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New Graves in Manson Case -- Can You Dig It?

3/16/2008 9:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Manson and his hypnotized hippies have been locked up for decades, but there's a pretty shocking new development -- with the help of an eccentric prospector, authorities may have found hidden gravesites with other victims.

Location: Barker Ranch, in Death Valley National Park, CA, one of the secret places the Manson Family hid out during the late 60's. The prospector, Emmett Harder, who had dinner with Manson and the girls from time to time, led the search for graves. He guided lab researchers, an anthropologist and a cadaver-seeking dog to detect chemical markers of human remains.

Why the Big Deal: While awaiting trial, Family chick Susan Atkins told her cell mate there were "three people out in the desert that they done in." There were always rumors that the killing clan did in hitchhikers and runaways, none of whom were ever found.

What They Found
: During the hunt, the dog suddenly laid down, quivered with his ears upright and began whining. One of the investigators used an instrument that can chemically detect buried human remains -- it began beeping at regular intervals, and as it approached the ground the beeping became a steady stream of sound. Authorities say they need to do more testing, but they may have found two grave sites and possibly an additional one.

Implications for Charlie and the Chicks (and Tex)
: Even if there are bodies, it's gonna be hard to pin it on the Family and particularly specific members. But you never know, especially if someone rats someone else out. With parole a possibility, it's not just at theoretical proposition.

Stay tuned.


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2382 days ago


Is parole seriously even a possibility for those whackjobs?

2382 days ago



2382 days ago


I didn't know he was still alive.

2382 days ago


It's good to know that this turd will die in prison.

2382 days ago


Learn to spell. This article is full of grammatical errors and reads like it was written by a 3rd grader.

On another note, Hope they can find something and retrieve DNA so that family members can have some closure.

2382 days ago

It' OK Buddy    

Charlie has always proclaimed "I ain't killed no one!"
Emphasizing that the Girls committed these acts with the aid of the one Guy, whatever his name was...

Maybe now they can connect him to an actual Murder as a Suspect?

2382 days ago


Charlie will never get out anyways. One of the others may use it as a bargaining chip though.

2382 days ago


who are they kidding ??? They will never be released any of them . Not in this life time.

2382 days ago


Charles Manson, I as well as people my age, do hope and pray he never never gets out.. I do believe he has had parole hearings prior and his parole has always been rejected.. I am sure the girls will eventually if not already,have parole
hearings.. Charles Manson is one of the scariest people in the country, unfortunately at the time of their convictions, we did not have a death pentalty, it had been disbanned and stayed that way for a number of years. There are quite a few people who were on death row, who ended up back in the regular prison status and actually were paroled.. One in which returned to southern nc and murdered a young woman. Yes, and i believe they can go back and provide enough evidence to charge Charlie, watson and the girls for the murders of the new bodies found.. Charlie was a wanderer, he actually had a location in New Mexico prior to going to California.. Problem was, in those days he and his clan would have looked like another hippy group.. They were so common, especially in New Mexico. Drugs and Crazy's.. Never could tell if Charlie just loved to mess with people and frighten them, or if he truly is out of his blooming mind. I don;t ever want him out and about..

2382 days ago


Why waste the money on a trial, they will rot in jail as it is. This would just give time out of prison to go to court.

2382 days ago


Murdering Freaks....keep them locked up until they die.......

2382 days ago

It' OK Buddy    

Tex Watson!

Thanx Granma....

2382 days ago


Even if they do eventually find human remains up there, how could they ever tie them legally to any one person? The place is remote as hell and this was all almost 40 years ago. Not to mention no one can place time of death, where the people were on those days if they COULD figure out a day.. ugh.

2382 days ago

kim suck    

leave them alone!!

2382 days ago
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