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Brit's Toxic Behavior Cooling Down

3/14/2008 1:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brit's conservatorship has really been working -- she's got a real job, has been dancing in the studio and was even spotted driving herself just yesterday. And that pink wig -- forget about it!

Brit Brit was seen behind the wheel as she maneuvered her SUV out of the FOX lot after filming her upcoming sting on "How I Met Your Mother -- where TMZ has learned the cast absolutely loved her and described her as "laid back and collected."

If the only thing she can be faulted for is smoking a cigarette, that's a vast improvement!


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Again with the child abuse! Well, let me see, kids get bruises ALL THE TIME! I have 2 little boys and I'd kill someone if they laid a finger on them but they get bruises all the time. They are wild and fall and run into things. Whoever said that Britney gave her son that bruise on his arm? The media just makes it sound like that! "She locked herself in the bathroom with her son and when they got them out they took him to the doctor and it was found he had a bruise". Oh that MUST mean she did that to him!?! Come on. The courts were concerned for the welfare of her children because of her drug abuse and her not being able to wake up in the morning with them or pay much attention to them and her erratic behavior and promiscuity. I am not in ANY way defending her neglect with her kids. I'm just saying if you're going to say things, make sure they are facts and not what the tabloids report. She locked herself in the bathroom with her kid. Who's to say she didn't do that because she didn't want to give her kids up? I would die if I couldn't be with my kids all the time. Everyone had their breaking point. With all of the drugs and mental anguish she's been going through she snapped! That's why the courts took them away. Kevin was smart. He didn't let anyone see the truth about him. He played the perfect role. He should win an oscar. We all know he's garbage. Britney wasn't so smart. She thought she could do whatever she wanted and it wouldn't catch up with her. It did and she snapped. Beating her kids? I highly doubt it. She has to be around doctors and her father when she's with her kids because since she's lost them, she's displayed some very questionable behavior and to the courts, they don't want to take any chances that that behavior could exhibit itself in front of them. Just because the courts are being cautious does not mean she's been physically abusive. Give the girl a break. No one really knows the truth. Just because TMZ reports it, does not mean it's fact. It's one big game of telephone.

2415 days ago


Giving Brit props when she's due them - class act TMZ!!

2415 days ago


Of course, what we have seen about her life is terrible, but did her grandmother not kill herself?? Didnt she also have bipolar disorder? This is no joke...I'm sure it's like a flashback-nightmare for her family as well. My mother suffers from this as well, and it's a shame to know that Britney is dealing with this in the media and at such a young age. My mother allowed my grandmother to care for my siblings and myself because- though she loved us- our environment was safer and more predictable somewhere else. As the children from such a home, I am so proud of Britney for allowing her boys to be in a better environment b/c being there to see the manic episodes could cause SEVERE damage to the children. I have siblings who are still in therapy because of it, but no one blames mom and we are all grateful for her decision. I bet Britney's boys will be too!! Congrats to her for making some progress & my prayers are with her. I see people acting worse than she does on a daily basis and they dont have a psychological problem...people need to lay off her.

2414 days ago


See what happens when a parent steps up to the plate and actually parents. I don't doubt the motivation for her father to have finally gotten involved are financially oriented but at least they didn't all stand by waiting for her to off herself. It wouldn't have been much longer at the rate she was going.

2413 days ago



2413 days ago
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