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Britney Blows Her Allowance

3/14/2008 11:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ spotted Britney Spears at the Beverly Center late this afternoon, doing a little shopping -- she bought a pair of sunglasses and a belly ring at Claire's for a grand total of $17.

And she paid for it with a debit card in her dad's name. Short leash, no?


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larry doby    

it sounds like our UNIFITNEY
needs a proper bellyring licking;

from the INSIDE out. !!!

2378 days ago

Me, myself and I    

She's still not behaving like a normal 26 year old Mom. Easter is just a week away. Why is she not shopping for Easter type things for her two little boys? When my son was that little, we had to make sure that his best friend in the world had a tiny Easter basket from the Easter bunny, too. His best friend was a stuffed animal named "Doggie". Really, I don't believe that she even knows what or who are important to Sean and Jayden, and that she is completely uninterested in what they care about.

I don't know if she is just incapable of loving or caring about them, or it is just a case of extreme immaturity ... where everything is about her. When or if, she starts acting like any other normal, caring mother, and is actually concerned for their wellbeing, then I will be convinced that she should have some custody of them.

She needs to realize and understand so many things. First of all, the custody courts do not care whether or not she is receiving any benefit from visitation of her sons. Their main concern is the mental and emotional health of the children. They want the children to feel that their "Mommy" has not abandoned them. Secondly, she has to demonstrate that she can put her needs after the needs of her sons. So far, that hasn't happened. The fact that she thinks having a paparazzi boyfriend is all right ... shows that she is not in her right mind.

I think that March 17th is Sam Lutfi's court date on the restraining order. I don't think that Britney will be appearing in court to have the restraining order overturned. That means that it can be extended up to three years.

2378 days ago

captain obvious    

26. #7 & 8 don't be a idiot racist. She needs to stay away from all men not just a particular race. She needs to focus on herself not on a man. & this story is lame.

Posted at 11:09PM on Mar 14th 2008 by rae


2378 days ago

captain obvious    

Diane T.- #68- I think yours are the most rational and logical comments posted here today. This twit doesn't give a rat's ass about her own children. I can't believe the number of idiots who are saying things like "we love you Brittany" or "She's clearly getting better" or even talking about a comeback like it's actuallly a possibilty. It's over for this train wreck. And don't try to blame K-Fed for it, she clearly did it to herself and we are ALL witnesses. In that respect I agree that TMZ should stop their coverage of her. Nobody with an ounce of inteligence even cares anymore.

2378 days ago


LOL shopping at Claire's. Isn't that a store for teenagers and Hannah Montana fans? A place like that suits her.

2378 days ago


I can't believe this skank. What a media whore.

She must have, like, thousands of sunglasses yet she urgently needed one pair more. Urgently. Righ now, this very moment, or the world will fall apart. Yet there are still people who are deluding themselves that she is getting betterThere are even people thinking she is somehow being victimized by the paps.

Mark my words: she needs paps more than the air she breathes. She is a retarded piece of trash and she will never get better.

2378 days ago


To the idiot fans around her who yell out, "We love you Britney!"; what is it, exactly, that you love about her?
Do you love that she has been stripped of her children because she is an unfit mother?
Do you love that she steals other women's husbands?
Do yoy love that she runs her car over other people's feet and smacks her car into someone else's and shows no remorse?
Do you love how all of her actions are laser-focused on herself and she is the biggest attention-whore on the planet?
If this is love, leave me out of it.

2378 days ago


I spent 11.41 on Tylonol and 10.03 in gas tonight, this all after busting my hump all night. Who gives a crap about how much that moron spent on a belly ring for that fat stomach of hers. Speaking of fat bellys, I also spent about 12 bucks on beer,too. Please TMZ, do a story on me.

2378 days ago


Daddy, I need my picture taken... pleeease. It's sickening. Watch all these people fall all over her, feeding her illness. Look everyone, i'm so important. She really will never go away will she.

2378 days ago


I can't believe how some of you have simplified another person's very complicated life to fit into your narrow view of the world. You clearly are not intelligent enough to recognize the complexities of other human beings, at least some of them. Not everyone is caveman simple like your posts. Even Doogie Houser recognized that she was a very complicated person and was living a life that is unimaginable.

I get really tired of people saying she doesn't care about her children. Of course she cares about them. She didn't willingly give them away, they were taken away. She even tried to buy off Federline so she could have full custody, but it wasn't enough money for him compared to a lifetime of child support.

I think it's fine and dandy that she took a little trip to the mall. She hardly gets out of the house, and this could have been a stress reliever for her. Everybody loves Claires. I know a lot of much older women who shop there. Now it's a junky store, IMO, and I think she was wise to restrict her purchase to sunglasses and bellyring, minor purchases. First y'all scream at her for spending money, and then when she shows her thrifty, practical side, you scream at her then, too. So, the real problem is YOU, not her. YOU are the ones with the real problems. You are devoid of understanding or sympathy or good will. You are frankly just a drain on society, with that kind of piss poor attitude towards your fellow human beings.

You are not privy to her entire life. You have no idea what she does for her children. She provided a very nice birthday party for them, did a lot of shopping, bought them really nice presents. I'm sure she has made arrangements for Easter just fine, without your nosy busybody selves telling her to go to hell for being a bad mother.

May your own children turn on you and devour you like the cannibals you are.

2378 days ago

Harald Wenk (Dr. rer. Nat.)    

It is open contrafactual and even more injuring to call our valuable Mrs. Britney Spears an "unfit mother".
If you would do so in a personal relationship, you would get trouble.
The religious saying: "Judge, so you are judged" means psycholgical,
that a judgement in general reveals more of the person who judges than the issue or the person who is judged. Especially if the informations are so uncomplete as
in public discussions of pieces of behaviour of other people.
In case of celebrities there is normally a "politcs" of such informations,
or a professional handling of it, resulting in an "image".

2378 days ago


Brit is getting screwed in more ways than one.

2378 days ago

June she will be at the 99 cent store. What a burn. I bet the shops just hate to see her come in.

2378 days ago


Really glad that I do NOT live in LA. Re a prior entry.. No one ever said she was "little and fragile"....they said she 'acted' fragile. She certainly doesn't look fragile to me. Time will tell as far as why that is.-

2378 days ago


Just wish she had bought a new pair of boots instead!

2378 days ago
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