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Judge to Heather -- Those Pants on Fire?

3/18/2008 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The judge who decided the loot in the Heather Mills-Paul McCartney divorce slammed the shrill-ionaire amputee today in a ruling, saying that Mills' claims of being rich before Paul were "wholly exaggerated," and that she wasn't as "charitable" in her giving as she claimed.
Justice Hugh Bennett called Mills a "less than impressive witness" in his 56-page ruling, largely because several of her claims were "not just inconsistent and inaccurate but also less than candid." Paul, on the other hand, was deemed "consistent, accurate and honest." He feels fine!

And it sounds like Heather's lucky she got as much as she did, because her argument that she was rich before Paul, and that that her marriage to him squeezed her own earning potential, sounded specious at best to the judge. What's more, while Heather said that she gave 80% to 90% of her earnings to charity, documents she submitted "disclose no charitable giving at all."

Mills' lawyers had strenuously tried to keep the ruling from being revealed, citing safety concerns for the ex-couple's kid Beatrice. But looks like Heather's credibility is the only thing being threatened.

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I can't stand people like this! She didn't do anything to get this money.....I doubt she really ever loved him at all. I feel bad for him because he loved and trusted her so much that he didn't even have a pre-nup. and look how she treated him!!!! What a loser she is. I hope the truth of how she really is finally comes out!

2413 days ago



Wow. To everyone who asks, "what was Paul thinking." I think it's obvious that he met her at a charity event and thought she was a like-minded, charitable person, but really, she was a fraud trolling for wealthy men who were ACTUALLY charitable, thinking they wouldn't mind making a large 48 million dollar donation to a lost cause like her!

2413 days ago

I'll rent the DVD when it's done    

She was talking about how her daughter could only afford to ride "B Class" with her measley $70,000 per year child support. How can she POSSIBLY live on that paultry 50 million. This bitch needs to get a grip! She'd better use that money to move to another country cuz I don't think she's very popular where she's at.

2413 days ago


Sure charity events are stomping grounds for money grubbing whores...both men & women alike....
Pick up a rock in the nicest of gardens and you will find all kinds of nasty things...

2413 days ago


Richard Pierce said it right! Heather Can't Understand Normal Thinking . Now I hope the one legged bitch crawls back under the rock that she came from. The sleazy whore!

2413 days ago


How can she show her face at events...everyone know where she got her cash. I would question any event she chairs...
Having her on a board of any event would be highly suspect...

2413 days ago


I think the only reason she had the baby was for insurance.....that she would get money from Paul. She's such a low life skank! I hate that she took advantage of Paul when he was so vulnerable after losing Linda. She makes me sick.

2413 days ago


The best would be to someone play her. Hey a new reality show...Called ...Screw Heather!
Winner takes all!

2413 days ago

Boycot all Jesses Business    

Wow! The judge said HEATHER GAVE NO MONEY TO CHARITY. That is her big claim to fame. LIAR LIAR LIAR LIAR LIAR LIAR. How funny.

2413 days ago


TMZ - go back and get the photos of Paul's attorney before and after Heather poured a pail of water on her at court this morning.

2413 days ago


Paul also was loney. Linda was the love of his life and I think he just wanted companionship. His children are grown and I don't think he had any grandchildren at the time. I am sure that Heather deliberately played up all of her good qualities and tried to re-invent herself as a wonderful, caring, giving individual like Linda seemed to have been. I think Paul really did care about Heather. Not only did he not make her sign a pre-nup but he overlooked her semi-shady past. (not to mention the ick factor of seeing her take off her leg at bedtime!) I feel sorry for Paul and the little girl. Heather is going to use Beatrice as a weapon.
Pray to God that Paul has learned something from this and has an iron clad trust set up for Beatrice.

2413 days ago


I don't think that Sir Paul was losing it. I think that he was in serious grief re the loss of Linda and that he was vulnerable to a manipulative gold-digger. He might have seen what he was getting into if he had not been lonely and devestated by Linda's death. We all make mistakes and this one cost him a bundle. Unfortunately the money is not really the issue. There is a tiny child who will be raised by a loud, determined, and I believe unbalanced woman. That is heart breaking. I suspect that custody issues will raise their head in the near future when Heather refuses him visitation and other parental rights.

I fear that Heather Mills will be the "gift" that never stops giving.

2413 days ago


She's a con-artist. Plain and simple. Paul's dress designer daughter, Stella was right all along. G O L D digger.

2413 days ago


Did you hear that Paul bought Heather a plane for her birthday?

It's so she could shave her leg!


2413 days ago


I don't think she will be happy living in America. Heather doesn't seem to be well liked here. Do we know why or who she is suing now?

2413 days ago
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