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Did He

Just Say That?!?

3/18/2008 10:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The season just started last night and there's already some drama -- Adam Carolla called one of the "Dancing With the Stars" judges a "bitch" after giving him his pathetic score.

Either the censors didn't care or didn't catch it, the cuss appeared on the live East Coast version and West Coast replay of the TV-PG show. Quit your bitching!


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2409 days ago


He can get voted out first, and Julianne can go sing like she wants.

2409 days ago


Speaking of strange Celebrity Feuds, in regards to the gay bashing that Amy Sedaris engineered with her straight friends Bryan Dinello and Victor Barley because she was mad at some gay guy on MySpace, and in which they secretly videotaped this poor unsuspecting gay dude giving head to Victor so they could post the tape on Xtube and send it out to friends of Amy’s like Steve Carell and Jim Carey and David Letterman and Tina Fey to show how funny Amy is, there were some other event planned too as part of the overall scheme. In fact, the entire operation was given the name of "Operation Ramrod" by Amy and Bryan last August, and the goal of it was, through this series of events, to come as close to creating a situation approximating rape as was possible without actually committing a rape. The slogan of the operation was, "Putting the sensual back into non-consensual sex." This concept might actually come from the horror genre or from Daniel Dinello, a filmmaker based in Chicago who specializes in horror stories.

2409 days ago


sounded more like "witch" to me

2409 days ago


1. And how is this any different from TMZ tossing the same word into a headline on this very website about Guy Ritchie and Madonna not breaking up? Pot, meet Kettle.

2. For the love of all that's good, DUDE, PLEASE STOP with the Amy Sedaris/Gay bashing posts. PLEASE. Everytime I come here and look at the comments, no matter what the topic is, I see this same rant over and over, under various aliases, and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with the topic. Dude, whoever you are, changing your nickname here wont hide the fact that you are one person who obviously has some issues with this subject. If you were the victim involved, I am sorry for your humiliation, but do you really think posting about it here will help? Maybe you should see a therapist, instead of ranting about it on this website, which is not exactly known for being sensitive. I hate to sound insensitive but I am tired of seeing it, and I am sure there are others who feel the same way. Enough, man, enough.

2409 days ago


This Moron ran-out his 15 minutes around 5 years ago.

2409 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

He was joking. That's why no censor.

2409 days ago

Mom in the OC    

LOL! That's "TAME" coming from Adam Corolla. He's so dang funny!

2409 days ago

sex all day    

There should be something wrong

2409 days ago


LOL LOL That is classic!!! Go ADAM!!!

2409 days ago

sex all day    

It's not good. Just looks stupid.

2409 days ago

larry doby    

why is this contractor a celebrity ?

not only is he arrogant, he's slow and his rants are drug related.

the later part of the KROQ show loveline, he was nasty, rude and downright mean.

he would go out his way and carry on over meaningless topics that pertained to nothing.

further, the ONLY educated person with a doctorate on the show,

dr. dru, assman corolla would belittle him to the point beyond human.

why does the entertainment industry continue to tolerate such ignorant

individuals with the only pursuit is to further their alcoholic and cocaine addicts ?

2409 days ago


Id like to see a report on HOW the celebs are paired up with the stars...It seems obvious (and surprisingly Adam mentioned it last night) that Juliette was paired with him because hes going to get kicked off early (and she has NO CHANCE to 3-repeat) but that gives her the chance to be on the show and then gives her the time to go promote her singing career and country album - which she could not do if she was paired up with a better dancer.

And again the competish seems so unfair (that even the idiot Samantha recognized it) with someone like Mario who dances professionally in his video - and goes up against these awful males...It seems like they also might be looking to steer the championship to a woman this year as there seems to be several talented women who could dance and only one (or maybe 2) men who could win (Mario and maybe Jason Taylor)...Why is there always these terrible old men that really cant go far (Penn, Adam, Steve (who?).....and yet we dont get the same on the womens side although I have a feeling Monica Seles is gonna dud on us..I think it would be great to see Marissa jaret winokur win for the plus size women out there- but will she have a big enough fan base? no one will know whom she is..

They brag about how great a cast this is but cant they find some stars whom we actually know? and who could do a bit better/////so we can have the 'most talented cast ever...." - This show is so popular right now and can reignite a celebs career that you should be able to get people beyond an actor who hasnt had a hit movie in 20 years

2409 days ago


I dont really care for him. I am surprised they picked him for this but I guess they are running out of celebrities to humiliate.

2409 days ago


he did say Bitch, I had it on Tivo and replayed it a few times. He should be kicked off for that, it was very disrespectful

2409 days ago
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