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Gary to Garner: My Bad!

3/18/2008 3:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gary Busey has apologized for his whacked-out, caught on live TV embrace of actress Jennifer Garner on the Oscar red carpet last month.

In a statement from his rep, Busey says "I meant no disrespect to Ms. Jennifer Garner when I met her at the Oscars and apologize if I made her uncomfortable."

Apparently he didn't realize that she was being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest live on the air (um OK). He says that by the time he realized she was was being interviewed, he tried to step away but "suddenly Ryan introduced her to me." Blame Seacrest!

"I simply greeted both actresses with joy and open arms, which is the way I would greet anyone I'm happy to meet," Busey said. "Everyone has experienced a handshake or hug which has turned awkward, and this was no different."


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I have been out making calls on and off all day and I am a little SOGGY! squish, squish

2411 days ago


Yep, bad hair day! :)

2411 days ago


Jennifer needs to come down a few notches Gary did nothing wrong intentionally,yea he comes off a little strong but she acted as if he groped her or something...I personally think she is a b***.just saying.

2411 days ago


Jennifer is such an idiot.

2411 days ago


If you people think his actions were no big deal, then you are as whacked as he is! I'm sure she was really embarrassed, I don't think she was trying to be prudish or stuck up, she was just shocked. She doesn't even know this guy and you have to admit that he looks CRAZY! I think she handled it very well.

2411 days ago


one word - Bitch
gary busey is the best

2411 days ago


poor guy has massive brain damage from popping his head open in a motorcycle accident a few years ago.

everyone in Hollywood knows he is out there, but he literally can't help it. It should be an understood thing.

At least Gary acquired his brain damage later in life.

unlike Garner who clearly was born brain damaged. she is a prude, but it doesn't mean she has class. A classy girl like Audrey Hepburn would have giggled for a second and said something witty to get him off her back. Garner just squirms with a disgusted grimace because she is a classless wuss who can't think on her toes. What ever happened to the classy firecrackers we once had in the industry? Girls who have moxy is what we need, not pollyanna's who have panic attacks over nothin.

2411 days ago


She was just a little shocked at the kiss, I did not see any "disrespect". Some of you Busey fans are paranoid idiots.

That said I like Busey, but this was just something hyped up in the tabloids. She was not being snobby. Any normal person would have been a little surprised at that "surprise kiss".

2411 days ago


Jennifer only looked a little surprised at the kiss. It was awkward, but she did not diss him or anything. She does not need to get off her "high horse", just some Busey fans seem to have a big stick up their ass. Busey wasn't even taking it badly, he was just answering the "spin" the tabloids put to this non-story.

2411 days ago


I honestly don't think Jennifer knew he was! That is what shocked her......................alot of stalkers around!

2411 days ago

Vix aka Team Aniston    

testing testing testing, TMX is censoring again. Particularly, if you make any comments THAT they label anti-semitic..

2411 days ago


Whether it was a little too much is a judgement call that we all are obviously making, but what is fact is that He did try to turn away and remove himself when he realized the interview was still "active" and Seacrest DID stop him by introducing him. If he had ignored Seacrest and the girls, especially after realizing their interview was still going on, he's have been lambasted for that. I fell it's a case of too many girly-men and back-handed bitches out there trying to make a mountain out a friendly gesture. I like them both (yes, he can be goofy, - but who in Hollyweird isn't), but their reactions were a little condescending, - and unnecessarily so.

2411 days ago


actually, gary was walking off when seacrest introducted them, and Jennifer did make an obviously annoyed comment about Gary after he hugged her. She was totally annoyed by him. He does seem crazy at times, but harmless probably. Big Deal.

2411 days ago


If I were Jennifer, I would be more concerned about where Ben is.

2411 days ago


Gary Busey STOMPS jennifer garners face!!!!!!!!

2411 days ago
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