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Wrestler Jeff Hardy's House Burned to the Ground

3/15/2008 7:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

WWE star Jeff Hardy's home in Cameron, North Carolina burned to the ground last night -- the same week he was suspended for 60 days for failing his second drug test! He lost all his possessions, and his dog perished in the blaze.

According to legendary wrestling commentator Jim Ross' website, Hardy and his girlfriend were not home at the time. Jeff's brother, Matt, saw smoke coming from the home, but was too late to do anything about it. Jeff lived in a double-wide trailer.

The WWE has not yet released a statement.

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Okay so I read that I see a little of Christ Benoit in the making. That was very rude and Jeff hasn't done steriods he has always smoked pot which has always gotten him in trouble and he should know better. As for saying that he set the fire himself is wrong in so many ways. Jeff has said he doesn't have insurance on his house. I believe the dog may have been Liger but I am not sure and I know for a fact that Jeff would have fought so hard to save any of his dogs especially Liger who he has had for years.

People need to think before they make rude comments. If Jeff did get suspended for sterioids and not pot that is his own choice. Beth(his girlfriend) is an amazing person and I am sure it breaks her heart for him doing drugs.

I am glad both Beth and Jeff are okay. Hopefully all of this gets settled. Also Jeff had a lot of his mothers stuff in that house so I think he wouldn't have burned his own house down.

2376 days ago


Who cares if he lived in a trailer? He chose to do so. He'd rather spend his money on things like art.
And to those of you saying he had a meth lab in his house, I'd like to know how you know this? Have you been to his house?
Jeff is extremely talented and it's incredible how most of you don't even watch wrestling and know anything about him, yet you sit here and judge him as if you've known him all your life.

Get a new hobby.

2376 days ago

Sterling's Mom    

Jeff Hardy did indeed live in a double wide trailer. That's a fact. Jeff may smoke a little weed here and there but the drug that got him fired from the WWE in 2003 was crystal meth. That's also a fact. The WWE FINES you for weed, they do not suspend you. This fact is listed in the WWE Wellness Policy. So we can conclude that is most definitely was not weed that got him suspended THIS time.

Now that we have that bit of information, I think it's terribly sad that he lost his dog and most of his possessions in this fire. I had a bad feeling something was going to happen to him as soon as I saw he got suspended. I hope he's doing ok mentally. I don't care much for him as a wrestler, but I've met him numerous times and he's a really nice guy.

2376 days ago


All the folks who are downing Jeff need to shut up. He's a good guy and a great wrestler. Have you never made a mistake in your life??? Everyone makes mistakes. Your thoughts & prayers should be with Jeff...not your cruel remarks and judgement. Keep your opinions to yourself if you can't say something nice. He needs our support now...not your criticism!

2376 days ago

HBK Fan    

I Am A Huge Jeff Hardy Fan

However Jeff Screwed up and should be punished. Unfortunalty whats going to hapen Wrestlemania.
How Dare Anyone comment on Benoit and compare Jeff to Benoit.
But Dont forget it seems more and more Wrestlers Are doing this stuff IE. RVD.
God Bless Yah Jeff Good Luck

2376 days ago


i think it's not right when people jump in to saying things about jeff hardy for one he's suspension was for pain pills and for 2 the blaze is not being treated as suspicious and has been put down to a natural wild fire. and jeff Hardy told Fire Captain
that he didn't have insurance on his home witch he did not matt hardy proved it so in closeing PEOPLE READ BEFORE YOU POST ANYTHING AND YOU KNOW THE TRUTH.

2376 days ago


These wrestlers are on the road like 3/4 of the time. They live more on the road then they do at their actual houses, so I can see how he could live in a manufactured home. Alot of the newer and larger double-wides are nicer then stick-built homes, I used to sell them for a living. As far as the insurance thing goes, he did say he didn't have insurance on it, I really feel bad for the guy to lose everything, besides the drug use he's actually playing it smart and saving his money and not blowing it all, because after your body can't take wrestling anymore there is nothing left for you to do really, your body is worn and so is your wallet. Hopefully he gets into a new home soon, or he can stay at his brothers house for a while and get his whole situation figured out, would be a shame to have someone who has worked his whole life to become a wrestler blow it because a drugs and stuff. Get well, and get back to the ring man.

