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Brady Sacked by Baby Drama

3/18/2008 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He's living in New York with his superhot supermodel girlfriend -- but is Tom Brady making any time for his six-month-old son?

TMZ found the off-season Patriot outside his home with Gisele and asked. Guessin' he didn't like that too much.

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Bleh, as for the press, i really ignore why this would be, maybe cause Julia Roberts is still "America's Sweetheart" which is a title millions leagues away from both Tom and Gisele. And sorry but everyone trashes Eddy when i see a post about him, check them out if you don't believe me. And let's not forget Marc Anthony who also left his wife and kids for JLo. Though i don't see anyone bother him either.

2408 days ago


Giraffe's dog is cuter than her.

2408 days ago


By failing his duty as a father to young John, nothing else he ever acomplishes in life will ever mean crap...it's just sad that John will be a man before his father. As for the sick groupies of the Gruesome Twosome...Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen wouldn't bother to spit on you if you burst into flames right in front of them.

2408 days ago


The kid is better off without him! Hope he knocks up Giselle too and has to pay c hild support out the ass!

2408 days ago


#49 - That is not possible. She will/has/have an abortion.

2408 days ago


John Moynahan is lucky to have a wonderful, loving mom. This guy, Tom Brady (aka Gutless) is a spoiled loser.

2408 days ago


If this was my father I would disown him after the total lack of interest he has shown or the total lack of support he has been to Bridget & John. Tom seems to only have Bunchen as a friend & partner now. They are always together & have no life outside of each other. Sio get married & get out of the news Losers.

2408 days ago


What is it with this guy. He's living off his lover in her houses, Is he a gigalo?????????????

2408 days ago


I don't see what's all the fuss is about, hundreds if not thousands of fathers don't see their kids, it's not like he's the first celeb or athlete that doesn't see or only spends limited time with their kids and he won't be the last. At least he hasn't publicly come out and said the kid wasn't his or trashed his son's mother, he just made a reactionary public statement to Bridget Moynahan's talboid announcement of the pregnancy. Out side of being followed by paps since he started dating Gisele, that I doubt they want following them because they both make tons of money without needing the publicity or attention from the paps unlike the Paris Hiltons of the world, he has been private and doesn't let his life become public. From what tabloid sites have shown he has handled this with quiet class- he hasn't tried to make an excuse or done tacky interviews with tabloids- like some others have; he made the reationary statement and hasn't said anything about the child (which he's not obligated to tell the press or to try and prove anything to anyone) since. Let the guy live his life like hundreds or thousands do after having a child out of wedlock and not spend time with the kids.

2408 days ago

Angie W.    

first off, I would like to point out that Gisele should not be blamed by Tom's actions.He's man enough to make his own decisions. Second, I don't think Tom listens to anyone, he's very stubborn. Thirdly, no one really knows what happend between him and Bridget. Maybe he's not allowed to spend any alone time with his son, and doesn't want to be around her.
No one really knows the whole strory, we just keep finding our own asumptions to make the story or gossiup more interesting. So I would refrane from the name calling and blaming until we know the facts.
There are some facts that I would like to point out : 1. Tom is a great athelete and will succed in his career, 2. He is very happy with Gisele... even though most of us don't seem to like that idea. 3. He has a great family that have a high standard of morals.. and I think Tom was raised well enough to know he has to deal with the responsiblilty with having child.
So unless you know him personally don't pass judgement unless you have all the true facts out on the table.

2408 days ago


In this era where the majority of pro-athletes that have kids out of wedlock or have a spent some time in prison for DUI, give it a break. Athletes are meant to be watched for entertainment, not to get a set of morals from or to get a hero from, if your kid is looking for a hero I suggest you find a local VA, some current military service men or women, or find any current police officer or firemen- that is where the heros are, not movies and not espn.

2406 days ago
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