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Alba: Her Fetus Is Not the Only Thing Growing

3/19/2008 1:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Thanks to a gestating baby, Alba's got front and some serious back -- but she's not exactly basking in that pregnancy glow.

Despite a relaxing manicure and back massage yesterday afternoon, the unwed mom-to-be was bitchy to the paps.


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George William Gockel    

I am a true fan of Jessica Alba. I am a huge fan of Jessica Alba. I really really love enjoy crave honor cherish respect and obey all of Jessica Alba from head to toe. I really really do care about Jessica Alba. I really really am concerned about Jessica Alba. Jessica Alba is gorgeous beautiful hot good looking nice looking attractive lovely and sexy from head to toe while being pregnant.

2377 days ago


It's fascinating, at best, and horrifying at it's worst, to read these comments.
Pregnancy is a beautiful, miraculous, joyous occasion, but all you soulless automatons can notice is that she's gained weight.
And, its never fun to have horseflies and leeches, AKA the press, descending on you constantly, let alone when you're pregnant and maybe moody or self conscious.
That people justify mistreating her because she's a celebrity and/or they just don't like her, is no different then a slave owner or a Nazi's justification that it was OK to mistreat a certain faction of society because they were, after all, sub-human and therefore deserved it.
This "society's" coming to an end.

2377 days ago


TMZ has some nerve talking about her like that. Have you seen your staff lately??? Not too cute. She is probably hiding her face b/c you guys ALWAYS point out stupid little things and blow it up to more than it is. Was it neccessary to say she is unwed? How many on your staff have had children out of wedlock? Bet you don't make fun of them. Making fun of a pregnant woman is disgraceful. I hope someone says the same nasty things to your wives and sisters when they are pregnant with your bastard you like those apples TM aZZ!

2377 days ago


Her a'ss shouldn't grow out like that. Her hips and waist are still small from the back.

2377 days ago


She is quite beautiful no doubt about it, but the butt does look weird.

2377 days ago


what the hell is wrong with you all?? she's pregnant. thank god there are no paps catching any of your backsides. so quick to pass judgement on others--get a life.

2377 days ago


Her butt looks weird because part of it's hidden behind the back of that bench. It really isn't that disproportionate.

As for the "fetus" thing -- that's what an in utero baby is called.

2377 days ago


First of all the girl is PREGNANT.. why on earth are the paps swarming her like that. Leave her alone. I'd be
bitchy too if I had people in my face like that. and I sure as hell would'nt be nice about it either. Why on earth
should she be nice to them. Nothing but vultures. How do they sleep at night?

2377 days ago


No wonder she's bitchy. She is pregnant and there are swarms of you guys all around her. Back up and give a girl some space!

2377 days ago


I know! She is not that big at all, and besides the baby growing is her rear end. She hasn't gotten big anywhere else. It does look a big strange.

2376 days ago


My a$$ didn't grow out like that when I was pregnant both times. I have one, but it didn't blow up like that.

2376 days ago

George William Gockel    

To see Jessica Alba totally nude is my all-time #1 favorite way to see Jessica Alba!!!!

2376 days ago


Her a ss looks unnatural though. It fine to want a butt, but this looks ridiculous when she is thin everywhere else. It looks like it was pasted on her.

2376 days ago


TMZ is retarded for deleting my post. I didn't say anything out of line.

2375 days ago


Must....Kill.....Cash...(Just ur daily murderous thoughts from hater08.

2374 days ago
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