it better for herself, given the situation.

2382 days ago


On one hand we should all hope she has a healthy baby and life with much more happiness than sorrow. On the other hand Jamie Lynn is living proof the Women of Jamie Lynns generation have been polarized by the fallout of feminism which made false promises of "NEW & IMPROVED HAPPINESS" in exchange for Women organizing and destroying the "OLD HAPPINESS" of traditional male family values. On the other hand someone needs to tell Jamie Lynn C-section cut & gut is the new feminist birth right and people need the income and employment despite the fact "cut & gut" weakens females as a gender via processes of natural selection weakening individual blood line abilities to have natural child birth. 40 IS THE NEW 14, MENOPAUSE IS THE NEW PUBERTY and Jamie Lynns generation is dealing a deadly blow to these new false realities and false values. On the other hand every Civilized culture since recorded history owes thier populations to Moms Jamie Lynns age and younger. On the other hand it's Mens fault that natural child birth grows more dangerous and difficult with age and Men should have dedicated every breath to providing Women with hip bone gene therapy that would allow Womens hips to separate like a snakes mouth separates for wide loads at any age making the time line of Womens reproductive viability more equal to Mens as long as the Woman has her eggs harvested and frozen and put into storage in her teens to get preggers her sixties . On the other hand maybe Jamie Lynn has only one life and should use her own heart and mind to do whats best for her knowing that she, not us, will reap the rewards or sorrow of her decisions.

Jamie planned this pregnacy! She fell in love with Britneys babies ! She loved holding them, loving them, feeding them, playing mom to them, and thanking Jesus for them. When K-Turd took the babies away from Britney he also took them away from Jamie and she did not like that one bit ! Jamie has accomplished more in her life than most Women and Men do in a life time. WHO THE HELL RU ? Jamies already been there done that, went back did it again and did it better than you ! Now that she's achived such success in her chossen field she wants to take a break and start a family with the financial security she can provide to her family. Jamie is "AHEAD OF THE CLASS" as well as being ahead of most Women and Men twice her age. So many Women are intimidated by "YOUNGER WOMEN" that Jamies baby is a deadly threat to mental illnesses feminists promoted to convince Women to put babies on the back burner in order to wage war against Men trying to prove Women are equal only to end up feeling empty inside. Trust me, Jamie does not feel empty inside.

2382 days ago
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