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Kristy Lee Cook: Too Hot to Send Home?!

3/13/2008 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kristy Lee CookSurprisingly, "Idol" wannabe Kristy Lee Cook didn't get axed after massacring the Beatles' "Eight Days a Week" -- and her good looks may have a lot to do with it!

Sources tell TMZ most of the contestants (and the world) were convinced Kristy was getting the boot last night. After strip daddy David Hernandez was eliminated, we're told several of the contestants were overheard discussing Kristy's survival and the prevailing theory was that she was saved -- not by her vocal talent -- but because "it's too early to send home the hot chick." Can you say Kellie Pickler and Haley Scarnato?!

Another thing working in Kristy's favor is the loyal country music crowd. In the end, her twang may take her farther than her t**s!


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The voting is a fraud fixed by American Idol.

2424 days ago

jim goosh    

Simon is the only one who knows what he's talkin about most of the time. I like Randy but he contradicts himself all the time and it makes me crazeee.
David Archuleta sings very well only when it's in his element/type of music. He's great at corny ballads and somber songs and that's the type of music I prefer so I love him in that genre, yet his pre-packaged Miss America pagaent type answers to everything really get under my skin. His stage parents are so behind everything he says and man is it obvious. Even tho I love his voice in his genre of music, I think he's a phony and is unraveling fast. You could see him getting pissed at the negative comments both last week and this week. Trust me, he's been traveling the world singing for years and IS NOT THE SWEET LITTLE ANGEL he's purported to be. He's very calculated which is why the other contestants have alienated him

2424 days ago

Gavin McGavin    

I voted for her 3 times. Who else can I fap to when watching Idol?

2424 days ago


Honestly TMZ can't you do something to bring him back. Isn't that discrimination. David was just earning a living. If he has a sexual preference you don't agree with so what? You mean to tell me they can force us to watch all this stuff on tv but when someone wants to sing and be Americas Idol suddenly it matters. What a double standard and you're a little too late to care aren't you?

BRING DAVID BACK! Can anyone prove they were playing favorites? Man if you know something SPEAK UP! This is not fair to all those who voted and most of all to David and his family. That loser Kristy needed to GO HOME! I'm sick of all these Clarkson and Underwood wannabes! We want a REAL SINGER man a REAL PERFORMER someone we can still hear from. We wan't someone who can ROCK our world not passify us with more country crap.

LOVE YOU DAVID! Don't give up the fight for stardom David. America didn't vote you off sweetheart, those losers judges or executives did. What is America about anyway the American Dream and it's loaded with male strippers who have male clientele. What the crap! Man I'm pissed off!

2424 days ago


I think she needs to learn to dance (or not dance) and take some queues from Leann Rimes. Her voice sounds a bit similar.

2424 days ago


I liked how she sang that song and did not feel in any way that it was awful. I thought it was sweet and refreshing. Her true muse and niche is and will be in country music, and I respect how KL is reworking songs, rather than simply trying to karoake it.

I think Ramiele is pretty dull. It is not enough to have a big voice. That's common.

2424 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

Firstly.. she has no T*TS...
Secondly: Her song was horrible... it made me feel like I was having a haert attack.. the voice going too fast.. the beat was faster.. then the graphics behind her did not match the beat.. it was a mess.
Hated it.. dislike her.. Reba MacIntire's career is safe..
Kristy won't be anything... other than pandering to Simon.. she has nothing.

2424 days ago


Barney Fife, you care. Otherwise, you would not take the time to not only read the article, but also post.

2424 days ago


WTF saved her?? her FAMBAM and FRIENDs. so sad. shes sOOo FUGLY and CANT SING!!! she shouldve gone home too ...ALONG with mister stripper lap dance guy HERNANDEZ. eww. hes soOo FUGLY too. gross.


2424 days ago


She is a better singer than David Hernandez. I think David Archuletta should be voted off, he forgot the lyrics, he looks like a dork, nerd, and he ruined the Beatles song, sheme on him

2424 days ago

Bob. My name is the same forwards and backwards    

I'd walk a mile over broken glass, just to eat the corn out of her poop.

She's smokin' hot sexy.

2424 days ago


David Archuletta should be voted off, he has no charisma at all, he is a nerd, dork, can't sing, forget his lyrics, he ruined the beatles song, shame shame shame

2424 days ago


#41 and that's the reason why this no talent who inialated 8 Days a week is going to be on stage next week..Hey Thanks! She also needs to learn some dance moves..she was absolutely awful..Simon in right on point.

2424 days ago


how crude is TMZ?

2424 days ago


Breasts or no breasts, she is one hot babe- long-legs in ripped jeans- that got my attention. She has zero soul or charisma, and is a weak, unimaginative singer. Her rendition of 8 Days a Week was a mess- then again- she didn't write the musical arrangement or conduct the band. I think she wanted to do a Dolly Parton take and that's what they came up with- a discordant, formless, swirling mess. I'd give them half the blame. Maybe it's not that people wanted to keep her on, they were just anxious to get the male (gay) stripper off. He could've had the best performance but it wouldn't have mattered- particularly because some people might've felt he was being deceptive in not owning up to his past. We like to trust our singers. Me, I loved Cheezie and Brooke, and could care less about the rest.

2424 days ago
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