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Brit's Dad Selling Her Rides From Under Her

3/17/2008 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsBritney's conservators got the judge today to authorize them to sell some of Brit's cars. Thank God someone is trying to get her off the road!

Co-conservator Andrew Wallet made the request in court. The exact makes and models of the cars were not discussed in open court.

The judge also did what TMZ told you he'd do -- extended the restraining order against Sam Lutfi for another month

As we first reported, Lutfi agreed not to fight the restraining order and allow the extension. That means Lutfi must continue to stay 2 1/2 football fields away from the Britster and basically have no contact with her at all.


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Sabrina and lawdawg--you guys are sooo right on!

2409 days ago



2409 days ago


thay still have to pay the bills and in coming cash isn't what it used to be. and the bills are adding up

2409 days ago


I have been a conservator before, and every action must be court approved, and the conservator is watched more closely than R-Kelly at a Girl Scout meeting. Anybody that thinks Jamie is profiting from this is waaay off base.

2409 days ago


sorry # 56 is supposed to read liability.

2409 days ago


I think it's criminal the way the courts are railroading Britany. I further get the sense that Commissioner Scott Gordon has something against women. He's definitely showing a male dominant preference and he's using his power and Britany's money to bully her. Someone needs to step in, because regardless of what you think of Britany, the law is not treating her properly and has no right to take her money and freedom away. Because you don't like her lifestyle, no one has the right to bully her into what the public wants her to be.

2409 days ago


Glad someone in that family has a clue! I'm sure he's probably trying to streamline her finances and cashflow. For someone who makes $700,000 a month and doesn't invest or save for retirement, she really doesn't have a lot to show for what she spends. Hell, she probably has cars she hasn't driven in months. As her conservator, he's obviously trying to help her reassess her lifestyle and what she spends money on. Making her adhere to a budget and show responsibility for how she handles her finances is helping her develop skills that will serve her well throughout her life. Learning how to handle her finances is one step towards regaining her independence.

2409 days ago

frogs and gravel    

Is Britney's dad really going to open up another restaurant with Britney's
money or is that just some TMZr's pulling an Ashton (posting false information)?

2409 days ago


her days of being an active celb may be over. becoming an entrepreneur may be all that keeps her from becoming broke and homeless.

2409 days ago



In response to:
Okay little miss sixteen year old, here is a life lesson you should learn. Do not do drugs and you will not act crazy, do not allow low lifes to make decisions for you, Stay in school and get good grades so you can go to college and get a degree this way you can make LOTS of money. Freedom comes with heavy responsibility so get use to it. Brit is not a prisnor because of her parents, she became a prisnor from her prior years of everyone saying she was great and no one telling her the word NO!!

Posted at 8:42PM on Mar 17th 2008 by Rat

2409 days ago

just me    

In the meantime the long list of court-appointed lawyers and lawyers hired by Pa Spears is racking up huge fees tending to the legalities and administrative duties of the conservatorship. The court-appointed PVP (Probate Volunteer Panel attorney) for example, Samuel Ingham, appointed February 1st to represent Britney in the conservatorship proceedings, at the March 5th hearing was awarded $58,800.00 in PVP fees on account. Now there's a whooper, $58,800.00 in fees from February 1st to March 5th! And that's just ONE attorney! There are a lot more:

Luce, Forward, Hamilton & Scripps LLP attorney Jeryll Cohen, representing Britney's father in the conservatorship.

Attorney Andrew Wallet, court-appointed co-conservator with Britney's father.

Hahn & Hahn LLP attorney Clark R. Byam, representing Britney's brother Bryan in the Successor Trusteeship.

Attorney Ivan Taback, court-appointed co-trustee with Britney's brother Bryan.

Proskauer Rose LLP attorney Mitchell M. Gaswirth, court-authorized counsel to attorney Ivan Taback in administering the trust.

That my friends is a turkey shoot! And Pa Spears, not being very bright, is giving these lawyers the opportunity to take advantage of Britney and I doubt that the money he can raise by selling Brit's cars will amount to a hand full of beans in comparison to the combined monthly fees of these attorneys even if he sells all of Brit's cars. I'm sure Britney, even at her worst, could not possibly waste her fortune nearly as fast as her father, a man well experienced in multiple business failures and bankruptcy!

2409 days ago


Brit-Billy's only about 8 months from having to take money shots to her singing hole on film for ol Larry Flynt to pay her bills!

2409 days ago

yeh yeh    

"just me" that's a 1/2 penny for saving his daughter's life, assets, and so on.

Action was required. Mr. Spears took it, abetted by a handful of experts. Who gets access to the pros like that, one after another?

Mr. Spears has risen to the need.

2409 days ago

Me, myself and I    

Yeah, just me,

We all see your posts where you go out of your way to point out that Jamie is a failure in running a business. Do you think that Britney was doing a better job? Is it that you think that Sam Lutfi should still be running things? The Sam who claims to have attended college, but never finished. The Sam who's last recorded attempt in the entertainment industry was over 5 years ago? The Sam who claimed to be her personal manager, but did absolutely nothing to advance her career? The Sam who vowed to fight the temporary restraining order this very day (March 17th), yet did a complete turnaround, the day before?

The reasonable people here can see that Britney is better off without Sam Lutfi in her life. We don't believe that her basic human rights are being taken away from her. Instead, we see a loving father trying very hard to guide his very damaged daughter into a decent, responsible, and happy life.

Maybe, or maybe not, Britney will regain control over her own life. Under her father's control, her life has moved into a much more productive and satisfying lifestyle - for Britney.

2409 days ago


WTF? Why are they selling her cars? They should be focusing on helping her get better. Cars can be thrown in a garage. Yeah she has the money and if she wants she can have the cars. As long as she's not crashing them, all is good. Priorities need to be reviewed. I'm just sayin'

2409 days ago
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