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Sex in Kristin's City

3/18/2008 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Holy Charlotte York! Rumors have been floating around the Internet that there is a sex tape featuring "Sex and the City's" Kristin Davis. Well, not exactly.

TMZ has learned that approximately 20 salacious photos dating back five years have re-surfaced featuring what looks like Davis in several compromising positions. We hear the pics were taken by an ex-boyfriend and are now being shopped by a broker from California.

The big question is, why are these being shopped now? "SATC" is ovah! Well, for starters, the movie is coming out in May. That can generate some buzz. Also, the market for sex tapes and racy photos was not what it is today (thank you very much Paris Hilton).

As for Kristin, her rep tells us unequivocally that she's seen one of the pics and "This is not a photo of Kristin Davis. There is no sex tape."


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Jemima Puddleduck    

Oh it is her alright! Just quit with the denials. When will these stupid people realize they need to stop with the sex videos and pictures if they don't ever want them to be made public. Come on!

2411 days ago

Lamarr LaTrell    

Who in the hell is using my name?!

2411 days ago


Thats her...theres no mistaking that nose

2411 days ago


That's real and it's her. They have the same exact nose, eye color, and ears. This is what happens when you whore around girls!

2411 days ago


Could be Alec Baldwin's wiener.
They dated.
Definitely her though.
By a nose.

2411 days ago


#2-just what "skeleton" is this in Kristin's closet if indeed this is her? She has a sex life, ooooooooo, what a skeleton! It's more like, she dated a loser for awhile who's now trying to make some cash by embarasing her. What a pathetic jerk.

2411 days ago


Look at her nose, it's totally her!

2411 days ago


That is so Charlotte, look at the forehead, even when you look at her now, it's the same....can't get away from good bone structure. ha ha ha

2411 days ago


DEFINITELY HER. Look at the hairline, the eyebrows, the attached earlobes, the indentations at the top of her nose. That's one lucky guy.

2411 days ago

Mysterious Madame X    

You can tell by the nose and eyes that it is her - Kristen's nose has a very distict shape to it. But having said that, what's the big deal? In today's day and age, sex on celluloid is sooooo main stream. I'm mean we are living in an era that glamourizes porn stars (Jenna Jamison? Need I say more??) so what's the big deal? I think people are confusing this actress with the squeeky clean character she plays on SATC. If it were someone like Pamela Anderson or Tara Reid nobody would really care, right?

2411 days ago


Of course that is here are yoiu all blind. An ex back in 1992 had the photos sold them to another guy who posted them......bad girl but that's what you get for taking pictures while s8uk9ing c8ck

2411 days ago


Another Hollywood whore. Is this news?

2411 days ago


I did a side by side comparison of the sex pix and her photo
You can tell by the shape of the eyebrow and the shape of the nose - BOTH identical.

2411 days ago


This can only HELP her career. She's a little old to be playing goodie-goodie gum drops!

2410 days ago


I made one with my ex husband for our eyes only. There is nothing wrong with that to keep a marriage spiced up. However it was terrible because my Mom went in to pack my things, saw some unlabeled videos. She thought she'd be nice and label them for me to organize me. Well, she received an eye full. Not good.

2410 days ago
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