2376 days ago


I agree with Stinger...why people always have to jump to conclusions is beyond me. There are not many of us that hasn't dabbled with a little something here and there. We can't start rumors and stories that are hurtful and unfounded, just to make a story interesting. I for one was crushed when I found out he was supsended and wouldn't be participating in WrestleMania. My best wishe go out to Jeff and his family in this rough patch. I know that he is a strong a determined young man and will come back stronger than ever.

2376 days ago


I live in the area these fires happened. The wildfire happened on Lizzie Jeter Lane, Friday afternoon around 3pm-4pm. I was home and saw the fire trucks drive by (I live right off of Hwy 24/27 in Cameron). My mother in law also saw the fire trucks there when she drove by at 6pm. Hardy's house, which according to the news is on Boys Camp Road, burned just after midnight on Saturday. While I don't think he set his house on fire, I also don't think the two fires are related. The streets are close to one another, but not enough for a wildfire on Lizzie Jeter Lane to affect Boys Camp Road. Dozens of other houses in between the two would have burned as well.

As far as the manufactured home, those are the most common type of structure in this area. Besides, it's possible his family owns the property free and clear, so why saddle yourself with a monthly mortgage if you spend so much time out of town? I know I wouldn't!

2376 days ago

Chris H.    

Sorry about losing your house, dog and everything you own and I'm sorry that some people can be so rude towards you when you have lost everything. They forget that even though you are a celebrity, you are still a human being and you make mistakes just like everyone else, INCLUDING THEM, and you have feelings too. Hope you get through this okay. Maybe, this is your wake up call, I don't know, but I hope to see you back in the ring in two months. If not, I wish you the very best. GOOD LUCK, JEFF. WE LOVE YOU!!!

2375 days ago


I think that it's awful about Jeff losing everything in a fire especially his pet. Pets are like members of the family. As for not having a huge lavish house who cares. It shouldn't matter if he lived in the best house in the whole world or a one room shack. He paid for his house and it stinks that he lost it. As for the insurance everyone makes mistakes. As for the drug use it wasn't illegal drugs it was painkillers. If anyone watched him wrestle and seen some of the moves that he does off ladders etc, I don't see how he could funciton without taking painkillers. Getting bumped with a ladder hurts like hell not to mention when there is someone putting force to that ladder. I just hope that Jeff takes these obstacle and overcomes them and is a better person because of it. We are all given obstacles in life and we can either overcome them or let them overcome us. If we let them overcome us then we are to blame for what the result is. I personally think that if the WWE did more about the painkiller thing and the suspension before the whole Chris Benoit tradegy maybe that whole situation wouldn't of turned out as badly as it did and maybe just maybe there wouldn't of been lives lost.

2375 days ago


I can't believe this is happening Jeff Hardy was one of the best they say it was started by a wild fire and i feel soooooooo sorry for him. For people who watch WWE they say he might not come back to the WWE because of this. For those people who keep saying thats he's on steriods and all that shut up because he's going through really bad times and most of you dont even know half of it so dont say nothing if you know nothing about it

2375 days ago

Jon Wisdom    

you know you people make me sick,first yes hardy does live in a big trailer with tons of land,second hardy does not do meth,pot,etc.. and never has ,and i dont know why you would ditch jeff because you get in the wwe and get in a bus 24.7 ,and bust your ass ever night .of the week , and he may have been on pain pills ever now and then but dont hold it aginst him and third of all,all you idiots who said he brunt it for insurance are stupid he dosent have insurace on his house and he loves all of his animals and would not kill any animal and most definatly wouldnt burn it because tons of his moms pestions were in that house and i can imagine what he fells like because this year the same thing happend to the house that i grew up inbecase of a crazy renter so.....there any more stupid coments!!!!

2375 days ago


I don't see where people are getting the Chris Benoit comparison. Probably people who don't watch wrestling. While Jeff was dumb to get suspended over drugs, the fire thing could've happened to anyone! This incident sounds like thousands of fire incidents that happen to people in the U.S. everyday. This isn't even remotely close to what happened last summer with Chris Benoit. People need to get their heads out their asses!

2375 days ago


I say that Jeff Hardy did not cause any of this and I believe in him because I'm his #1 FAN!!!!!!!

2374 days ago
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