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Rihanna's Continental Irony

3/14/2008 3:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

RihannaDuring a recent radio interview in Stockholm, urban diva Rihanna made it clear why she sticks to singing and not commenting on foreign policy -- and an umbrella doesn't cover up this one!

According to a Nordic TMZ source, the sultry songstress claims to love South American** and Thai food, but "doesn't like Mexican or Asian food."

Clearly Rihanna- anna- anna thrived more in her music classes than geography. Shut up and eat!

**Clearly we are aware that Mexico is not in South America.


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WOW...just WOW!

2379 days ago

Wake Up    

Well okay on the Thai comment, I guess, but how stupid are the TMZ staffers that they don't realize that Mexico is NOT part of South America?

What a bunch of idiots. Mexico is in NORTH America.

2379 days ago

Wake Up    

hey monkeynoodle--hate to burst your bubble, but Mexico IS in fact part of North America. Central America begins with Guatemala, "genius".

2379 days ago


Um, Ever hear of NAFTA? North American Free Trade Agreement? It's a trade bloc made up of the 3 North American countries: USA, Mexico and Canada.

As for Mexican v. South American, it depends on where you are in SA or Mexico. Same for Thai and Asian. She just slipped up like we all do. As for me, seems like a boring "news" day if this is the best TMZ (or Swedish media) has to offer.

2379 days ago


UMM... mexico is part of NORTH america...

2379 days ago

April Fouels    

Dividing line for north and south america is the PANAMA CANAL WIZARDS,

2379 days ago


Let's see some people here need to take a few lesson... or even easier how about you look up things in Google. 1st off I get that whole "Asian" and "Thai" link, but let me tell you that Mexican food is not by all means close to any of the food in South America. 2nd thing... Monkeynoodle should go back to 3rd grade since Mexico IS part of North America... would you like me to tell you what other two countries are part of it. As your fellow Central American, I can assure you Mexico is not part of Central America.

2379 days ago


Rihanna eats magic shrooms mycelium ?

2379 days ago

Nor Cal Reader    

Okay so I'm looking at this rather old globe. It shows North America reaching from the just below the artic circle and ending at the U.S. / Mexican border. Central America is shown from that border to Panama. Then South America extends from Panama to Cape Horn. So my question is, why doesn't Rihanna eat at McDonalds?

2379 days ago


First, Mexico is part of North America, and their cuisine is different from South American cuisine. Second, it is possible for one to like Thai food but not like other Asian cuisine. Being that you made this little slip about North vs. South American Geography, you have no place commenting on another person's lack of world knowledge.

2379 days ago

da one    

dummys....mexico is in central america.get it right..

2379 days ago


Yo Monkeynoodle... You're a moron! North America consists of three countries... Canada, The US and MEXICO!

2379 days ago


Sorry TMz, but it seems like ur the ones that need to go back to school, south american food is totally diffirent from Mexican food. Mexico is in north america, why do u think they're in the NAFTA . Hello???

2379 days ago

Wake Up    

hey, "da one"--PLEASE take a few geography lessons. As another person has posted, it would seem that all the publicity surrounding NAFTA over the years would clue people in that Mexico is part of North America.

Central America is a less-formal term applied to the region beginning with Guatemala and ending with Panama. Mexico spart of North America.

2379 days ago


Central America is from Guatamala to Panama, isn't it?

Canada, US, Mexico are North America.

South America is from Columbia all the way down to Chile/Argentina (tip of continent).

2379 days ago
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