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Deli Workers Have Beef With Dems

3/14/2008 12:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So, there's a deli inside the U.S. Capitol building. Nothing fancy, just take-out. There used to be a phone next to the cashier, but the Democrats have pulled the plug -- kinda, sorta.

Here's the deal: The deli is run by a management team that changed after Dems took back power, courtesy of the House Administration Committee. Management decided a few weeks ago that the cashiers were making too many personal calls so they took the phone out.

Sources say deli employees complained that they had no phone in case of a personal emergency. They say the word they got back was, "Buy a cellphone." Problem is, the deli's in the basement and cellphones don't work.

We're told two weeks ago, one of the employees has a son who had an asthma attack at school and school officials had no way of reaching her. She didn't find out her kid was taken to the hospital til she came home from work.

We called the management company that runs food services for the House. They told us they removed phones in all the restaurants they manage, leaving landlines in every manager's office in case of emergency. They also say there's a repeater system that makes cellphones work in the basement. And they also say, we're sure, that they will balance the budget.

Their baloney has a first name -- it's N-A-N-C-Y.

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Standards are badly needed.    

So if the manager isn't in his office, the one landline rings and reaches no parent? Good Lord. Most food workers I know could not afford a normal cellphone. I'd check my burger before I bit in if I were them.

2417 days ago


pelosi is such a criminal. and to all the young people who support her - check out how she feels about the estate tax.

that's right. your parents hard earned money they left for you will instead be filtered back into social security and other programs.

have fun :)

2417 days ago


Wow. The Dems are taking care of the budged one telephone at a time.

Good Job Dems.


2417 days ago

Mask 1000    

FIRST !!!!! losers... i thinki t is messed up these government porkers are only interested when it affects them. I think the Deli works should spit in the burocratic dawgs deli sandwiches. KEEP THE WAR ALIVE!!!!

2417 days ago


oh big deal. seriously, as if this is the first time a management company didn't do what's best for the employees. They're still just deli workers, just because they're in the capital doesn't mean the should get special treatment. I know there are worse working conditions than lack of a phone in places all over the US.

2417 days ago


It's called go to college so you don't have to work in a cafe for 6.00/hour so the you can afford a cell phone.
End of story......NEXT

2417 days ago

hot snot    

but but fathead...democrats are for the people. they dont EVER do things like that


2417 days ago


I REALLY, REALLY want that sandwich.....YUM!

2417 days ago


Leave it to Nancy Pelosi to screw SOMETHING else up! whewwwww

2417 days ago


I work for the same management company and there are plenty of reasons why a cashier DOES NOT need to have a phone at the register. It is horrible for customer service and projects a very bad image to the customer. Do you see cashiers at the grocery store with a phone by their register? No. Every account that I have worker for in this company the manager has a cell phone and the office calls are forwarded to the manager's cell. No calls are ever missed. When an employee gets a call, the manager comes over and relieves the employee so they can take their phone call. And since when does the public at large care about those of us who work in the foodservice industry?

2417 days ago


8. but but fathead...democrats are for the people. they dont EVER do things like that


Posted at 12:15PM on Mar 14th 2008 by iowa girl

hehe word.

yeah. lets take the youths inheritence. then they will be stuck with their dead parents businesses and no money to pay off the business liabilities. and then after their deceased parents business goes bankrupt and the kids are left paying the liabilities from whatever savings and personal finances the kids themselves had saved, let's tax the crap out of them afterwards in any way possible! and then the kids will be broke, although their parents had spent their whole life to work the american dream and have their hard earned money in the bank for future generations to utilize if necessary.

FOR THE PEOPLE! (sarcasm)


and to whoever wrote the comment above about many businesses not having phones because they aren't needed and the workers not having cellphones because they are lazy... ummm... the point of this article is that the DEMOCRATS (aka nancy pelosi) didn't want a phone in there. AND THERE WAS A PHONE. i bet whoever said those comments above is a democrat who doesn't wan't to point out the fact that nancy made that decision. furthermore, it is hilarious if you are a democrat and speak down about the people who make up the lower income group. you are supposed to be "for the people" remember? hahaha

you know, its amazing to me that the reps requested toilet seats that were considered to be too over priced and luxurious to need in the capitol (anyone remember that report?). what, so they can pay for their ugly fat behinds to be comfortable when they take a crap between signing bills, but can't fork out the cash for a landline phone bill in case a deli worker falls or chops a finger off? BULL!

2417 days ago

todd lissner anti adult anti wholesomeness activist-----(    

all can afford a cheap cell phone

2417 days ago



2417 days ago


"Sources say deli employees complained that they had no phone in case of a personal emergency. They say the word they got back was, "Buy a cellphone." Problem is, the deli's in the basement and cellphones don't work." - from the article.


2417 days ago


That sandwich looks so nasty!!!!

2417 days ago
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