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Massive Firing -- You Can't Do Dat to Brit!

3/14/2008 7:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UCLA Medical Center is terminating at least 13 staff members and suspending at least six others for looking at the confidential medical records of Britney Spears while she was hospitalized there.

The LA Times reports that in addition to these firings, at least six doctors will face disciplinary action for snooping into her computerized records at the hospital.

According to the Times, UCLA officials admitted this wasn't the first time Spears' privacy had been compromised. Several employees were caught snooping into her records in September 2005 after she gave birth to her first son, Sean Preston, at Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center. A few of those employees were fired as well.

Spears was admitted to the hospital on January 31 -- after being placed on a "5150 hold" when it was determined she posed a danger to herself or others. She was released February 6.

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1. Thanks to the comment about HIPAA regulations --
2. Unless the doctors involved are "employees" of the hospital, I don't think they can be fired. They can have their hospital privileges revoked or restricted, I think.
3. The hospital would be wise to re-think who can access a patient's records to mitigate any other incidents like this; not only should it reduce access to records but it can more easily identify who did access them -

2352 days ago


The times said:
-they sent a memo on Jan 31st warning employees they could access records unless accessing their own patient's records
-That any such breach is contrary yo a federal act of 2003
-"We advise all of our workforce that their password is their pin for lack of a better analogy, and it is their signature," Klove said. When it is used, the systems track which screens they view and for how long."

>> My thoughts: Perhaps they should have different level passwords for patients "of interest! It's not much harder of expensive to set up. While I agree that celebs shouldn't be handled differently, obviously taking oaths does not extend to one's own personal interests. To that respect it's irrelevant whether they sell the info or not!

>>As interesting is the comment that the firings are of personnel who breach policy in 2005, not this year. The mind boggles.

[Memo,0,5397132.story ]

2352 days ago


16. That behavior is outrageous. Doctors are no better than the staff, and should be fired too. Their ethics went right out the window. This should be interesting in the days to come. britaculous / lawdawg - get ready - here come the lawyers, and here come the law suits. Bella
Posted at 6:47PM on Mar 14th 2008 by Bella


If there is enough for a case, I imagine that that's why they're firing of staff. Hospitals are very well kitted out legally, and the lawyers will be working to ensure that nothing can go to court... I imagine there will be more news about people getting fired due to this years breaches. Damage control...?!

2352 days ago



2352 days ago


I hope they fired whatever completely unprofessional staffers let that fraud "Dr," Phil up to her room without her permission. My head is still spinning over that.

2352 days ago


Posted at 8:02PM on Mar 14th 2008 by lawdawg

Never thought of that - not official employees. Besides they would have made sure there's no other comeback, right? The firing/disciplining: damage control to show they are rectifying the situation to lessen any comeback?

2352 days ago


Wow. Since Brit has been sane with competent people around her they are flying like flies.

2352 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

FIBiker, are you depressed sitting in your trailer waiting for your food stamps? Can't you find a job? If you are as hateful trying to get a job as you are on here, no wonder you can't find employment. You must be retarded to wish harm to anyone.

2352 days ago

frogs and gravel    

If you are going to look at some one's confidential records
at least have the courtesy to take some pictures of them and
post them on the Internet. GO Britney, tacos and all

2352 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

FIBiker does have a point though! There definitely does seem to be some sort of cloud of negativity that follows Brit around wherever she goes! Her world seems to be a whirlwind of chaos! I'm just glad I don't live in L.A. because of her antics-especially n the public roadways! I pity anyone in the same room she is in when she takes of those stinking brown safety blanket boots of death she is obsessed with wearing!

2352 days ago

Dr Doug    

GOOD! Medical records are sacred! Period. End of story. Anyone who messes with them deserves termination or suspension.

2352 days ago


Nobody gives a darn. I would not give her the time of day. Just another publicity stunt. Suck her money dry and it will go away. She is done!

2352 days ago


She needs to be sued because she is not taking care of her own life and costing tax payers tons of money. Her kids are going to have to see this later in life. How would you feel? What a joke! Dump her ass!

2352 days ago

Alexandra Datig    

This may seem funny and all. But it's not funny. Britney has no idea who she is. She is oblivious to her own surroundings. Firing people for snooping through confidential records? My goodness, how far is this going to go until someone realizes that she will never get better if she keeps on being violated by people she is told she can trust. How disgusting!!!

2352 days ago

lied about daniel's results?    

what is it coming to?
everyone wants a quick buck from the national enquirer or some other sleezy magazine.

i think Patrick Swaze's family ought to sue too.
How did all his information get out because he got to tell his own story? You can be sure it was some unethical person in his doctor's office trying to make a quick buck.

these people have more faces than Barack Hussein Obama!
now i hear obama is friends with someone who called New York Times on 911 to brag about being sorry that he didnt do more the hurt the United States in the late seventies. WHAT THE HELL is a presidential candidate droing keeping cmpany with someone the likes of William Avery? and to top it off mr. avery's wife was on the fbi's most wanted list. her name is bernadette dorn. but these are obama's friends.

i dont know what the crap this world is coming to.

2352 days ago
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