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Kim K's Rear Sticks Out in Traffic -- Gets Bumped

3/17/2008 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Damn that sucks. Kim Kardashian just wrecked her brand new Bentley!
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The Tush was driving on the 101 freeway in L.A. last week, stuck in bumper to bumper traffic -- when she was hit by a motorcycle trying to weave in between cars. Sources tell TMZ the rider side-swiped the sick ride, popping the tire and scraping the rear end. The collision caused the rider to fall off his bike -- but he quickly got back on and took off! We're told Kim filed a report with the CHP.

The $220k Bentley was just over one week old. Bummer!


No Avatar


Nice car! well it was anyway.

2410 days ago


Nasty girl--

2410 days ago


that bentley isnt 220k an why is she try to copy Victoria Beckham's Bentley!!!!

2410 days ago


Good, because I cannot STAND people who are famous for NO other reason than their association with the stars. The fact she's riding around in this in the first place pisses me off. She stole money from Brandy, she sleeps her way to fame. I hope her new ride is totaled and her man stops buying her lavish gifts. She's a no talent whore.

Sounds like she'd be a perfect candidate for Paris' new reality show. She should seriously sign up because it's right up her alley of talents... milking off other celebrities to make her a$$ and her pockets fatter.

2410 days ago

agent smith    

How the h*ll can this woman afford this car????? America...something is wrong here. Maybe Reggie Bush paid for it? That would be beyond retarded if he did that...

2410 days ago

Bob. My name is the same forwards and backwards    

Seriously? Why is this fattie news?

Anyone see her fat ass bikini pictures on Egotastic? HAHAHAHA, what a whale!

The guy at Playboy who had to photoshop all the blubber out of her pictures, needs a raise.

The funniest is The Soup and when they make fun of her. Keep up the great work Soup!

2410 days ago


another paris hilton type,well not quite. this chick realy is smokin hot, WOW!!!

2410 days ago


PROPPED her tire? What kind of english is that? Oh yeah, forgot it's written by TMZ dropouts

2410 days ago


Hell yeah, that ride is sick!! Kim, if you don't want the car no more i'll take it as it is, LOL. By the way keeping Up With The Kardashians is a hot show. I heard Reggie Bush will appear on their this season.

2410 days ago


how did she get a car like that? she "SUCKED FOR IT"!!!!

2410 days ago


Too bad she wasn't run over.

2410 days ago

frogs and gravel    

While typing in kim kardashian to find out who in the world she
is, it occurred to me how these people get their money. A person
of moderate fame or family name makes a sex tape and has the
tape "stolen" or "leaked". The person then settles out of court for
several million dollars with the company that is trying to sell the
tape on the Internet. This has been done numerous times. I am not
saying it is right or wrong but this appears to be an accepted way
to make money in the Hollywood/L.A. social circles. Also: dating
Reggie Bush? The old man must be proud.

2410 days ago


Amazing how much money a sex tape can put in your bank account! This woman nausiates me more than Paris!

2410 days ago


Her father became very wealthy off the OJ trial and, I am sure he left them with some money! But, he is pobably rolling over in his grave now. Nothing for a father to be proud of!

2410 days ago

larry doby    

this " playa " lover is nothing butt an attention whore !

using UNFITNEY'S situation to gain P.R. for herself.

father represented O.J., the sex video with
a rapper & now a B level pro football playa.

can we give her the NAACP award already ?

2410 days ago
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