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Wentworth Miller is Huge with the Jews

3/17/2008 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wentworth Miller left a prayer at Jerusalem's Wailing Wall over the weekend. The "Prison Break" star is visiting Israel to promote his show while they're on hiatus. Holy press tour!

This is the second Holy Land visit for the thesp. The Princeton-educated actor paid a visit with his college choir back in 1994.


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It is very normal to leave a prayer a the Wailing Wall!

2350 days ago


This is the sexiest guy ever!! btw... comment # 1 he is so not gay!!
visiting the wailing wall is perfectly normal... it is a tourist site!

2350 days ago


I think he is FINE no matter what his religion he is or what shoe's he wears or who he date's (wish is was me. lol )
He's a HOTTIE either way..

2350 days ago


OMG! Does that mean there's REALLY going to be another season. That just made my whole day. He is SOOOOO sexy!

2350 days ago


Why so much Jewish stuff on this site?

2350 days ago

Cry For Me    

I hope he had a special prayer for the Palestinians. Thank you

2350 days ago


Finally, TMZ is showing Wentworth some attention. Unlike all of the other idiots you put on your site, Wentworth is actually a good person. He works hard, he's educated, doesnt go out partying, doesnt drink and drive, doesnt do drugs. He's a great rolemodel. It also doesnt hurt that he's beyond gorgeous.

2350 days ago

Esther Hoffman    

#5, yes, hopefully he prayed that they give up their hard-hate on for Jews and learn to love peace. Perhaps when they learn to love their children more than they hate Jews, there will be peace.

2350 days ago

Cry For Me    

"Esther" No. 7, When your country is stolen from you, it is difficult to love those who are causing you so much misery. Why don't you move to Israel if you love that stolen country so much ? The Palestinians had a country, Palestine, the jews had no right to take it from them. Your own heart is full of hatred, you need to pray for yourself. Stop hating the Palestinians, they are the victims.

2350 days ago


#9...sorry but it wasnt stolen, the jews had always lived in the area of palestine, whether there was more or less of them living there depended on if they were being removed by force. then hundreds of thousands and eventually millions started to move back before the holocaust even happened, and thus buying much of the palestine land, then during and after the holocaust millions more moved in and bought up most of the land, and the jews quickly become the majority, and with a majority comes change, and with history comes change, and thus the state of isreal. it may not seem fair, but they have more right to that land, the we as americans do to the united states, would you give up your house to an indian family and move back to europe? didnt think so...and its still not even the same because that land from the start was jewish land unlike the US being european land from the start.

2350 days ago

Cry For Me    

YA-YA-YA The jews bought the land, just like they are buying land in the occupied territories, what is left of Palestine, buying to establish the settlements. I wonder how much they pay for a settlement......... One day Palestine will exist again, the jews will have to go somewhere else, they have no right to this land, no matter what they say. LONG LIVE PALESTINE !!!!!!!

2350 days ago


I want to throw him up against that wall and make him wail

2350 days ago


how did i know this pic will cause a political debate? so i might as well throw in my 2 cents. UMMM yeah the jews came to palestine by shipfuls to escape from europe, most of the jews that live in palestine are european jews or russian jews. now coming to occupied land and throwing people out of their homes is just wrong and immoral. so is Apartheid. which is what the israelies are doing right now to the palestinians.

2350 days ago


i LOVE him!!!!!!!!!! he is so beautiful! i got all excited when i saw the headline. i want him so bad! my life will be complete!

2350 days ago


it's very spiritual! and oh my! he is the most beautiful, handsome and sexy guy i've ever laid eyes on! i agree with the other i would like to throw him against the wall and make him wail!!!!!!!!!!!

2349 days ago
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