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Brit's Toxic Behavior Cooling Down

3/14/2008 1:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brit's conservatorship has really been working -- she's got a real job, has been dancing in the studio and was even spotted driving herself just yesterday. And that pink wig -- forget about it!

Brit Brit was seen behind the wheel as she maneuvered her SUV out of the FOX lot after filming her upcoming sting on "How I Met Your Mother -- where TMZ has learned the cast absolutely loved her and described her as "laid back and collected."

If the only thing she can be faulted for is smoking a cigarette, that's a vast improvement!


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She doesn't inhale when she smokes.....whats the point in that?

2415 days ago

Harald Wenk (Dr. rer. Nat.)    

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2415 days ago


When I grow up I want to famous like Britney Spears and smoke it looks cool

2415 days ago

Jusst saying    


2415 days ago


Brit's Father is doing a fabulous job! Kudos to you Jaime! I hope Britney appreciates & respects what her Father is doing for her. She may feel like she is being treated llike a child but...she is and will always be his child and (most) parents always want what is best for their child. Britney, if you read TMZ please believe your Father is looking out for you best interest.

2415 days ago


HURRAH FOR BRIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally some positive progress......................Keep it up girlie.

2415 days ago


Britney has lost hundreds of thousands of dollars for a conservatorship she does not need. If Lutfi was drugging her as claimed, then all that was needed is the drugs to leave her system which could have been done in a few days without a conservatorship. If she can work, drive, teach children, why does she need a conservatorship??? Why is the family talking about trying to make it permanent?
Why hasn't the conservatorship been lifted? Why hasn't TMZ reported that Eardley has filed an appeal citing Britney wasn't given the required 5 day notice? James Spears should lift the conservatorship before the Supreme Court rules against him, and Lutfi becomes a hero in Britney's eyes.

2415 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Well, the streets of L.A. just got that much more dangerous again! And to the poster who said no child abuse, well the courts were very concerned about it! Concerned enough to ban her specifically from ever using corporal punishment again! That does NOT happen unless there IS abuse!!! One of her kids also suffered from a serious shoulder/arm injury that is absolutely indicative of abuse! Let's not forget the psychological damage that has been done. Make any excuses you like for her, but there is a very good reason why a room full of people must be present whenever she is even near her kids! You simply don't get that from a mere misunderstanding!

2415 days ago


I'm happy to see she's doing better :) I think it's sad that some people don't seem to be happy about it. That's terrible.

2415 days ago


It's great see Britney getting better!

2415 days ago

Its Brandy Bitch    

You go girl..... Britney you are wonderful and you have come along way. I wish you all the happiness that god can provide you. Keep up the good work... As always your fans love you.....

2415 days ago

Drew P. Drawers    

I wish she was on Frisky Dingo instead....

2415 days ago


yall need to step back an look at the brighter ligth she is in to kabbalah that is helpin her..heck when i got in to it helped me come back to reality an earth as well..its a good way to get better an yall need to check it helps alot!

plus she is doin thing she loves doin..
so get use to her health ways!!!!!! thank god!

2415 days ago


Good girl! We love you! I'm so happy her parents are finally taking care of her and getting all those trashy, manipulative people out of her life--she'll be just fine

2415 days ago


I have a comment for one of you below. Britney was never accused of beating her children. Yeah, she had problems with drugs and alcohol. If anything, she was guilty of neglect and depending on (like so many stars) having someone else be responsible for raising her kids. From day one I have said that this girl is dealing (the wrong way) with her heartbreak with Justin, so she marries this jerk Kevin who's acting like the perfect parent (which we all know is bs) trying to prove to the world and herself that she's happy and he turns out to be a total loser who cheats and lies all the time. Now she's embarrassed in front of the whole world AND Justin that her relationship didn't work so she partied her life away like many, many people do in the middle of divorce and break-ups to keep her mind off of it and probably to show Kevin that she's out having fun without him. Difference is, she has kids and a bunch of people surrounding her reporting EVERY SINGLE MOVE SHE MAKES. Come on, who really cares if she stops at Starbucks or a gas station? TMZ, find some real news to report. I blame you for some of her issues too. If she didn't have kids, we'd all say this girl is just coping. I have known, many, many people who make bad decisions when something like this happens. I'm not saying this girl was right for decsions she's made but she's human and makes mistakes. I'm sure at some point she was saying "f" the world and they aren't going to tell her how to live her life so she did stupid things that bit her in the a%$ but hey, she's young and will not always do the responsible thing at her age when it comes to handling her situation. She's let her guard down and is letting her life get back in order and thank goodness she's finally getting help and all I can do is wish her the best of luck. It must be hard for her to walk around knowing that everyone in the world knows her most intimate details. I would like to see the cameras put Kevin under a microscope. I'm sure we would find out that he's got a bunch of skeleton's in his closet. Then "daddy of the year" will be "dead-beat of the year". Good luck Britney!

2415 days ago
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