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Jeff Archuleta -- Stage Dad From Hell

3/19/2008 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Archuleta David Archuleta's dad, Jeff, is a piece of work.

Sources close to "Star Search" tell TMZ that when David was a contestant back in the day, Jeff's behavior was so bad, he was eventually barred from the lot! The guards actually had a picture of Jeff's mug hanging in the guard shack in case he tried sneaking in.

We're also told the father of the year harassed Tiffany Evans, his "Star Search" rival, lurking outside her practices, even trying to coerce her into drinking milk before a show to ruin her voice. She didn't listen (obviously) and went on to win.

Sources also tell us Daddy Dearest sometimes screamed at his son and has even withheld water during rehearsals, even bringing his son to tears.

As far as "Idol" goes, we hear papa's wrath is still in full blossom. That might explain why Jeff, who normally sits in the audience, was replaced by other family members last week.


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Another kid forced to be perfect for his parents. He'll be in porn and rehab in 5 years...

2377 days ago


I really, but really can not believe you people!

Trashing a person that is trying to get ahead in life!

WOW what has the human race become?

2377 days ago


TMZ you are rehashing stories? How come you aren't hanging out by a nice restaraunt licking the crumbs from the stars you so want to be like! The clocks ticking and TMZ is running out of time!!

2377 days ago

RC. CA. Girl    

TMZ Get someting else to talk about and leave this kid alone who the F cares or even if its true!!
I really hope he win's GOOD LUCK DAVID!

2377 days ago


He may end up another trainwreck like Britney if parent pressure continues! Leave this "child" alone, POPS!!!! You've lived your life, now let your son live his.

2377 days ago


Get over it, TMZ. Not only is this rumor old (ET did it last week), it's has been debunked already by somebody who worked at Star Search at the time. And the AI crap? His father is strict, but not like that, and he's not abusive. Sometimes parents and kids get into arguments and the kid cries. Happened to me. For heaven's sake, you're the people who also said that Robbie wears a wig, which he, um, doesn't.

2377 days ago


Well his Dad was front and center at the performance last night it was his mom who wasn't there.

2377 days ago


I PRAY THAT THIS DAD WAKES UP! I ALSO KNOW A PRODIGY WHEN I SEE ONE AND THIS MOST TALENT, GOD GIVING CHILD WILL OVERCOME THIS AND LAUGH ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK. Don't look back. It's not worth any tears. you are loved by hundreds of thousands of people. peace young man. sing on! YOUR ARE AN AMERICAN ICON!!!

2377 days ago


TO: foreverthin.......Trashing a person that is trying to get ahead in life!

How so? I read this story to be about his dad, not David.
Please advise, if I read it wrong. It doesn't trash David at all, imo.

2377 days ago


Don't believe it people! Didn't anyone tell you not to believe everything you hear? Why would anyone withhold water... from a singer? Unless they can come up with some video (obviously they couldn't), don't believe it. His dad probably wasn't in the audience to give other family members a chance to be there. I'm sure it's tough to decide who goes every week.

Go David! We love you. - LV

2377 days ago


this kid is soooo OVERRATED there are better contestants than him GIMME a break :P

2377 days ago

Agranon Sinclair    

TMZ can I ad you to my toilet paper list.

2377 days ago


Nice job rehashing a story that was first reported by ET last week. I read that Star Search has already said he wasn't banned and, unless he has a twin, I saw him the audience last night. It must be a very slow trashy news day.

2377 days ago

Todd Lee    

another piece of @#!$@! father trying to live out his drams thru his children....what a punk!!

2377 days ago

Todd Lee    

another piece of @#!$@! father trying to live out his dreams thru his children....what a punk!!

2377 days ago
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