Dennis Quaid's Weird Legal Non-Move

3/16/2008 2:18 PM PDT
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center tried to cover-up a massive medical screw-up with Dennis Quaid's newborn kids, at least according to sources who spoke with TMZ when we first broke the story. So why the heck isn't Quaid suing the hospital?

As we first reported, after a Cedars nurse gave the kids several massive overdoses of the blood-thinning drug Heparin, they were spurting blood but Cedars never notified the parents. The kids are fine now, and the Quaids have sued the manufacturer of the drug, Baxter Heath Corp., for mislabeling -- but Cedars is not a defendant. Why the heck not, you ask?

We're told Quaid really wants to make a statement and it's not just about one hospital screw-up. The mislabeling problem has happened before -- sometimes with fatal results -- and Quaid wants to take a stand. But here's the deal. Sources tell us the hospital was holding meetings trying to figure out how to handle the problem at the same time they were keeping the info from the parents. What would you do?