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Rihanna's Continental Irony

3/14/2008 3:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

RihannaDuring a recent radio interview in Stockholm, urban diva Rihanna made it clear why she sticks to singing and not commenting on foreign policy -- and an umbrella doesn't cover up this one!

According to a Nordic TMZ source, the sultry songstress claims to love South American** and Thai food, but "doesn't like Mexican or Asian food."

Clearly Rihanna- anna- anna thrived more in her music classes than geography. Shut up and eat!

**Clearly we are aware that Mexico is not in South America.


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A.) Mexico is located in Central America, B.) South American food VARIES, Peruvian Cuisine IS NOT THE SAME as Colombian Cuisine (Any cultured traveler would know this!), C.) Okay you got her on the Asian food, if there IS such thing as "Asian Food."

BTW, Peruvian Food is THE BEST! I should know, I live there!

2411 days ago


C'mon TMZ! You're looking stupid here. MEXICO IS PART OF NORTH AMERICA!!

2411 days ago


Leave it to TMZ to not know what the Hell they're talking about. Dumb asses. Mexican and Southern American food are different. Peruvian, Honduran, El Salvadorian are South American types of foods.

Thai can be Asian or can be a regional Asian food.

TMZ: Stupid douches

2411 days ago

Nor Cal Reader    

If Mexico is in North America, then why not in N.A.T.O.? (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) The U.S. and Canada are. Does the Gulf of Mexico disqualify them? And most importantly, who cares what RIHANNA EATS?!!?

2411 days ago


must be a slow news day if this is a headline........

2411 days ago


North America

The northern continent of the Western Hemisphere, extending northward from the Colombia-Panama border and including Central America, Mexico, the islands of the Caribbean Sea, the United States, Canada, the Arctic Archipelago, and Greenland.

This is the definition of "North America"
This is the link ,now quit argueing please .

2411 days ago

April Fouels    

Dont Know much about History, Dont know much about Biology, Dont Know much about Geography, What a WonderFul Post on TMZ......

2411 days ago


mmmh i guess the one who dosen't know about geography is TMZ Mexico is north america, and south america is Peru, Chile etc the SOUTH
so inform u better, then u criticise.

2411 days ago


Since when was "Central America" a continent guys? There are seven continents: Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe and Australia. Mexico is clearly a part of the North American continent, and "Central America" is a division within the North American continent.

As for the Thai/Asian thing, she was being more specific as general "asian food" in America is vastly different than traditional Thai.

google is your friend

2411 days ago

Boston Kate    

Dona, you're wrong. Mexico is part of North America, not Central.

2411 days ago

laughin' in Malibu    

Ok, Harv..admit you're wrong on this bash and take the thing off .

2411 days ago


Thailand is technically located in Southeast Asia

2411 days ago


What we need here is a grammar lesson, not a geography lesson. TMZ never implied that Mexico was in South America. However, Thailand is definitely in Asia. Rhianna is the one who goofed. And all of you who read that sentence as if it implied that Rhianna thought Mexico was in South America, well you also got it wrong.

2411 days ago


Funny you guys are correcting HER when Mexico is part of North America *OUR* continent. As far as her liking Thai food, but not Asian food, it is possible for thai food to be the exception since Asian food is very broad (Japanese; Chinese; Indian; Tibetan; Korean, etc. are all VERY different, and are all "asian").

Why don't you guys at TMZ just SHUT UP AND GOSSIP! Clearly you guys have no sense of geography or culture. *rolls eyes* I hate it when people try to make someone sound stupid and don't know what they are talking about themselves.

2411 days ago

April Fouels    

I think Rhianna's Culinary Expertice, as stated, is diverse. She could have eaten Nutria ( Rat Meat ) and would not Know!!!!

2411 days ago
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