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Dennis Quaid: "There Was Blood Everywhere"

3/16/2008 8:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dennis Quaid and his wife, Kimberly Buffington, were just on "60 Minutes" -- and weren't afraid to go into the gruesome details of the medical mishap that occurred last year at Cedar-Sinai Medical Center.
60 Minutes: Click to watch!


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2380 days ago


Holy Moly! This isn't entertainment news! Enough already.

2380 days ago


She has a nice rack. And, as her babies were carried by another woman her vagina is still nice and tight. Well played Mr. Quaid.

2380 days ago


My son was overdosed by his peditrician, he was only 12 wks old at the time. The pharmacy never red flaged the dosage. The mistake nearly killed him, he was in the ICU for 3 days. Now he has PVC's and has to see the cardiologist.

2380 days ago


The children are alive. Instead of dwelling in the dark, why don't they rejoice in the light. babies die every day and we don't keep hearing about it and the parents don't try to bankupt a hospital. Dr.'s and nurses are human bengs and sometims mistakes are going to be made. ENOUGH.

2380 days ago

K H    

I love the work of Denis Quaid. I am so happy thier kids are OK. I think they can do some real good for this problem.
However, if I were on the jury.. I would sadly be giving them very little in thier suit with Baxter.
Three people didn't read the label at the Hospital. They didn't call the parents when the problem happened!!
They met them with an attorney the next day. The Hospital knew they had something to hide!!!!!

Baxter sent out warnings.. 99.99% of Heparin is used OK. The bottles are labeled, medicine needs to include READING!!!!

Quaid complains that Hospitals protect DRs, DRs protect Nurses.. It seems patients create a bond that means they protect Hospitals and staff.

80% of the error was with the Hospital. You don't get three people all failing to read labels, unless there is a culture that has not made reading an imperative.

No number of suits for big companies will help medical mistakes if Hospitals think they can get a pass with patients.

Denis if you read this, you need to sue the Hospital or your suit is just one off target effort to change the system.

I totally support you.. but you have to think about future victims.. over those nurses that are people you you don't want to hurt. Good people make bad decisions.. That doesn't mean they are not accountable.

Best Wishes for your family... I hope you find an effective way to make a difference in this kind of error.

2380 days ago


PLEASSSE already!!!
Mistakes are made every day in medical settings. We just dont know about it because A) the victims are not millionaires and B) the mistakes are covered up if no one was hurt. This is reality in the medical field. People are not perfect. Those babies wouldnt be alive if it were not for the nurses and doctors in that hospital. Lets give them a hand. Its amazing that people even want to study the medical field after freaks like this.
If they feel they need to sue...just do it already and shut up!

2380 days ago


Well, instead of rejoicing, celebrating and bringing in the New Year with their twins, these two were partying it up at the Playboy mansion on New Year's Eve. I saw them there. Polluted as could be....both of them. I just thought it to be a little weird considering their babies had just nearly died and all. Sure the babies didn't know the difference, but if I was the parent I would have wanted to be home with my babies.

2380 days ago

Lenn K.    

Boy, this is really sad to hear. Thank God they lived!

2380 days ago

main difference between Europe and USA    

they are ungrateful to nurses and doctors. american actors r all like this only!!!

europe has more greatfullness for hospitals , maybe denis quaid shuld go there.. thats why europe is better than ussa

2380 days ago

main difference between Europe and USA    

OHHH AWWW soo nice news finally!!

halle berrys baby looks so cute i got photos of them ;)

2380 days ago


I want to say that I think that is is incredible that the Quaids are doing what they are doing not for the money.. but to bring attention to the problem that almost killed their children and has happened to MANY others (including some that were not as fortunate)... If they wanted to destroy the hospital or cash in then they would be suing everyone involved.

My heart goes out to them for what they have been through and my respect goes to them for what they are doing and how they are handling it.

2380 days ago


Having been the victim of a medical mistake myself (morphine OD, coded, etc.), I know how nasty it is to talk to those "risk management" folks who are trained lawyers trying to get you to say something against your best interest when you're least likely to be able to think clearly. Total vultures. Let's hope this incident brings the problem of sloppy medical mistakes to the attention of a greater audience.

2380 days ago


If any of you investigate what it takes to sue a hospital in California if you're NOT rich, you will find this: Unless you have irreparable, life ruining damage that can without a doubt be linked directly to the malpractice, and the malpractice was grievous, no attorney will take your case on contingency. Thus, only the rich get to sue hospitals in California. Having been the victim of a medical mistake there that has forever impacted the functioning of my heart, but which did not leave me vegetative or retarded, I am well aware of the difficulty of getting a lawyer to put up the 300K it will take to go to trial (as, in order to make any money, they'd have to gross 3 times that). I will never, ever have another medical procedure in California. The Quaids are suing for a pittance, a tiny amount of money far less than the actual costs of the lawyers involved. Thus they are doing it to make a point, not to make money. Good for them! They'll make the rest of us safer!

2380 days ago


Practitioner" The comment "those babies wouldn't be alive if those docs/nurses hadn't saved them!" is similar to me running you over with my car, then giving you CPR and saying, "you ungrateful sow! I saved your life!" The docs/RN's put the babies in mortal peril then LUCKILY were able to remedy their blunder. Why the hell should the Quaids be grateful? No one knows what the longterm damage is.

2380 days ago
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