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New Graves in Manson Case -- Can You Dig It?

3/16/2008 9:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Manson and his hypnotized hippies have been locked up for decades, but there's a pretty shocking new development -- with the help of an eccentric prospector, authorities may have found hidden gravesites with other victims.

Location: Barker Ranch, in Death Valley National Park, CA, one of the secret places the Manson Family hid out during the late 60's. The prospector, Emmett Harder, who had dinner with Manson and the girls from time to time, led the search for graves. He guided lab researchers, an anthropologist and a cadaver-seeking dog to detect chemical markers of human remains.

Why the Big Deal: While awaiting trial, Family chick Susan Atkins told her cell mate there were "three people out in the desert that they done in." There were always rumors that the killing clan did in hitchhikers and runaways, none of whom were ever found.

What They Found
: During the hunt, the dog suddenly laid down, quivered with his ears upright and began whining. One of the investigators used an instrument that can chemically detect buried human remains -- it began beeping at regular intervals, and as it approached the ground the beeping became a steady stream of sound. Authorities say they need to do more testing, but they may have found two grave sites and possibly an additional one.

Implications for Charlie and the Chicks (and Tex)
: Even if there are bodies, it's gonna be hard to pin it on the Family and particularly specific members. But you never know, especially if someone rats someone else out. With parole a possibility, it's not just at theoretical proposition.

Stay tuned.


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To the grandma poster:

Charles Manson and his "girls" did get the death penalty to go to the gas chamber after the end of their trial in 1971, but the death penalty law was overturned in 1972 in the state of California so they were just sentenced to life instead. Those monsters deserve to rot in HELL for the rest of their lives, and Debra Tate will make sure of it.

2322 days ago


Susan Atkins was one of the worst of the bunch. I hope that disgusting b'itch dies in prison for what she did to beautiful Sharon! (of course they all were beyond redemption)

2322 days ago


To #73 jollyex, I think you got your info wrong. Patricia knenwinkel participated fully in the Tate and LaBianca murders. I think you may mean Leslie VanHouten who was not present at the tate house but was a paricipant in the murder of Rosemary and Leno LaBianca. Leslie's conviction in the Tatemurders was over turned and she was retried in the LaBianca murders and found guilty. As for showing remorse, it is so easy to say how sorry they are but the fact still remains that they committed the most heinous crimes imaginable in 1969. They all had the choice to say no to Manson and they chose not to. Frankly I don't think many people really give a damn how well they have done in prison. The tax payers have paid for their educations. And as for their so called rehabilation, the psychiatric evaluations of all the murderers show they are not fit to be paroled. It took VanHouten over 30 years before she would even issue an apology to the LaBianca family. But all the "I'm sorrys" in the world cannot change what those monsters did to innocent people who felt they were safe in their own homes. As for any of them possibly being convicted on any more victims of murder, the state of Calif. is notoriously lax in using the death penalty. Most of those on death row have been there for up to 25-30 years waiting for their sentences to be carried out. I say Texas has it right! And yes, Tex Watson was allowed conjugal visits with his then wife Kristen and fathered 4 children. He had a phoney ministry going from the Mens Correctional facility in San Luis Obispo, Ca. and his wife was collectiong welfare for the children and the ministry collected over $1000 a month which she was getting on top of the welfare. A man named Bill Nelson kept investigating and finally busted Watson and his wife. Watson, who claims to be a reborn christian, was sent to Mule Creek and his ministry stopped. Kristen divorced Watson after 25 years of marriage and apparently is seeing another inmate. So much for the penal system of Calif. Watson, Krenwinkel, Atkins, Van Houten and Manson in their own way have beat the rap....they collectively murdered, received the death penalty, that was over turned and they became eligible for parole. God I hope they all, including Van Houten never get out of prison.

2322 days ago


Tex Watson got married and had a couple of children while he was in prison. He murders all these people and he gets to have a family. What an outrage! Good thing Sharon's mother helped put an end to that B.S. This man claims to be rehabilated and a man of God. Give me a break! He is nothing but garbage.

2322 days ago


Free Charlie!! Free Charlie!!!

2322 days ago


Eh. Its a little soon to jump to those kind of conclusions. There half to be tons of people buried in remote locations in the desert. I think blaming it on manson is just tryin to make another example out of him before he dies.

2322 days ago


they should just kill manson right now even though i heard he's close to death in his lil' ol' cell in san quentin or wherever he's at. he just deserves to die and rot in hell for what he did to sharon tate...

2322 days ago

big balls    

helter skelter 666

2322 days ago

big balls    

i think charlie should be set free hes suffered eneough for the crimes hes served eneough time for the crime

2322 days ago


"I do believe he has had parole hearings prior and his parole has always been rejected.. I am sure the girls will eventually if not already,have parole
hearings.. Charles Manson is one of the scariest people in the country, unfortunately at the time of their convictions, we did not have a death pentalty, it had been disbanned and stayed that way for a number of years."

They all do come up for parole hearings, and all of them are always denied. There most definitely was a death penalty at the time of their convictions and all of them were sentenced to death. However 3 years later in 1972 the US Supreme Court ruled the death penalty unconstitutional giving everyone on death rows across the country life sentences. All states that had a death penalty rewrote their death penalty laws to make it constitutional, and we saw the first execution (although it was voluntary) less then 5 years later.

2322 days ago

big balls    

dont kill charlie hes the #1 hated person in americia and im the second

2322 days ago


"The whole lot of them should have been fried 20+ years ago"

Kind of impossible when California NEVER used electrocution. BTW, lethal gas has been outlawed in CA.

2322 days ago


"MANSON should be the poster child to bring back the death penalty in Cal. Frying, hanging or poisoning are too kind for him. Just gut him open like a fish and let him bleed to death just like they did to Sharon Tate and her unborn baby."

Uh, California HAS a death penalty. Have you lived under a rock or in a cave? California has executed several people the last few years. Oh and everyone's least favorite wife killer, Scott Peterson, is sitting on death row right now.

2322 days ago


One or two of the girls that took part in the murders come up for parole every so often, and they get a hearing. They claim that they are changed and are no longer the girls who committed those murders and they are sorry. Apparently not sorry ehough to have told the truth about the other murders. I hope that if they do find bodies, they are retried to put any thoughts of parole to rest. Also, the murder victems families need closure.

2322 days ago


How have they never fried the whole lot of them. If I lived in CA I would be sick and tired of paying for them to stay alive and get health care (which more than 50% of Americans can't afford but they sure do get taken care of) and education which alot of adults would love to go to school and better themselves but can afford it. They should just be FRIED!!!!!!!!!!!

2322 days ago
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