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Brit's Dad Selling Her Rides From Under Her

3/17/2008 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsBritney's conservators got the judge today to authorize them to sell some of Brit's cars. Thank God someone is trying to get her off the road!

Co-conservator Andrew Wallet made the request in court. The exact makes and models of the cars were not discussed in open court.

The judge also did what TMZ told you he'd do -- extended the restraining order against Sam Lutfi for another month

As we first reported, Lutfi agreed not to fight the restraining order and allow the extension. That means Lutfi must continue to stay 2 1/2 football fields away from the Britster and basically have no contact with her at all.


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just a thought    

Daddy must want a new car.....

2348 days ago

Me, myself and I    

I'm glad the court allowed it. I'm not sure if she owns more than one house, (I know she rents one), but if she does, maybe the court will allow them to sell the one she's not living in. She can use the money to pay all her legal bills.

To: Stop raping Britney!

Don't be so ridiculous. The conservatories can not sell any of her assets without the permission of the court. The person(s) that were financially raping her were: Lufti, Grossman, Trope & Trope, and other so-called "friends".

2348 days ago

yeh yeh    

Sabrina, that makes sense.

2348 days ago


HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA! It just gets more pathetic every day. Bitch has to be babysat and now she can't afford the bills she incrued while acting like a crazy, irresponsible brat. Consequences suck, don't they, bitch?

2348 days ago


She has to pay all of K feds lawyers fees! I love it. Screw you, nutty beeyotch!

2348 days ago

Responsible Human Being    

EVERYBODY needs something else to do seriously and leave Britney Spears alone. She is suffering from mental illness, and I understand most people are to ignorant and self righteous to understand that figuring because she's famous she's not allowed to have the same flaws as 'regular' people, news flash, she IS a regular person, just one with a mental illness that should NOT be exploited the way it is! Would you make fun of or trash someone with Parkinsons or any other illness NO you more than likely wouldn't. News media outlets like TMZ, PEOPLE and other outlets that cover the celebrity trash for all the lifeless folks who wish they could be in the same celeb shoes they tend to trash should ultimately be ashamed of themselves as well for exploiting that girls vulnerability. And for all you people trashing her, I can just imagine what your life is like that you are quick to judge someone you don't know a thing about based upon stupid outlets like TMZ that's using someones illness as a means to make money and keep you entertained while you ignore your own screwed up life and make yourself feel better by looking down on someone else, this world is already going to hell in a hand basket, and this is the reason why, instead of Britneys illness being breaking news for entertainment, how about we worry about our homeless and hungry children across the country, the unemployment rate, the people losing their homes to foreclosure and let this poor girl live and get the help she needs to hopefully get better, you don't kick a person when their down, because one day you may find yourself in the same boat, would you want someone to kick you when you are already hurting?

2348 days ago


This is an outstanding idea. Brit-Billy doesn't need to be out skanking up the roads and highways. She needs to stay home and skank quietly, and out of view.

2348 days ago

Big Bear    

Well with no cars Britney will need to buy a bike. Britney could then peddle her arse all around town. The mentally ill do not need to drive. Who knows what a crazy person like Britney would do behind the wheel.

2348 days ago


#18 MW - "Incrued" is not a word. You probably mean either "incurred" or "accrued". I'm just saying...

2348 days ago


only Breaking News in Los Angeles
went Harvey Levin get FIRED from
TMZ= that will be Breaking News in
Los Angeles, California are if Harvey Levin
get LAID by Britney Spear on the TMZ Show

2348 days ago


britney is getting better=-]

2348 days ago


I think it's extremely sad that her father is treating her as if she's 16 again. When will all this stop. Will she ever be able to get her life back? She is a grown woman with no right's what so ever. Put her on a $1500 a week budget when she had made million's. That judge is wrong. He should have ordered her a driver. They are stripping her of all her right's. It unconstitutional. Who's the prisoner here?

2348 days ago


The real question is why did they rent the SUV's that cost a forturne to run, don't say for the security people cause she usually only has one and an assistant with her these days.........and why does Pa need to rent himself a car when they had numerous ones for his's called breaking a person, "We own you, you are nothing without us"........when the dust settles she will be institutionalized or be the 'pimped out daughter' so they can have the money, money............
If they really wanted to get rid of some stuff, lets start with Ma's Louisana home, she can rent an apartment or trailer, no new business for Pa and the Kdeadbeat, hire security guards that eat less and are lean, mean machines, and get rid of Pa's chosen assistant....cut down on the have 2 or 3 for Pa.......1 or more for Ma, 4 to 6 on conservership, It's called consolidation........

2348 days ago


Ok - for all of you that are complaining about this being posted... FYI - you are looking at I somehow doubt that The NY Times online is running this as a breaking news bulletin. If you don't want the celeb gossip - don't click on it and don't look at TMZ.

2348 days ago


I just can't believe they are doing all this to her. They are spending her money, selling her thing's now. Who's wrong in this, her father and the judge. I would like to see someone try and sell my thing's right out from under me. They had other option's beside this one. She earned those thing's fair and square, and no one has the right to sell anything out from under her the way they are doing. So she wasn't a very good driver, take her license then. Oh, they couldn't, Hmmmmmm her driving must not had been that bad. How many bad driver's out there still driving? They still have thier rides. They are stripping her down to nothing and the judge is letting it happen. Shame on them.

2348 days ago
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