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New Graves in Manson Case -- Can You Dig It?

3/16/2008 9:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Manson and his hypnotized hippies have been locked up for decades, but there's a pretty shocking new development -- with the help of an eccentric prospector, authorities may have found hidden gravesites with other victims.

Location: Barker Ranch, in Death Valley National Park, CA, one of the secret places the Manson Family hid out during the late 60's. The prospector, Emmett Harder, who had dinner with Manson and the girls from time to time, led the search for graves. He guided lab researchers, an anthropologist and a cadaver-seeking dog to detect chemical markers of human remains.

Why the Big Deal: While awaiting trial, Family chick Susan Atkins told her cell mate there were "three people out in the desert that they done in." There were always rumors that the killing clan did in hitchhikers and runaways, none of whom were ever found.

What They Found
: During the hunt, the dog suddenly laid down, quivered with his ears upright and began whining. One of the investigators used an instrument that can chemically detect buried human remains -- it began beeping at regular intervals, and as it approached the ground the beeping became a steady stream of sound. Authorities say they need to do more testing, but they may have found two grave sites and possibly an additional one.

Implications for Charlie and the Chicks (and Tex)
: Even if there are bodies, it's gonna be hard to pin it on the Family and particularly specific members. But you never know, especially if someone rats someone else out. With parole a possibility, it's not just at theoretical proposition.

Stay tuned.


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How sad is this ? The price of BIG FAME ??    


2413 days ago


It's a true testament to the liberal fueled joke that our justice system has become, that this piece of human garbage wasn't deposited into a hole of his own long ago.

2413 days ago

It' OK Buddy    

Why was Manson never charged with Sex Crimes? The 'Statute' tory Rape Laws ("Rape" but not really...only by Statute!) are a Cultural Issue and I have had to defend against them and in favor of young adults many, many times as an intrusion and violation of their Human Rights and Fundamental Right to Privacy. The largely don't exist outside of the Victorian Anglo-American/Anglo-Saxon World. But to a lesser degree or are applied in a completely different fashion that respects the Rights of young adults. We own our Young adults and view them, treat them as Children.

Human Beings Have a Right to "Somatic Sovereignty" and to Control their Bodies and Lives and Relationships free from the intrusion of Government or anyone else!

2413 days ago


who are the 18% of people (sickos) reading tmz who think they shouldnt be tried again?....hello they killed a pregnant women and many other people....damn they need to go to the chair as soon as possible...i thin we should do trials like in china...if you murder someone you have the trial on monday,,, and the execution on saturday...and a lovely party on sunday....

2413 days ago


I am sure there are other victims and it wouldn't be surprised if they find bodies. As far as ever being paroled. I am sure that it is quites safe to say that they will never let any of them go. From what I have read and seen, it appears that Patricia Krenwinkel and Leslie Van Houten are the most remoseful. However, that does not by any small stretch, eradicate the most despicable and inhumane crimes they carried out in the late Summer of 1969. They can not possibly let any of them go, the crimes they committed are part of American History. I was always interested in this part of history as Sharon Tate's baby was due the same day I was born. Sad to hear how much "fan" mail Charlie Manson gets on a weekly basis.

2413 days ago

'bout time    

He (they) will never get paroled and it would cost a fortune to have them tried again, besides that fruit loop would love it, I say spend the money tracking down the families of the remains let them bury them and let the Manson And Family rot in jail and in Hell

2413 days ago

not me    

I graduated from high school in May of 1969 and was as goofy and carefree as they come, right up until these atrocities occurred. Even living in a tiny town in Texas, the reports made my blood run cold. Then, as the trials began and were shown on tv every night, I can remember clearly the horror I felt. When they were found guilty and sentenced to death, I was so totally in agreement that I became a believer in the death penalty - and I still am.

There's no need to try them again, but the families of the dead should receive the remains and be able to lay them to rest.

Off my soapbox now.

2413 days ago


This man is possessed by Satan and needs an EXORCISM like yesterday! A real WACK JOB. Get out satan. Why do people even want his face on the internet? He is scarey even to look at. YUK!

2413 days ago



2413 days ago


How much of the tax payers' money has been wasted on this moron? The electric chair would be cheaper.

2413 days ago


Why are these people still alive and using our tax dollars?
This is the "justice " system? A real justice system would have made these monsters disappear a long time ago....

2413 days ago


Some here say more trials would be a waste of money and etc. since most of Manson and his fellow killers will never leave prison. Since when did we pick and choose who should receive justice? If it's provable that Manson killed others, we owe it to the victims and their families to bring accountability....Maybe this time the death penalty would stick.

2413 days ago


I did a term at CIW and met 2 of the 3 Manson girls. They are neve3r going to be able to prove who killed the people in the desert. Susan Atkins, the one who landed them all in prison in the first place, now denies her part in the whole thing. Tex Watson, who is the most likely killer, is dead and won't be admitting anything. Leslie and Patricia have both accepted the fact that they are never going to be paroled no matter what they do. Lets face it, they are old women who have spent nearly 40 years in prison. Abigail Folger's family swore that as long as there was Folgers coffee on the shelves, they would use every penny to see that they all rotted in prison, and they have been very succsessful. Parole has never really been a possibility and it never will be for such an infamous case.

2413 days ago


Excluding Charlie Manson (just because he is so nutty and doesn't even try to hide it) I truly believe that the incarcerated:
Van Houten, Atkins, Krenwinkle and Watson, if released, would not be a danger to society, but for the horrific crimes they commited they shouldn't be released, nor do I think they EVER WILL be released. When I think that the prison system allowed WATSON to father four or five children while in prison and he butchered lovely Sharon and her baby it sickens me.
The poor LaBianca's also....I hope they all Rest in Peace and their living family members have some sort of peace 39 years after these horrible murders.

2413 days ago


They've all come up for parole on a regular basis, but none of them ever get it. They never will. Patricia Krenwinkle has really done well in prison and is a model prisoner, but she will never see the light of day, despite all her efforts and even though she had no part in the Sharon Tate murders. It really doesn't matter if the feds are ever able to pin these murders on any members of the "Manson family" because they will never EVER get out. They were sentenced to death except that California repealed the death sentance 2 years after they were all found guilty. CA has since reinstated it. Unfortunately, it didn't reinstate all those death sentences.
The most one can hope for is that some families will get some closure if the bodies can be identified.

2413 days ago
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