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Nicky Disses Only Fan

3/19/2008 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nicky "f**king" Hilton's legion of fan fought for her honor in Bev Hills yesterday -- but got totally snubbed by the shrinking violet when she asked for a photo.

Granted, Nicky was on the phone ... but still, what a bitch!


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She was not on the phone. It is a HILTON thing...................everytime they see papz, they act like they are on the phone. That way, they won't have to answer any questions. As there IQ is not real high!

2418 days ago

Bubblebunny Hellllooooo....that broad ummmm..pretty. I can't sign something for herrrrr....realllaaayyy....

2418 days ago

Thats One Ugly Skanky Hoe    

Those Hilton celeb wannabe sluts always hide behind their cell phone when they are photographed. Skank Paris uses hers like a pacifier and it makes us all sick to see her ugly beaked nosed, 80 year old woman hands and feet trying to act like she is a celebrity when in fact she has no talent. Her cd bombed, movie bombed, book bombed and her clothing line, handbags, perfume and champaigne in a can (LOL) did not sell.

We wish that the Hilton clan would fade back into the trailerpark, where they belong. None deserves to have their photos published. They are circus freaks!

2418 days ago


all the money in the world cant buy you manners.....way to go kathy.....moron!!!

2418 days ago


Why is EVERYONE SO ATTRACTED TO THE ONLY HILTONS TO EVER SURVIVE THE HOLOCAUST!!!! They always put the phones to there ear to hear themselves talk!!! Or maybe she is making an appt to see the WEIGHT GAIN GURU!!! Them and SPEARS sisters should get together and trade WACKO stories!!!

2418 days ago


Even if she was faking being on the phone, get out of her face. The paps are a traffic hazard.

2418 days ago


If some stupid-ass would actually walk up to this no-talent skank and want a pic with her just because she has family money, then that "fan" deserves to be snubbed by the skank. Hell, the skank should have smacked her Naomi-style with her cell just for being so freakin' stupid as to want to have a pic taken with her!

2418 days ago


any fan of a talentless, ugly socialite with the personality of a dial tone DESERVES to get snubbed by her "hero".

2417 days ago

Justa Hillbilly    

WhoTF are the Hilton Sisters anyways? Where did they come from....A Hotel!?!!!?
Neither has any talent what so ever but yet are treated like royalty because they are blonde and Rich.
America is a sad Nation indeed to fuel and let these people be bigger than they truly are.
*tsk tsk*

2417 days ago


Hey Hilton girls you better take pictures with your fans if you don't they're gonna treat you like the guards at jail and throw a cup of piss on you next time they see you.

2417 days ago


Leave the poor girl alone...Now that Brit is in chains you paps are reaching for pics to try and make a buck.
Go back to school and learn a trade...........

2417 days ago


In Britian the wealthy famlies pay for their children to be put into manners classes starting at an early age. They are taught to be kind, and self-controlled in the midst of us commoners. the Hiltons OBVIOUSLY are just right american white trash. Nicki is one of the most awkward and rude little twits I have evern seen. don't like her fashion line, and she is practically retarded, socially. Paris on the other hand is..............not much better. Can't stand the hilton's, especially their dumb mother, little miss failed the casting additions for the Mickey Mouse club. IDIOTS!

2417 days ago


Who'd want a picture with this long nosed, flat chested hack? Like her sister, she's a waste of air. If she weren't born into money, she 'd be in a trailer park, on her back somewhere, smoking a cig and scratching her flat ass.

2417 days ago


The hell? If 8 people were harassing you, flashing cameras in your face, would you actually be happy?

2417 days ago

fan of britney    

why even cover a completely talentless ugly nothing of a person

2417 days ago
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