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Gary to Garner: My Bad!

3/18/2008 3:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gary Busey has apologized for his whacked-out, caught on live TV embrace of actress Jennifer Garner on the Oscar red carpet last month.

In a statement from his rep, Busey says "I meant no disrespect to Ms. Jennifer Garner when I met her at the Oscars and apologize if I made her uncomfortable."

Apparently he didn't realize that she was being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest live on the air (um OK). He says that by the time he realized she was was being interviewed, he tried to step away but "suddenly Ryan introduced her to me." Blame Seacrest!

"I simply greeted both actresses with joy and open arms, which is the way I would greet anyone I'm happy to meet," Busey said. "Everyone has experienced a handshake or hug which has turned awkward, and this was no different."


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Let's be serious, people. To everyone out there who are saying that Jennifer Garner acted like a prude, let's take the encounter in it's entirety. Gary started the encounter by shouting across several people that he had been looking for Ryan Seacrest. Ryan's reaction when Laura Linney gave him a puzzled look was in the vein of I have no idea, I've never met the guy. Gary then barged into the interview, leaning towards Ryan, gesturing wildly and gettingthisclose. When Ryan tried to salvage the situation by introducing the ladies, Gary was relatively appropriate with Laura Linney, but grabbed Jennifer Garner and kissed her neck. Based on his behavior, anyone would have been concerned that maybe this guy was unstable. Now, gentlemen, how would you feel if some stranger (who was acting that oddly) grabbed your wife or girlfriend and kissed her on the neck? Ladies, surely you've been out and had some strange person acost you and been scared. I know I have. Just because she's famous doesn't make her less human.
And what is this foolishness about "trapping" her husband? I have never seen a more well suited pair. They seem to be very happy together. I think he finally figured out which one was the RIGHT Jennifer for him.

2407 days ago


ryan asked busey, "do you know jennifer garner?" while interviewing her. that's when he hugged her...poor guy!!!

2407 days ago

Republican for Obama    

She should be happy it was just a kiss, does she want him in close working her over with brushes?

2407 days ago


Elektra sucked

2407 days ago


Lori - You're OVER-REACTING as badly as Garner did.

2407 days ago


Yes Lori, he was walking away.

2407 days ago



2407 days ago

Medical Girl    

I said it before and I'll say it again. No matter what you think about Garner, she should have turned around and given Busey a greeting of a knee in the groin. He surely was coked up, drunk, or just plain deranged, but he had no right to put his hands AND HIS FREAKIN SLOBBERING MOUTH on anyone ... TWICE!!

If that were me I would have planted my knee in his groin so he got up close and personal with the red carpet (where everyone was ignoring him, by the way), THEN I would have planted my lovely right foot with it's pretty little Jimmy Choo stiletto on his neck so his eyes would bulge and when he started to beg I would have explained to him that if he EVER touched me again without my permission I would turn his nuts into bags of Jello.

But you all know I would love that...

2407 days ago


S/M GF - That's precisely WHY you're not on any red carpet and as unknown as the rest of us. Garner was out of line. It was an awkward moment that can be attributed to everyone who was present.

2407 days ago


That just goes to show you what a prude she is. Oh my god I am a star ,dont hug me,,,,what a bitc-----! The man gave her a hug and was trying to be friendly and it was then that Ryan Seacrest introduced her to him, Make a big deal out of nothing miss snob......Gary Busey is a star in own right,many movies has this man made. Hes made a few bad choices but who hasnt. Jennifer Garner isnt much anyhow,so a big ado over nothing.

2407 days ago


I watched it live and also had it on Tivo.. I didn't see Busey do anything out of the ordinary.. What shocked me the most was Seacrest's reaction.. I thought Seacrest was terrible.. It was obvious Busey wanted to talk to Seacrest and introduce his wife and Ryan could not be bothered... I am a Ryan Seacrest fan too.. Get off it people.. Watch the whole thing and then comment on it.. Poor Gary Busey, he's a has been nut, had that been someone who is an A-lister now a days, in no way would Seacrest have shunned him like that.. This just goes to show what happens when you fall from grace...

2407 days ago


I actually feel pretty bad for the guy now. She seems like such a snotty, paranoid, little bitch.

2407 days ago

Medical Girl    

#36 Get Real!

Sorry about the reply post, I hate being one of those blog whores, but I do see your point. Lots of blame to go around on that one. I do think Garner was kind of taken by surprise though, like her or not. I also think Busey was hitting a bottle of something rather heavily before the big hello. Seacrest is ... well, he's a very well polished munchkin, wouldn't you say?

But I'd still like a pair of Jimmy Choo stilletos though. OK, ok, no red carpet for me, with my pretty little shoes causing a bit of fear, but a girl can dream can't she?

2407 days ago


He gave her a hug and a hollywood peck, big woo. She was rude.

2407 days ago


Jen, stop acting like a snob. We all know why Ben married you.

2407 days ago
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