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Jason Castro: Ditches Orphans for "Idol"?

3/13/2008 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jason Castro of It's 3:00 AM. Jason Castro is asleep in his bed. Two phones ring: one has Simon Cowell on the line, the other is a group of orphans in Honduras who need a home. Which phone does Jason answer?

Soft-spoken Jason Castro, a junior at Texas A&M, was inducted into the Aggie Mens Club this past fall -- an organization that provides a "social atmosphere of Christian fellowship and brotherhood." They're currently on a trip to Honduras, donating time and money ($14,000) to build homes and orphanages.

TMZ spoke to Chris, the Club's president, who's now in the country's poverty-stricken capital, Tegucigalpa. Chris spoke highly of Jason -- saying Jason would likely have joined the 14 guys who are in Honduras right now ... but for "Idol."

BTW, the guys way down south caught Jason's performance Tuesday night -- thank God for Honduras cable.


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jason castro is awesome    

Leave him alone. TMZ only has time to try to be mean as that is what readers will read. Jadon is an awesome kid . . . why don't you look at the positive EVER!!!! Maybe this world needs a bit more Jason!

2413 days ago


I love Aggie Mens Club. These are a great goup of men that represent Texas A&M and now there is one in American Idol. Jason is definitely someone who deserves to win idol!!

2413 days ago


TMZ has been a guilty pleasure for a while, but this is where I draw the line. Jason Castro is a very talented, shy, sweet kid, who does not deserve this kind of treatment. Shame on you for trying to put such a negative spin on this "story." If anything, I now like him even more for trying to make this world a better place, and I wish there were more people like him. Good luck Jason!

2413 days ago


COOL! I really like this kid, and now even moreso.

Wonder if he did work over there, with the same outfit I did several years ago...called
Teen Missions, Intl. Their headquarters are based out of Florida, where you have to do some boot camp first,
just to make sure you have what it takes to live in harsh conditions.

I was stationed in Guatemala, up in the mountains of Villa Nueva, where many of the Mayan Indian live. We built an orphanage for the kids. Then we did some work in Tegucigalpa and Honduras. Living over their a few months was
the best experience I ever had...despite the poverty, I loved it, and almost didn't want to come back, because
I loved the children, and the good feeling inside of helping them....despite...
living in run down buildings with no doors or windows, or furniture... slept on cement floors, with dirt and mud all around during the rainy season, and huge bugs, little food, and lots of hard work!

Anyway...just pondering...
I doubt Jason will read this post, but hey, never know...if he does, would love to know if he is with the same outfit...good people!

2413 days ago


Seems like a nice guy. Just has crap hair.

2413 days ago


Jason seems like the real deal to me! Humble, charity worker, great singer, good looking...who could ask for more? It's a shame that TMZ wants to turn this story into a negative one. I'm sure that once idol is over, win or not, he will do 10 fold the amount of charity work he was doing before...even if it's just donating money! More people should be like him! God bless him!!

2413 days ago


So, it's a negative thing that a kid who has done good things in the name of charity and human kindness decided to take a shot on his own future? A future where if all goes well, he will have the time and the money to continue to make an impact and bring more attendtion to the plight of those children and others like them? TMZ, I can honestly say that your meanspiritedness towards these kids on AI is revolting. But hey, at least you gave the charity some publicity. I'm going to make a donation to some friars I know who live and work in Hondouras now. Thanks for the impetus.

2413 days ago

Mary Simpson    

What kind of crap are the TMZ writers producing? I won't call them journalists as this story is as slanted as one could get. YELLOW YELLOW YELLOW! I agree with others, since when does helping poor people in foreign countries make you a bad person? Why are you faulting a wonderful young man who goes to church, school and now we find is in an organization that helps poor children? I can't find anything bad about Jason Castro taking the opportunity offered to be on American Idol, what person in their right mind wouldn't make that decision? I think I will boycott your site from now on as a hateful, yellow tabloid that sees no good in anyone or anything. Shame on you editors of TMZ for placing a negative spin on a positive trait in any human being...helping others. You all need a lesson on humanity.

2412 days ago



2412 days ago


So, let's see, the worst dirt TMZ can dig up on this kid is that if he was not on American Idol, he'd be on a trip helping orphans, and they can somehow spin this into a "selfish" thing? "Which phone call does Jason Castro answer?" Man, it's a sad day when we try to vilify someone who spends time helping people for not spending ALL their time helping people. And, um, TMZ? How much of YOUR time is spent helping people? Which phone calls are you answering? Major case of the pot calling the kettle black if you ask me.....

2412 days ago

J J    

OMG these AMC guys are such attention whores... don't let their acts of kindness fool you

2412 days ago


that just makes me love him even more!!!

2412 days ago


No way should TMZ be slagging on Jason - this kid seems so sweet and unaffected by his new gig on AI. I doubt he makes it to Top 5, probably Top 6, but I would love to see him win. Look at him - the camera LOVES him as we call all plainly see.

2412 days ago


Jason is a doll. I wish him the best of luck and I know that when he does make it big, he will help the less fortunate. That's the kind of guy he is.

2411 days ago


Well atleast he's in the country that supports HIM. When are people going to stopping worrying about all the other countries and start worrying about the one thats made them who they are? Obviously it can't be that hard for foreigners to get in this country *To provide for their families* it happens everyday, just look at all the hotels and 7-11's, advice when your on a trip in the US take a translater. QUIT WORRYING ABOUT OTHER COUNTRIES KIDS AND FEED OUR OWN!

2411 days ago
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