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New Graves in Manson Case -- Can You Dig It?

3/16/2008 9:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Manson and his hypnotized hippies have been locked up for decades, but there's a pretty shocking new development -- with the help of an eccentric prospector, authorities may have found hidden gravesites with other victims.

Location: Barker Ranch, in Death Valley National Park, CA, one of the secret places the Manson Family hid out during the late 60's. The prospector, Emmett Harder, who had dinner with Manson and the girls from time to time, led the search for graves. He guided lab researchers, an anthropologist and a cadaver-seeking dog to detect chemical markers of human remains.

Why the Big Deal: While awaiting trial, Family chick Susan Atkins told her cell mate there were "three people out in the desert that they done in." There were always rumors that the killing clan did in hitchhikers and runaways, none of whom were ever found.

What They Found
: During the hunt, the dog suddenly laid down, quivered with his ears upright and began whining. One of the investigators used an instrument that can chemically detect buried human remains -- it began beeping at regular intervals, and as it approached the ground the beeping became a steady stream of sound. Authorities say they need to do more testing, but they may have found two grave sites and possibly an additional one.

Implications for Charlie and the Chicks (and Tex)
: Even if there are bodies, it's gonna be hard to pin it on the Family and particularly specific members. But you never know, especially if someone rats someone else out. With parole a possibility, it's not just at theoretical proposition.

Stay tuned.


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He's Boring now    

Hey Chuck, before you go glorifying Roman Polanski recall he is wanted in the United States for Criminal Sexual Abuse with a Minor. The guy is a total sexual freak. I could care less if he has an eye for making a movie or is a Polish Jew Holocaust Survivor either...hes a danger to children. Period.

2410 days ago

John Tate    

The death penalty would be an option because it was in effect at the time of the murders. The killers were actually sentenced to death. Later the Supreme Court decided the death penalty was unconstitutional and their sentences were reduced.

It is quite possible, with desert conditions, that the method of death could be determined. Identities could be established. Victims could be tied to the Family.

2410 days ago

He's Boring now    

Leslie Van Houten and Patricia Krenwickle----maybe these two can help solve the mystery by talking...telling what they know about any supposed "buried bodies" on the Ranch. Or will they remain silent, dummying up so as to maybe get a Parole Ok at age 75.

Speak up ladies, if you know something, now is the time to come clean. Show us you really have changed even with the risk of added charges if you tell the truth...

Thats what I thought

2410 days ago


So to end, Charles Manson will remain in prison along with his girls....I hope for a long long long time.
Spelling errors and all, and who really cares about them? Just so long as that bastard is behind bars along with those girls.

2410 days ago


To #32 1tequila2, I don't care how many college courses the Manson women have taken. The murders they took part in were unbelievably heinous. They went to 2 homes with tex Watson on the orders of Charles manson and butchered innocent human beings. I will never forget Doris Tate asking tex Watson at one of his parole hearings "When does Sharon come up for her parole? When do all the other victims come up for parole"? He could not even look at her. Have you ever looked at the pictures of the victoms? Can you even imagine the horror of their deaths? I hope and pray that not any of them are ever paroled. Please do not use the lame excuse that they were under the influence of LSD. There is no excuse. Manson asked others to kill for him and they refused and left Spann Ranch. Tex Watson, Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel, Leslie Van Houten, and Bruce Davis all chose to commit murder. And by the way, Charles Manson helped to kill ranch hand Shorty Shea. He went to the Tate house after the murders to see the crime scene and moved Sharon Tate's body. He tied up Leon and Rosemary LaBianca so Watson, Krenwinkel and Van Houten could murder them. They all have blood on their hands. The Calif. State Supreme Court ruled the death penalty was cruel and unusual punishment in 1972. All those on death row had their sentences changed to life with parole eligible in 7 years. The Manson girls on death row smiled and cheered. Thank God none of them have been paroled as of yet. 10 people are in their graves because of the manson Family...Sharon Tate, her unborn child, voytek Frylowski, Abigail Folger, Jay Sebring, Steve Parent, Rosemary and Leno LaBianca, Shorty Shea and Gary Hinman. 39 years with a college education and TV's in their cells, Tex Watson was allowed to marry and father 4 children....that is criminal. He stabs a woman due to give birth within 2 weeks and he is allowed to have children. There is no earthly reason 1tequila2 that any of those cold blooded killers deserves parole. They were spared their lives but they sure couldn't spare the lives of their victims. Think about that.

2410 days ago


To #47. I was not glorifying Polanski. I was commenting about Sharon Tate and relating a story about the impact of what happened to her had even years later. The movie "Tess" was an awesome movie regardless of what Polanski may or may not have done. Actually in looking at my previous post I don't know why you would think this was about glorifying Polanski.

2410 days ago


Iam continually amazed by the nut cases out there who would make comments such as "Manson for President" or "leave them alone". Would you be so flippant if it were your loved one stabbed dozens of times by Manson and his followers? How would you feel after having heard the gruesome details of the death of your wife and unborn child? Would you be so callous and unfeeling then? It is a sad commentary on our society that there are so many people out there who think Manson and his ilk are worthy of breathing air. It makes me ill to think some of you may be my neighbors.

2410 days ago


Many animals are destroyed because ....once they get the taste of human blood in their mouths .......they will kill again....

They cannot be rehabilitated..............

( I hope I don't have too many spelling errors )

2410 days ago


Suzanne La Berge whose parents were killed by the Manson clan, actually had a baby with one of the whack jobs while he was incarcerated. She tried to get him paroled to Carpinteria CA about 15 years ago and was shut down. It always amazed me that she was not included in the roundup as she is a total nut job too. You can see it in her vacant eyes. and the scary thing is she was allowed congenal visits with the killer so 'she could forgive him' is this sick or what?

2410 days ago


Thank you # 51, you said it all. I can finally have a peaceful sleep tonight, I need that, after many many many years .

2410 days ago

kim suck    

Roman Polanski was framed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the girl wanted "it"!! loved doing "it" her parents wanted his money!

2410 days ago


11:27.....who were her parents...........I just tried to look it up...........and could not find any info on that...........

2410 days ago


I think some of these underage sex laws are full of s--t. Mind you, I said SOME. For example, a 17 girl having sex with her 18 year old boyfriend. He is charged and convicted of being a pedophile, his picture is put on the pedophile web page and he has that record for the rest of his life. I know there are many sickos out there who have the mentality that if it is "old enough to bleed, it's old enough to f--k." Now they should be shot.

2410 days ago


It is '60s, not 60's.

2410 days ago


Manson- let's fact lets do a show....i can help you!!

2410 days ago
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