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Jeff Archuleta -- Stage Dad From Hell

3/19/2008 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Archuleta David Archuleta's dad, Jeff, is a piece of work.

Sources close to "Star Search" tell TMZ that when David was a contestant back in the day, Jeff's behavior was so bad, he was eventually barred from the lot! The guards actually had a picture of Jeff's mug hanging in the guard shack in case he tried sneaking in.

We're also told the father of the year harassed Tiffany Evans, his "Star Search" rival, lurking outside her practices, even trying to coerce her into drinking milk before a show to ruin her voice. She didn't listen (obviously) and went on to win.

Sources also tell us Daddy Dearest sometimes screamed at his son and has even withheld water during rehearsals, even bringing his son to tears.

As far as "Idol" goes, we hear papa's wrath is still in full blossom. That might explain why Jeff, who normally sits in the audience, was replaced by other family members last week.


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Tiffany Evans who sings Promise Ring? She can sing and already has two videos out so his dad harassing her obviously didn't work! And why are you repeating this story you had it up a few days ago!

2373 days ago


Ha Ha wait until the little flamer comes out of the closet. Then his dad will really have something to be pissed about. From one flamer to abother Brad

2373 days ago


I would just like to say that if someone does not have compassion on David then your more screwed up than his dad is. I try to put myself in his shoes and I couldn't imagine how stressful his life is. That boy definetely can sing! The pressure of standing up there and knowing if he does mess up that his dad will be all over him that would be a horrible way to live. I do agree with some of the other comments though I hope he makes it big and then ditches his dad. No parent should treat their children like that. Especially since he has a good head on his shoulders. His dad should just be proud of him! He is sure not like most of the teens now days he actually has a dream and goals and he's actually persuing them. That's more than I can say for most people at his age.

2373 days ago


This type of" should have been me "parent is behind many young talents. Brooke Sheilds, Lindsey Lohan, Kristen Vigard, too many to name. Most kids feel a desire to perform when they don't really fit in . Real life has hurt them so they decide to simulate the best parts. Creashendos. There are terms in trauma therapy for these behaviors. For the talent it means survival but with a dad like that still allowed to corrupt his escape we'll we have all seen where it leads...sad because he is really talented
and you all just like to pimp from the peanut gallery you live in... what am I doing???Well I'm one of the five people called when talent escapes repair. Humanitas...

2372 days ago


I think David has great talent and just because he doesn't come across as a little punk, some of you are totally dissing on him. Shame on you. It's too bad his dad is not more supportive and I hope he can get a handle on his temper and behavior. I think this kid is going to go far and all the people who are talking c__p about him can go suck an egg. I will be in line to buy your first CD, David. God bless you. You have an AMAZING voice.

2372 days ago


I would feel really bad for David if this is true. I really really enjoy llistening to him sing, and think he has one of the most unique,and sincere voices, I could listen to him sing anything. Please support him as a young boy who just wants to entertain and dosomething he loves. Hopefully his dad shapes up and backs off, because I would hate for this to hurt his career. I want to see more of him in the future. KEEP SINGING DAVID, ALL GOOD THINGS SHALL COME TO SOMEONE WITH SUCH GREAT TALENT.

2372 days ago


For everyone reading this comment this TMZ is screwed up they dont tell the truth about the stars its all lies and they need to be sued to put all this gossip to an end. Which im sure they are not the only ones doing this. The reason why they are bringing stuff up on David Archuleta is because he doesnt goof up too much. I know this family and Jeff is the nicest guy you'll ever meet he has been the one responsible for David making it as far as he has gotten he has always encouraged and taught David alot about singing and music and has always been there to support him. Now come on people pay attention to the way they aired that program when they were saying that Jeff did the stuff that he did where is the hard evidence to back the accusations. Did they interview the girl that said Jeff did this to her no they didnt and if it was true then why wouldnt they interview her live so she could tell her side of it . Oh wait because it's not true plus why wouldnt she interview for them if it was true it happened 5 or 6 years ago so you know they are not in a contract and where was star searches comment on Jeff's behavior huh they are no longer on the air. And for those of you wondering who the ladies are that Jeff is sitting with are Jeff's friends from Star Search they are friends of the family why do you think David was crying when Alexandrea got kicked off they were friends from Star Search and kept in contact all these years and had become good friends. How ironic if he was the dad from hell from star search then why would these people have anything to do with him when they are right there sitting with him haahaa. Also one of the ladies is his sister. So come on people treat people like you would want to be treated and why talk bad about some one its either your jealous or just envious of them. And those who say mean things about David grow up this is a kid still learning and David is the type of kid to be there for his parents and his family and I know he will support his family even though they would tell him to save it. It is only fair that David give his parents some money because they do support him This is a family that is down to earth and they dont judge people and they dont need Davids money if it gets any which I'm sure he will. This family is very thoughtful and loving and money has no meaning. Jeff has his own business and is very well to do so he doesnt need his son's money. Jeff is very much of a penny pincher and saves his money they are not materialistic at all. So for those of you who judge before you know someone please rethink the whole entire picture and get to know someone before you judge or karma will come back and bite you in the ass. So what comes around goes around lol. I love David Archuleta and he is going to be the next American Idol. Go David we are all supporting you :)

2372 days ago

leroy Skalstad    

Looking forward to reading Davids biography years down the road, Should be a good read

2372 days ago


I think David Archuleta is not only unique, but also a truly GOOD person. This world and esp this country has lost it's innocence and while he has an amazing voice, he truly is a refreshing talent. GO DAVID!

2371 days ago

mar gre duh    

why dont you guys leave david alone.
his siglings were there last week because that was when claudia and daniel(his sis and bro) could get school off.
i know them.
dont make things up and make other peole look bad.thats not right.

2369 days ago

sad day    

Number 67 and 68 you said it perfect!!!!!
I like the young brother...He is still learning...David loves music, family and freinds. He is a LOVING young man. So, everyone has to try and find garbage on him or his family to try and bring him down. WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP!!!!
David Archuleta has my support. Would Love to meet him and his family one day.....
The boy is spreading tha LOVE........

LOVE WILL HEAL THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FROM O.C CALIF. WAY.........................

2369 days ago

sad day    


2368 days ago

Dawn S.    

He's baaaaack!!!

2366 days ago

Dawn S.    

I like David Archuleta. I think he has a very nice voice and a wonderful personality and great stage presence. I'd like to see him go to the finals.And although I'd 'bet the farm' that David Cook just about 'has it in the bag' I'm convinced that DAvid WILL get a recording contract before the end of this season of American Idol. He's a very talented young man.

I LOVE you Davids!!

2366 days ago


My God....Do you live with your selfs. If what they are saying is true David's father is a disturbed man. The mental abuses he has conflicted on his son for his own personal gain is illegal and the authority's should have been brought in to deal with him along time ago. Daivid is now 17 and I only hope before his true singing career takes off his father is out of the picture. Before you write ignorant comments stop to think David just might be reading....

2366 days ago
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