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Rock Tells P.I. Pellicano -- B***h Set Me Up!

3/14/2008 12:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A shocking new tape of Chris Rock revealing the lurid details of a one-night stand in 1998 rocked the courtroom in the criminal trial of celeb P.I. Anthony Pellicano.

The tape captures a phone conversation between Pellicano and Rock, after Rock and model Monika Zsibrita had first claimed to be pregnant with his child (which turned out to be false) and then accused him of raping her. No charges were ever filed.

Rock tells Pellicano he was scared s**tless of being accused of rape, and that he would rather be "caught with needles in my arm" than face a rape charge.

Rock's alleged affair with Zsibrita made the rounds in the press and tabloids, right around the time Rock and his wife Malaak temporarily split. The two reconciled soon after.

A rep for Rock had no comment on the tape.


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These people need to stop trying to accuse these actors and singers of these allegations. Stopping making out with them and you won't have a problem.

2377 days ago

whatever tha fu*!/rockergirl    

Guess that's what happens when they hire escorts or strippers and they get close, and turn into goldiggin' ho's !!

2377 days ago



2377 days ago

hoochie mama    

is chris rock married? if so, then if you play with fire, you might get burned !!!
alot of hollywood stars (and ny governors), think they're invincible, and that they can nevver get caught.
That"s why Paparazzo are as big as they are...if a hollywood star is screwing around, THEY'LL GET CAUGHT, sooner or later!

2377 days ago


OMG u have to be stupid to believe that is actually CHris Rock, it does not even sound like him, sounds like some white guy...TMZ u r stupid.

2377 days ago

hoochie mama    

donna, i agree with you, but yo can make alot of money for pics, these days...that's why Paris/Brittany/are so popular, these days? The Paps can help careers, as well, not that Chris Rock needed any help, but if you're married, you're opening yourself up to scrutiny, if you're caught screwing around...If Chris Rock is single, then WHO CARES, STAY OUT OF GROWN FOLKS' BEDS.....SING IT SISTER !!!!

2377 days ago


Its sad the links that some women will sink to for money. I'll bet you Chris will think twice before he cheats on his wife again. LOL!! That probably scared the shiznit out of him! LOL!

2377 days ago

hoochie mama    

is rock married? if so, then he's going to get caught, sooner or later. Since this young lady claimed she was raped by Rock, makes it newsworthy, This isn't about staying out of grown-folks business...
Since Rock is married...this makes it DOUBLE newsworthy. Like Kobe Bryant.

2377 days ago

Haha suckers...    

Love Chris...going to see him tonight in Toronto!
No it.

2377 days ago


OMG did you guys hear when he went off on his secretary and cursed her the hell out!!! LOL

2377 days ago


Let's face it, MEN just can't keep it zipped up! I really don't understand it.....................they can be with the most beautiful, intelligent woman and something goes haywire in their little "brain" and their zipper comes down! Amazing!

2377 days ago


What a Whore!! oh my gosh...she was totally setting him up from day one! What a sick sick person...She happily took checks from her "rapist" but didn't cry rape until after the checks stopped! Kept the tissue for back up cha ching! GUYS GUYS gotta be CAREFUL!!!

PS- I hope that guys secretary QUIT! my goodness!

2377 days ago


* That doesn't sound like chris at all...
* That lawyer went the f off on his secretary,,,, That was funny

2377 days ago

He's Boring now    

What a scared little bunny rabbit big mouth tough guy Chris Rock is. He dont want the rape charges because he knows that would send him to the big house, no probation for that kind of crime---and he knows he would get his in there---thats the only reason he's scared of that charge..aint his wife, aint the publicity, it his own arse he's all chris rock like worried about.

the guys pathetic..just another SNL rip off artist with Tears of a Clown inside.

2377 days ago

Team Adnan    

Interesting conversation between Rock and one of Hollywoods top private investigators. A look into the way things work in the world of Hollywood.

2377 days ago
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