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Jeff Archuleta -- Stage Dad From Hell

3/19/2008 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Archuleta David Archuleta's dad, Jeff, is a piece of work.

Sources close to "Star Search" tell TMZ that when David was a contestant back in the day, Jeff's behavior was so bad, he was eventually barred from the lot! The guards actually had a picture of Jeff's mug hanging in the guard shack in case he tried sneaking in.

We're also told the father of the year harassed Tiffany Evans, his "Star Search" rival, lurking outside her practices, even trying to coerce her into drinking milk before a show to ruin her voice. She didn't listen (obviously) and went on to win.

Sources also tell us Daddy Dearest sometimes screamed at his son and has even withheld water during rehearsals, even bringing his son to tears.

As far as "Idol" goes, we hear papa's wrath is still in full blossom. That might explain why Jeff, who normally sits in the audience, was replaced by other family members last week.


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American Idol has always been and will always be stupid. No one is tuning in to this show to actually see who wins. A majority of watched want to see the little bitchery ans crying that goes down. Its all about an addiction to failure.

2323 days ago

TMZ Junkie!    

This really goes too far at times.

I don't doubt any of the reports. IF you noticed in last night's show, he was in the rehearsal rooms with David and the band. Now why is that allowed? He should have nothing to do with those rehearsals as the show has nothing to do with him.

In 2 years he will be running his son's riches and pimping his son out more than he already does!

Time to emancipate yourself David!!!

2323 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Same thing happened to Taylor Hick's mom, but he is an adult ( and a hell of a nice guy!). She was totally banned from the lot too because she is a total nut!

2323 days ago


I think that the Music Industiy is a very very difficult business to get into, and I think that Davids dad is just looking out for his best interest,
Norwalk, Ca

2323 days ago


This has to be wrong because you've already got some of the information wrong.....David Archuleta didn't lose....he won the whole thing!

2322 days ago

Grow up Levi    

Are people at TMZ on vacation? Seems like you are running old stories and other boring non interesting items.
Who cares? Don't pick on this kid, he didn't chose his parents. Soon he'll be 18 and able to run free.

2322 days ago


I figured as much. The kids a freakin' robot. Sure he can sing but he's a one trick pony with the ballads. He's boring but a grandmothers dream. Even if i were a teenybopper I wouldn't have any use for him though...too sqeaky clean. I put my money or David Cook and Carly Smithson!

2322 days ago


How come dad never sits with a male? Ever notice there's a new female there every week? Doesn't he know any guys?

2322 days ago


Do you people have to pour your bucket of slime over everything and everybody?

2322 days ago


OMG- THe New Manipulated Child Star, Me Sees Trouble Ahead

2322 days ago


Now I'm hoping David doesn't win. Just so his Daddy doesn't take all his money! What is it with these parents that have to live through their kids?! Mommy and Daddy' meal ticket!

2322 days ago

Francine Comacho    

Are you aware that TMZ has just commited a serious tort violation known as character defamation. Are you also aware that not only is this OVERT LIE lacking evidence, it is also lacking logic. Jeff Archuleta is one of the coolest guys on the planet. A loving father of 5 who has been invited on numerous occasions to the home of Tiffany Evans (AFTER) the so called incident.

Jeff is there for his son. Not his son's money. Harvey Levin is a jealous attorney without a life.

Attention Ball-ess Harvey:
Why don't you mention Elliot Spitzer on your site? That is a real story. Instead of making up stories about Jeff Archuleta and stalking Britney Spears.

Please sue this douche for defamation.


2322 days ago

Francine Comacho    

My mistake.

Harvey is a jealous DIS-BARRED attorney.

Get a life HARV.

2322 days ago

Pittsburgh Storm    

TMZ: I agree with most of the posts. GET A LIFE. How could you bring negativity to an apparent innocent young kid? It's refreshing to see a teenager that is still naive and not so worldly. Seriously, isn't there someone getting knocked up by an alien somewhere right now? Get on it, would ya.

2322 days ago


David Archuleta, you've just won American IDol, what are you going to do next?

Archie: I'm opening up the new AI attraction at Disney World!

Miley better watch her back, Aspergie boy is taking over fantasy world!

2322 days ago
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