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"Idol" Voters: What You See, Not What You Get

3/19/2008 2:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you voted for "American Idol's" Michael Johns last night, you could have been influenced by a performance that was never even in the show.

At the end of the show, just before the voting began, Ryan Seacrest threw to a tape with highlights from the contestants. Michael Johns actually seemed better than when he sang earlier in the show. Fact is, it was better, because producers used Johns performance from his rehearsal earlier in the day.

Interestingly, after Johns performed live on the air, Paula remarked that she heard Johns during rehearsal and he had been a lot better then. So voters were left with the impression Johns was better than he actually was.

Ditto David Archuleta the week before, when he forgot the lyrics to "We Can Work it Out." When "A.I." played the highlight tape at the end of the show, David was seen during his rehearsal, when he was much better.

"Idol" tells us the entire montage at the end of the show is of rehearsal footage -- they simply don't have the time to turn around that video using live performances.

Watch the video clips of the actual performances and the highlight tapes of Johns and Archuleta. What do you think -- ok or deceptive?


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2376 days ago


Who cares if they use practice performances? Everyone knows that the voting is not based on how they sing right then and there... it's just a popularity contest like Simon mentioned. Besides, every singer doesn't have the perfect performance every time. One bad performance doesn't make or break a career. (well, except for people like milli vanilli)

2376 days ago


this is old news--they've done this every season of AI

2376 days ago


i guess you don't know or watch american idol. they've been doing this since season 1. and it's known.

2376 days ago


Who cares ?? Can we just move on to something else, other than this show?

2376 days ago

Lucy Phoenix    

It's all a big con game anyway. Who cares! It's all about the tv station making money not talent.

2376 days ago


The voters have made up their minds who they want to vote for before the final montage plays.

2376 days ago


COME ON TMZ This is OLD News

2376 days ago


Where have you guys been? It's been well known for years that they use rehearsal footage for the recaps at the end of the show. And it helps everyone, not just Michael Johns, as most all of them sing better in rehearsals when the pressure is off. No big controversy here, TMZ. Get over it.

2376 days ago


what diff does it make as long as it is them singing.....this is a 'talent' contest and
there will be many songs....not just one performance.......

2376 days ago


Anyone who has done any work in the TV biz would not find this unusual at all... Come on TMZ, I thought you guys were putting together a tv show? You must know that trying to cut that all together immediately after the live performance would be a monumental task. Of course they use rehearsal footage..... DUH!

2376 days ago


Exactly-who cares-it really is a popularity contest more than singing-and do they actually get a printout of how many votes they receive?-it would be nice to see the actual printout numbers..

2376 days ago


AI has always done this, since season 1. Your so called MOLE should have known this.

2376 days ago

Chris Aviles    

I hate David Archuleta the judges give him too much credit!!! like Simon says it's no longe a talent show!!! he thinks he is gonna be sage all the time i hate him!!!

2376 days ago


so what!! It's still them singing.

2376 days ago
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