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Trump Spreads Fertilizer in Vodka Scandal

3/18/2008 4:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Breathe in hard, and you'll catch a whiff of the s**t smell wafting through Donald Trump's office.

The Donald now is casting blame at the 17-year-old girl who ended up naked at his party. The girl showed up at Trump Vodka's Super Bowl party slinging his vodka without a stitch of clothing. Trump says she's just a publicity whore.

His reps tell TMZ -- with a straight face -- that Chanell Elaine Hallett crashed the party, and just happened to have her whole body painted with Trump Vodka logos. BTW, the so-called party crasher was allowed to serve up the vodka. Trump's rep says, "Given the circumstances, we can only guess that she crashed the event to seek publicity for herself."

The rep adds that Trump is "appalled." For more of the statement and the pitch to buy the Brooklyn Bridge, read on.

"Drinks Americas contracted with modeling agency Professional Event Marketing of Scottsdale, Arizona to hire three promotional models , all over the age of 21 to be opaquely painted with logos for this event. The three women we contracted through the agency were to promote the brand throughout the evening. All three were in attendance. We do not know why Miss Hallett was there, but she was not there having been hired or working for us. Given the circumstances, we can only guess that she crashed the event to seek publicity for herself.

We are appalled and always work to adhere to our social and civic responsibilities as a premium alcoholic beverage marketing company."


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Just a thought    

I doubt it had anything to do with her trying to get money from him. Its probably just some young girl that thinks she is cool because she got into a club before she was 21. How many people do you know that did the same thing. Its the clubs fault for letting her in!

2408 days ago



2408 days ago


I'm appalled that any company would have totally naked women serving beverages at a corporate sponsored event! Nothing spells class like nude help.

2408 days ago


Donald, you big goof. Pull your bottom lip over your face and swallow.

2408 days ago

Another stupid story by TMZ's uneducated chimpanzees    

If you needed any further proof that Donald Trump is a total liar & a disgusting media whore, here it is. He purposely sets up this media "event", then denies he's involved. What a complete & utter liar...

2408 days ago

One Confused Robot    

Wow. That Donald Trump is one busy guy. You know, running an empire, being a reality tv guy, getting that hair to "stay", and suddenly we are expected to believe he personally hired the people who worked the party? probably interviewed each one himself, yeah? C'mon, the event planner is the one that should be taking the beats, and The Don should be telling him or her, "you're fired".

2408 days ago


A week before her 18th birthday.. who cares! 18 is just an arbitrary number anyways.

2408 days ago

Another stupid story by TMZ's uneducated chimpanzees    

Trump is such a liar. He's a control freak, so of course he approved this. Now that he gets bit, he's looking to throw anyone under the bus to save himself. Nice one, Donnie; you sure give the term "stand up guy" a new definition.

By the way, what's with this chick's name? Channell? Sounds fake. Just like Spitzer's mound pound, it looks like this young girl either wants to be a whore or a porno actress. Nice one; like other young girls who now look at hooker, stripper or gold-digger as career options, you can thank Slutney, whorehan & pearASS for this. This is just the beginning; you can expect a lot more young girls acting out in extreme ways, thanks to these three...

2408 days ago

gossip fan    

She should wait till she's 18 and sign up to work for the same prostitution ring, I mean escort service, that the Spitzer girl worked for. That chick became a millionaire in a week!

2408 days ago


SHAME ON YOU DONALD................................

2408 days ago


SHAME ON YOU DONALD................................

2408 days ago


"you can expect a lot more young girls acting out in extreme ways, thanks to these three..."

Well I sure hope so !

2408 days ago


1) Donald Trump : We do not BELIEVE you. Simple.
2)Your hair, which YOU consider a trademark is OUT OF STYLE. Get a Princeton. Cut Barron's hair to match.
3)You would have been better off and would have gotten MEN and WOMEN to buy your NEW product if you had drop dead GORGEOUS college girls in Beautiful DESIGNER Gowns serving it, and making intelligent, polite conversation.
4) Admit you were an IDIOT, in this case.
5) The American Public is NOT stupid.

2408 days ago


Another Arizona hooker.....thats why Im leaving this $hitshow

2408 days ago


17 is still a minor! It seems someone would have asked for a couple forms of identification from her/everyone working that night. Hmmmm..

2408 days ago
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