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Girl Scouts Leave Mary Ann Stranded

3/15/2008 12:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dawn Wells' arrest for pot possession is no laughing matter -- the "Gilligan's Island" star has been dropped from speaking at a Girl Scout event in Palm Beach because of it!

Although a third party claimed responsibility for the marijuana, the Girl Scouts of the Palm Glades Council have nixed Dawn from speaking at their April 5 luncheon in Palm Beach. TMZ spoke with Holly Policy, a Scout spokesperson (who found out about Dawn's arrest by reading TMZ), who said, "We didn't feel it was appropriate for her to speak under the circumstances."

Who knew that Thin Mints and the munchies don't get along?


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big balls    

adiction isnt predjudice

2350 days ago

Mina M    

What?! I protest! I'm a pothead and Girl Scout Cookies are to pot what sauce is to spaghetti! The Girl Scouts are kidding themselves, lol! They shouldn't alienate their largest customer base!

2350 days ago

Mina M    

Oh, and for you Canada bashers? We can smoke pot AND download all the pirated music we want without fear of legal retribution. Nyah!

2350 days ago


Ms. Wells--- that's what happens when you smoke dope !

2350 days ago


This is SOOOO not fair!! Dawn has always been above reproach. I defy anyone to find anything bad about her. And ya know what? So what if she DOES smoke a little "cabbage." I'd rather her do that than be the town drunk. And I'll bet more than HALF of those little precious girl scout's parents have smoked their fair share of doobage. In fact, most of them have probably even participated in underage sex, underage drinking, etc., etc.

Remember: Let the one(s) without sin cast the first stone. What? What was that??? The sound of complete silence, I'm sure.

2350 days ago

Former Girl Scout Employee    

I have to put my 2 cents in on this one, because I cannot believe those CROOKS the Girl Scouts are trying to make out like they are a bunch of nuns. I worked for one of the largest Girl Scout Councils in the U.S., and I couldn't believe how crooked they were; to this day, I will not buy a box of cookies from them. And, no offense to people and their preferences, but in the area where my neice lived, almost all of the troop leaders were lesbian, and I didn't feel comfortable allowing my neice to join these women.

Aside from that, this was the skinny on the cookie campaign. Once a year, the Girl Scouts would send letters to potential money donors/organizations for funding, at that time it was always the United Way that funded this organization; however, since they are a non-profit organization, they had to donate everything over a certain dollar amount by October of the same year that they sell the cookies. Every year, they would make that big donation to the United Way; however, the cookie sell would end at around Mar. Or Apr., and from May to Oct. that money sat in a savings account for months building interest that the board of directors did not have to give an account for; they only had to give an account for that amount of money that was going to be given away (United Way) at the end of the year.

So, I found out, by working in the administration, that the Girl Scouts were crooks. And, they don't want Dawn Wells? Well, she shouldn't want to be affiliated with them; better that she cut her loses.

2350 days ago


Forgiveness is a nice atribute, the Scouts have a bad repuation, too bad.

2350 days ago

Concerned my country is slipping away because of the like of Harvey Levin    

TMZ stands for...

TATTLETALE Moron Zombies of Harvey Levin that have "Delusions of Grandeur" that think they are...

1) News journalists
2) photographers
3) Interviewers
4) Think they are doing something that is needed
5) American citizens (most of them have accents and I'm not talking about NY or southern...American..what a country)
6) representing what people really want to know about.

FACT: EVERY paparazzi works for Harvey Levin.....because when they get footage or DIRT that he NEEDS he pays for it and they ALL KNOW THAT...they are On-Call Stringers...

2350 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

Did Maryann from Gilligan's Island Have LBJ's love child?

2350 days ago


I cannot believe most of these postings are about Girl Scout cookies and weed. I thought this story would be pounded by nothing but the fellows who grew up watching Dawn on TV while getting busy with a handful of "Jerkins Lotion". She must be aware that she is probably the oldest living "wetdream" around. I know she sure did put the cream in my twinkie and still does.

2350 days ago

Go Away    

71. I also think she is and would be an awesome speaker.

2350 days ago


I think she just whip up a batch of brownies and call it a day

2350 days ago


Gilligan would be proud.

2350 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

A good portion of those 'Girl Scouts' were probably conceived after a nice, fat doob. Besides, she says it's not hers, and is innocent until proven guilty. She's guilty of lending her car out. Where are the people who stand behind someone who has done good work for them? Luncheon ladies are by nature both hypocritical and devious anyhow. I'll bet half of them smoke pot.

2349 days ago


the so called media which i hope people dont think tmz is is always just looking to stir the POT up so any comments they love because tommorrow they will come up with something even more lame then going after a maryann story

2347 days ago
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