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The Game's Alleged Victim Blasts Back with Suit

3/14/2008 8:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man who The Game allegedly assaulted on a street basketball court has filed a civil suit against the rapper, claiming assault, battery, a civil rights violation and negligence. Damn -- all over a pick-up basketball game!

Shannon Rodrick claims The Game, whose real name is Jayceon Taylor, approached him and said aggressively, "Your team is garbage." Rodrick then says, according to court documents, that Taylor continued to provoke him when, during a time-out, the rapper "sucker-punched [Rodrick] with a closed fist on [Rodrick's] left cheek causing [him] to fall backwards." Rodrick then says Taylor went to his vehicle to get a gun, and walked towards him saying, "I'm going to blast this fool."

The Game was arrested after the incident. He eventually pleaded no contest to felony possession of a firearm in a school zone. He served just eight days of a 60 day sentence before being released.


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Just look at that low class low IQ ugly face - beaten often as a baby with an ugly stick - guilty as hell!

2380 days ago


why is he goin around talkin s*** and hittin people? oh yeahI forgot, he"s mad b-cuz his "music career" is a joke!

2380 days ago

Jewells of Aussie    

My god he is ugly......UGLY UGLY UGLY!

2380 days ago



2380 days ago


Asault and threatening to shoot someone and all you get is 8 days for having a firearm in a school zone? What the heck?

2380 days ago


Awesome gun laws you have there. Assault, death threats and a firearm in a school zone, and all he gets is eight days?
LOL America

2380 days ago


8 days - that is outrageous - the radical neoliberal USA justice system sunk to new depths!

2380 days ago


hey Game, you gotta do something to get back in that cell, because 8 days has no cred to to it. You gotta lash out at the judge, so your time and sales will go up. Get real cuz

2380 days ago

Teen Chat    

What a joke... He served days of a 60 day sentance how the hell do they get off with it!!

He can rap but he is a ugly bloke too i agree :D

2380 days ago


Oh I love the racism on tmz. Aparently they love it too.

2380 days ago


I'm curious as to why it's suprising when a 'gangster rapper' acts like a gangster. What is truly suprising is the nothing sentence that this wonderful productive member of our great society recieved. That judge should be ashamed of himself/herself!

2379 days ago


As opposed to what #7, the criminal NeoCONS? Gimme a break you tight ass conservative prick.

2379 days ago


Not only should this bozo do time for this stupidity, he should have to give every dime he has to a charitable organization that does something good for the youth of this country, unlike him. This idiot's not only do not desrve any money they have , they also desrve no respect for being too stupid to walk the streets. He is just and ignorant guy who even mnoey won't change. He thinks being a thug is cool, it only makes him and others look like fools.

2379 days ago

Pink to the Lee (formerly Pinky Lee)    

Why does he have a star on his face?

Is he like the new Rainbow Bright?

Oh wait! I get it! Rainbow Black! Right?


2379 days ago


why all you mutha ****as hatin if he wanna be a ass hole let em all yall speaken sound stupid do you really think he cares what yall talkin bout that dude sold 8million total he up yall workin 8hours a day see this **** is like face book to me they people put somthin up to see how many haters and low lifes like yourself reply and you fall for it every time.

1515 days ago
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